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ACH (1981) Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, Alchemy, And The Illuminati Conquest Of Outer Space

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 25 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, Alchemy, And The Illuminati Conquest Of Outer Space.” Click Here For The YouTube Video We Played On Today’s Show Click Here To Order “Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, […]

Isaac Newton, Alchemy and His Toad Vomit Plague Cure

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most influential scientists in world history. He is best-known for his three laws of motion, and his law of universal gravitation. Additionally, he made contributions to the fields of optics and mathematics. Less well-known, perhaps, is Newton’s curiosity and interest in alchemy. It seems that one of the […]

Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

March 3rd, 2021 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World One of the most influential and loved spiritual books out there is The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo. It’s a marvellous demonstration of how you create alchemy by coming into the natural flow of the Universe. Paradoxically there’s no longer a ‘you’ creating as such, alchemy is […]

The Art of Ascension: The 7 Stages of Alchemy

November 6th, 2020 By Sarah Elkhaldy Guest Writer for Wake Up World The teachings of alchemy have been cloaked for centuries in secrecy in order to preserve its integrity. Alchemy’s primary objective is the possibility of mutation by liberating the soul from its adhesion to matter. This is accomplished through the redemption, purification, and unification of […]

Grandfathers of Alchemy, Forefathers Of Chemistry

Alchemy is a word almost everyone has heard of, but few have ever committed more than a handful of hours trying to grasp what this heavily loaded symbolic word actually means, in its entirely. So often the interested are discouraged by the complex matrix of bizarre symbols and motifs which include nightmarish creatures and semi-divine […]

Powers & Principalities: Occult Banking and Financial Alchemy

Timothy Kelly and Joe Atwill take on the machinations of the money machine and the men that make a killing from operating it. Download Source Article from

Powers & Principalities: JFK File Release and Social Alchemy

I’d prefer just call “the Deep State” by a more appropriate name, such as ZOG, but to each his own I guess. This is a pretty good conversation regarding how the JFK assassination fits into larger overall objectives of social engineering. Download Source Article from

Missing Brazilian Man Left Behind 14 Cryptic Books on Aliens, Alchemy and the Occult

In his room: 14 manuscripts, walls covered in encrypted handwriting, alchemical symbols, alien connections and a statue of a 16th century philosopher burned at the stake for claiming the universe is infinite. Now this is something you don’t see everyday. Bruno Borges, the son of local entrepreneur Athos Borges has recently disappeared from his family […]

3-man Space Station crew comes back to Earth, as Soyuz craft lands in Kazakhstan (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Expedition 46/47 members European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake from Britain, NASA’s Tim Chopra and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko began their journey home Saturday morning, undocking from the ISS at 0551GMT. The astronauts landed in south-central Kazakhstan at 0915GMT after spending 186 days on the International Space Station (ISS). The return journey involves a […]

Update on MaxResistance & The Resistance Round Table

This is an update for anyone wondering what’s going on with and “The Resistance Round Table” show. During a few of our past shows I (UpNorthOfThe49th) mentioned I had a conflict of schedules with my volunteer work and the timing of “The Resistance Round Table” show. I also mentioned my father suffered a severe accident. […]

Here’s How Weighted Blankets Are Helping People With Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia affect millions of people worldwide, and to alleviate the symptoms, there are a variety of routes one can take, including the ever-popular pharmaceutical pills. But as our world continues to break through the madness of synthetic options and expose each other to holistic options derived from both ancient teachings as well as present-day […]

Your Worst Day Ever: David Wolfe’s Earthing and Zapping Debunked, Part 1

Earthers mistakenly believe that the Earth protects them from EMF via a mystical force field seeping into their bodies through their feet.  Somebody’s been watching too much Star Trek. Part One:  Unnatural FrequenciesHave you heard the joke about the guy who plugs himself into an electrical outlet in his home for protection against disease-causing high […]

10 Toxic Foods Made In China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals

Much information was spread across the media about the plastic rice that showed up in China, and still no one has done anything about it. Consuming this artificial rice can have severe consequences, starting from harm to the digestive system to damage of the hormones. When the BPA from the plastic is being ingested in […]

Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza motivated by gas finds

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 22 December 2015 When Benjamin Netanyahu waived anti-monopoly laws to allow the development of large offshore gas reserves last week, the prime minister dismissed criticism by describing his action as imperative for Israel’s “national security.” Calling the gas under the Mediterranean Sea “a gift from God,” Netanyahu vowed his decision […]

All Signs Point to a Coming UN Police Action to Seize American Guns

  Any military intelligence officer will tell you that even the smallest thing could mark the coming of a major event. There is a video going viral that should concern every American who hopes to retain any remnant of the Constitution, including the hope of legally retaining ownership over a […]

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