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Kyiv is running out of ammunition as Western aid packages hit roadblocks

(NaturalNews) As the United States and European Union’s Ukraine aid packages are stuck and pending release, Kyiv is facing a critical gap in its artillery… Source

State Department Approves Sale Of Tank Ammunition To Israel In Deal That Bypasses Congress

Bypassing Congress with emergency determinations for arms sales is an unusual step that has in the past met resistance from lawmakers. Source

U.S. quietly sending more ammunition, missiles to Israel amid global outrage over genocide in Gaza

U.S. quietly sending more ammunition, missiles to Israel amid global outrage over genocide in Gaza Recognizing that the general public does not support sending more aid to Israel so it can obliterate the Palestinians, the Pentagon has begun to quietly send ammunition and missiles to the Jewish state under the cover of darkness. According to […]

US Diverts Ammunition For Ukraine To Israel

Just ahead of President Biden’s speech where he made the case for the US keeping up funding for both for Ukraine and Israel, a report issued by Axios said that Washington was preparing to divert ammunition […] The post US Diverts Ammunition For Ukraine To Israel appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Israeli Navy soldier killed near Lebanon in ‘ammunition malfunction’

October 15, 2023 Source: Israel media The Israeli occupation army says that one soldier was killed and another injured in northern occupied Palestine due to a blast after a “malfunction of ammunition.” By Al Mayadeen English Corporal Kamay Achiel, a Female Israeli Sailor with the 914th Patrol Squadron was killed and several other sailors were […]

U.S. Crime Cabal Seeks To Keep Yemen’s Ammunition U.S. Stole

The UNITED STATES CORPORATION WANTS to keep more than 1 million rounds of ammunition the U.S. Navy pirated on the high seas in December as it was in transit from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to Freedom Fighters in Yemen who are trying to protect the Yemen people, the closest living relatives to Biblical […]

Stink of Nuclear War: UK will Supply Ukraine Depleted Uranium Ammunition. Moscow: “As Dirty Bombs”

March 22, 2023 by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio The race to escalate the war in Ukraine carried on by the NATO countries continues with constant provocations that seem made on purpose to unleash the First World Atomic War. While the White House has already warned Kiev not to accept peace proposals from China after the meeting between […]

Major Russian ammunition store blown up by Ukraine sending thick smoke billowing for miles

The city of Kadiivka is a Russian-occupied settlement in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine where Putin’s forces are believed to be storing military stockpiles to use on the frontline. Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Russian munitions base 24 miles behind the frontlines in occupied territory, a local governor has claimed. Serhii Haidai, the Head […]

US Navy seizes ammunition-laden vessel from Iran to Yemen

The US Navy said it had seized a fishing trawler smuggling ammunition from Iran to war-torn Yemen, reports Anadolu Agency. In a statement, the Bahrain-based United States Fifth Fleet said the boat was intercepted in the Gulf of Aden on December  1 while carrying more than 50 tons of ammunition rounds, fuses, and propellants for […]

Taiwan Fires Live Ammunition at Chinese Drone for First Time

Taiwan’s military fired live ammunition on a Chinese drone on Tuesday after the drone intruded into the airspace above one of the sovereign island nation’s outer islets, the online newspaper Taiwan News reported, noting that the incident marked the first time Taipei has used live ammunition to fire warning shots on a Chinese drone.

‘Restrictive’ Gun and Ammunition Controls Failed to Prevent Copenhagen Attack

Denmark has some of the most stringent gun controls in the world, yet numerous people were shot and some killed Sunday at the Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen. Danish police confirmed multiple people were shot at the mall and that “several” have been killed, Breitbart News reported. Police inspector Søren Thomassen said, “We know that […]

Books, cash, ammunition pulled from buried Robert E Lee time capsule

Conservation experts in Virginia’s capital Tuesday pulled books, money, ammunition, documents and other artifacts from a time capsule found in the remnants of a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The lead conservator for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Kate Ridgway, said the measurements and material of the […]

Ambassador Przyłębski Warns That Poland May Soon Use Live Ammunition To Protect Its Borders From Migrant Invaders

(RMX News). The situation in the border area between Poland and Belarus is worsening as thousands of illegal migrants attempt to breach the border fence, but according to its ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przyłębski, unlike Germany in 2015, Poland will not open the borders — and will use live ammunition if the situation “comes to […]

Biden Has Just Gifted The Taliban With More Military Weaponry And Ammunition Than Any Other Terrorist Group In The World

National security adviser Jake Sullivan admitted Tuesday that the Taliban gained significant troves of military hardware and weaponry that they took from Afghan security forces — and the Biden administration is still trying to determine the amount of American military equipment that is now in the hands of the extremist insurgents. And just like that, the rag-tag, […]

Russia rejects Czech appeal for damages over deadly 2014 ammunition depot blasts

Russia said it had rejected a request from the Czech Republic for financial compensation for deadly explosions at an ammunition depot in 2014. Prague has blamed Russia for the blasts, which killed two people and destroyed the depot near the village of Vrbetice. On Monday, the Czech foreign ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to discuss […]

Florida Gun Owners Camping Out for Chance to Buy Ammunition

Gun owners in central Florida began camping out as early as 2 a.m. Monday in order to enter Lake Mary’s Academy Sporting Goods for ammunition when doors opened at 9:00 a.m. Fox 11 reports that campers voiced concern over President-elect Joe Biden’s anticipated gun control push and wanted to stock up on ammunition while they still […]

Ammunition Hill and the last night of Chanukah

Browse > Home / News / Ammunition Hill and the last night of Chanukah December 18, 2020 by Henry Benjamin Read on for article Tears glistened in the eyes of the soldiers and visitors to Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem as the site of one of the fiercest battles of the Six-Day War provided a background […]

Walmart Removes Guns & Ammunition From Shelves in Preparation For Election Unrest

A far left group is vowing to “make sure Trump leaves” the White House after the election, even if he wins, with radicals preparing to storm and occupy DC. The Shut Down DC group says it will “be in the streets before the polls even close,” asserting that “Trump will not leave office without mass […]

Wildfire causes ammunition explosions at former Russian military range (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Social media users posted photos and videos online of a huge cloud of thick white smoke coming from the abandoned military range. The incident happened near the village of Pugachevo around midday on Wednesday. The sounds of frequent explosions could also be heard in videos. The Emergencies Ministry said the blaze at the site began […]

Israel Seeks US Ammunition, Support for Planned Attack on Lebanese Civilian Targets

BEIRUT — Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that Israel was on the brink of starting a war with Syria. However, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), known for his neo-conservative tendencies, is now warning that it is Israel’s other northern neighbor, Lebanon, that is in the crosshairs. At a press conference on Tuesday, Graham – […]

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