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Ancestor That Fought In World War 2 Looks Down And Sees Descendant Publicly Kissing With A Mask On

Ancestor That Fought In World War 2 Looks Down And Sees Descendant Publicly Kissing With A Mask On U.S.—Sources close to Megan Anderson and her boyfriend Jimmy Lytle claim that the couple kissed outdoors while wearing a mask, prompting Lytle’s ancestor, who fought in World War 2, to look down in shame and judgment from […]

Ancient ‘Bear’ Footprints in Laetoli Tanzania Belonged to Human Ancestor

While exploring the Laetoli fossil site in the foothills of northern Tanzania in 1978, a team of anthropologists led by the renowned Mary Leakey discovered the oldest footprints of a human ancestor found anywhere in the fossil record. These tracks were estimated to be approximately 3.66 million years old and are believed to have been […]

Homo bodoensis: Has A New Human Ancestor Just Been Discovered?

A team of scientists claim that they have identified a new “ancient human ancestor” in Africa, which is causing quite a stir. The so-called Homo bodoensis lived in Africa during the Middle Pleistocene, around 600,000 years ago. A new study published in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology concludes that it is “a direct ancestor of modern […]

Black Celebrity Finds Out Her Ancestor Was a White Slave Owner

The National Theatre of Scotland has banned the word “spooky” over its “racial connotations” despite nobody complaining and despite there being no record of it ever being used as a racial slur in the United Kingdom. Yes, really. “A source at the Scottish theatre told the Daily Record that no one has complained about the […]

Humanity’s First Ancestor is 2 Million Years Old, Skull Fragment Reveals

The story of human evolution is a contested one. A basic narrative with certain elements of truth exists in the popular realm which is that the earliest human beings evolved from apes. That stage of evolution was not an overnight process, and took millions of years to reach its conclusion, including several evolutionary and biological […]

New Human Ancestor Species Discovered… And it had a Tail!

A multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of archaeologists, anthropologists and geneticists in Siberia have announced the sensational discovery of a new hominid species that interbred with our own species, Homo sapiens, leaving genetic traces that can be seen in living people today spanning the Ukraine and Russia and down through Mongolia, Korea, and China. The most […]

Panconsciousness: A Quantum Leap To Ancestor-Simulation-Program

Panpsychism holds that the universe is a web of consciousness – an empty stage in which everything that exists has somehow come into being in order to act out the great drama of life. Panpsychism may soon be replaced by Panconsciousness, if a new paper written by a team of scientists from the Los Angeles-based […]

Israel is global center for ancestor plants that need to be preserved

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Ancient Maya Shamanism And Ancestor Veneration

The word shaman for most people, carries an aura of mystery and perplexity. Yet, it is a spiritual practice that began with early human societies. For people unfamiliar with at times perplexing practices, shamanism is often veiled in an obscure and foreign domain.  Contemporary respected priest-shamans Tat Rigoberto, Tat Antolin and Tat Nicolasa, from Momostenango […]

DNA Study Reveals We Have a Mystery Human Ancestor

A reconstruction of Peking Man or Homo erectus pekinensis, a specimens of Homo erectus found in China dating from roughly 750,000 years ago. (Cicero Moraes / Public domain)

A new method for analyzing modern and archaic human DNA has thrown up some fascinating results. It appears that modern humans ( Homo Sapiens ) mated earlier and more frequently with an archaic human ancestor, a species of extinct hominins. Moreover, they have found evidence the DNA of this mysterious archaic human ancestor is still […]

Larry David Learns About His Slave-Owning Ancestor Who Fought for The Confederacy

From Zionist Report Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of “Finding Your Roots” on PBS, asks Larry David perhaps a telling question at the end of this clip – “What part of the Jewish experience is this?” Larry David seems to be in complete shock of what he learned of his family history — but, is he […]

Photos: Spoon-banging; Persian ancestor of trick-or-treating

Every year on the eve of the last Tuesday of the Iranian calendar year, Iranian people do some trick or treating, literally called spoon-banging, where youngsters in disguises visit neighbours and receive snacks. By the light of the bonfires they have lit, they run through the streets banging on pots and pans with spoons in […]

Loretta Lynch used an ancestor’s name as an alias and Comet Ping Pong Alefantis is a Rothschild, like Benjamin Rothschild the addicted registered drug addict.

Loretta Lynch used an ancestor’s name as an alias and Comet Ping Pong Alefantis is a Rothschild – like Benjamin Rothschild the addicted registered drug addict. LYNCH FIX Click for Source Article on Loretta Lynch “Elizabeth Carlisle” the recently discovered POSSIBLE alias for AG Lynch, looped in Peter Kadzik… Wikileaks email ties Kadzik to Lynch […]

Boeing’s Underwater Robot Can Wander the Ocean for 6 Months

Boeing’s Underwater Robot Can Wander the Ocean for 6 Months March 29th, 2016 Via: Wired: The Echo Voyager can spend six months at a time exploring the deep sea, with a 7,500-mile range, no ship needed. Structurally, the 51-foot Voyager’s not too different from […]

Family torn apart by WW2 finally reunited

     A family torn apart by the Second World War has been reunited after a saga that crossed four continents. Retired council worker Maria Nawara had nearly given up hope of tracing Polish relatives after 13 years of spending her holidays trawling through records across Europe. But then the Red Cross found her long-lost aunt […]

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