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Is the collegium system of appointment a disappointment?

Recently president Ram Nath Kovind opined that the ‘judges-appointing- judges system’ needs reform. Currently the collegium system is justified on explicit as well as implicit grounds. We can analyse these better if we divide the whole issue into two separate questions -who will appoint the judges and how the judges will be appointed? Who will […]

Japan’s booking platform for Covid vaccine appointment crashes as Tokyo struggles to kick-start inoculation program

Japan’s platform for booking Covid-19 vaccinations has crashed in parts of the country because of a technical issue with US cloud computing vendor Salesforce, compounding frustration with the government’s handling of the pandemic. On Wednesday, Salesforce experienced a global outage, described by chief technology officer Parker Harris as a “major disruption,” crippling Japan’s online booking […]

Appointment of Hardline Nationalist to Auschwitz Museum Council Intensifies Fears Over Polish Government’s Holocaust Commemoration Policies

Jona Laks, survivor of Dr. Josef Mengele’s twins experiments and her granddaughter, Lee Aldar stand next to the gate with the slogan “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work sets you free”) as they start their visit at the Auschwitz death camp in Oswiecim, Poland January 26, 2020. Photo: Reuters/Nir Elias. The appointment of a hardline nationalist politician […]

Netanyahu prosecutor planned to resign and seek court appointment

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The appointment department

Have you ever tried to telephone the IRS? Did you ever try to get an appointment for a COVID vaccine? If so, you know the difficulties of achieving what you are seeking. The government could provide a solution, at little cost and with a great amount of benefit.  The solution could be very simple. The […]

Libya’s struggle over army chief post: Will Haftar take over or force the appointment of his men?

The task to unify the Libyan army and integrate all the battalions under one command has become the most serious and controversial issue for discussion in light of ongoing efforts to settle the Libyan crisis, amid attempts by the renegade General Khalifa Haftar to impose a loyal candidate. Haftar’s absence from the scene, under international […]

Fury Over Polish Government’s Appointment of Former Far Right ‘100% Aryan’ Activist to Leading State Post

Tomasz Greniuch, seen making a Nazi salute at a far right rally, was appointed by the Polish government to head the Institute of National Remembrance in the city of Wroclaw. Photo: Twitter. Poland’s nationalist government was enveloped in yet another bitter controversy over antisemitism this week, following the appointment of a former far-right activist who […]

Prestigious appointment for UIA luminary

Browse > Home / News / Prestigious appointment for UIA luminary February 9, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article Harold Finger has been appointed to serve as the Deputy Chair of the Israeli Society Committee at The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) for a two-year term, alongside the Chair Mr Itzik Simchon. Harold […]

Growing concern in Israel over appointment of Malley as US rep. to Iran

The Jewish anti-Israel co-head of the radical left-wing group Code Pink, Ariel Gold, supports the appointment of Robert Malley as the next US special representative to Iran. As does columnist Peter Beinart, who no longer believes in a Jewish state; Iranian nuclear deal cheerleader and echo chamber creator Ben Rhodes; and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democrat […]

Biden’s Wendy Sherman appointment tilts balance on Iran deal – analysis

The incoming Biden administration’s announcement that it has picked Wendy Sherman as deputy US secretary of state tilts the balance toward a return to the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel will likely object to more than any other appointment to date. To be sure, Sherman is highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable about the Islamic Republic. […]

American Jews praise Grenell appointment to Holocaust Memorial Council

President Donald Trump on Tuesday appointed former acting director of US national intelligence Richard Grenell to serve as a member of the Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington D.C.Prominent American Jewish leaders and Jews praised the appointment of Grenell, who also served as ambassador to Germany.“No US Ambassador posted to Berlin in recent history has done […]

Canada’s appointment of Special Envoy Irwin Cotler aims to silence pro-Palestine discourse

Pro-Palestine activists in Canada have been overloaded in the last few months with challenges surrounding the dangerous definition of antisemitism promoted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Association. First, Bill 168 in the Ontario legislature was set for committee hearings when the government hijacked the whole process by adopting the IHRA through an Order in Council. […]

Amid controversy, Biden team stands by appointment of Palestinian-American senior aide

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Australian Jewish orgs. protest Effi Eitam’s appointment to Yad Vashem

Two of Australia’s major Jewish organizations have joined other Jewish organizations from around the world in opposing the appointment of former government minister Effi Eitam to the position of chairman of Yad Vashem. Given the extent of global opposition, Eitam could save himself further humiliation by simply stepping out of the picture, but at this […]

Paul on Yellen Appointment: We Have Had a Democrat at Treasury for Four Years — ‘Not Sure that Will Make Much Difference’

Tuesday on FNC’s “Your World,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took a dig at Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. When asked to react to Joe Biden’s appointment of former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, Paul indicated there wasn’t much difference between Yellen and Mnuchin. “You know, we have had a Democrat at the helm […]

Revered Polish Jew, Holocaust survivor joins protests over top appointment at Yad Vashem

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Netanyahu urged to block appointment of racist Likud activist to top Zionist post

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Cruz Dismisses Possible SCOTUS Appointment — ‘I Want to Stay Fighting Right Where I Am in the U.S. Senate’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) downplayed being on President Donald Trump’s shortlist of potential future Supreme Court nominees. Cruz called it “deeply honoring” and “humbling” but said it was not the job for him. “You know, I don’t,” Cruz replied when asked […]

An Appointment With the Future: Astrology Forecast September 6th – 13th

September 7th, 2020 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We are now picking our way through the wreckage of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the bridge towards the beacon of December’s Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius Conjunction. Everything counts. Everything matters- especially you, your resilience and your grit -as you negotiate the challenges of September, October […]

CODEPINK Denounces Elliott Abrams’ Appointment As US Special Representative For Iran

The appointment of Elliott Abrams to replace Brian Hook as the next U.S. Special Representative for Iran is another low point for the Trump administration’s disastrous policy towards Iran. The dangerous conflict resulting from Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement will be exacerbated by a man committed to Washington’s failed policies of regime change, including […]

Donald Trump’s Appointment of John Bolton Means Regime Change is Coming to Iran

By Derrick Broze The latest neo-conservative warmonger to join the Trump Administration does not bode well for the people of Iran. On Thursday Donald Trump announced that John Bolton, a former official in George W. Bush’s administration and former ambassador to the UN, would be his new National Security Advisor. Bolton is a […]

Decrypting The Appointment Of John Bolton

By Charles Hugh Smith So perhaps the dominant wing of the Deep State is finally willing to cut a deal with Trump. To many observers, the appointment of John Bolton as national security advisor is the functional equivalent of appointing the Anti-Christ–or maybe worse. Indeed, these observers would, when comparing the two, find grudging […]

Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture At All Levels

Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture At All Levels Above Photo: Anti-torture activists protest the Republican National Convention outside the Minnesota State Capitol August 31, 2008, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Gina Haspell, the Trump nominee to head the CIA, has been directly involved in torture. (Photo: Max Whittaker / Getty Images) Trump’s decision to […]

Poroshenko signs controversial law on appointment of Constitutional Court judges

nsnbc : Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, on July 31, signed a new, controversial law on pertaining the country’s Constitutional Court. Critics stress that the new […]

Anthrax and “Russiagate”: Mueller’s Special Counsel Appointment Should Raise Concern

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is seated before President Barack Obama at an installation ceremony at FBI Headquarters in Washington, Oct. 28, 2013. (AP/Charles Dharapak) OAKLAND (Analysis) — Amidst the overwhelming bipartisan praise given to former FBI Director Robert Mueller for his appointment as special counsel in the Trump-Russia investigation, few media outlets have voiced […]

Timing and Effect of Mueller’s Appointment Raising Trojan Horse Concerns

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show On May 17th, at around 2pm PST, the New York Times reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel “to oversee the investigation into ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.” According to Rosenstein’s […]

The Zio-con Who Bought Disaster to Libya is Doing it Again

By Gilad Atzmon Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL), the ultra Zionist who declared that ‘as a Jew’ he liberated Libya, is again campaigning for more immoral interventionist wars. He insists that the current terror in Europe comes from Syria and Iraq. His solution- let’s drop more bombs on Muslim and Arab cities- as if we haven’t been […]

Benghazi Survivors Just Backed THIS Candidate, Hillary Is FRANTIC

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– The slaughter of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty in Benghazi, as a result of the Obama administration’s and Hillary Clinton’s tragic and criminal decision to let these men die has weighed heavily on all Conservatives minds. Liberals? They couldn’t care less. Black lives matter, cops are evil […]

Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.

Hey, did you know that every year thousands of Jews from around the world get to travel to Israel on free ten day trips to learn about how amazing Zionism is? It’s called Birthright and it’s one of the ugliest examples of how Zionism and a one-sided view of Israel-Palestine gets forced onto young Jews. […]

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