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Video: Syrian War Report: Heavy Clashes in Aleppo City. Al Nusra Orders Massive Shellings of Residential Areas

KKK Ascending: Nationalists See Opportunities in Rise of Trump

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has seen a surge recently, as the group has migrated from the deep South to northern places in the US. This new strategy, to “work on a unified Klan and/or alliance” just in time for summer […]

Brexit: A Bucket of Cold Water for You

Trump and Boris Johnson–why do I picture the two of them, with fluffy faux-blonde “doos” standing together as U.S. president and British PM in 2017? Brexit – a jewish plan Why indeed. With all the Jewish clout on the other side, I’ve long believed it unlikely peaceful populist change would happen in the U.S., UK […]

Ex-NASA Employee Spills Secret about UFO and Alien Conspiracy Theories

Former NASA employee, James Oberg, who later turned into a space journalist and historian, is interested why a lot of people believe in UFOs. by Jessica F He was particularly interested in videos of abnormal lights flooding the internet, claiming the lights were from extra-terrestrial origins. He spent decades studying them. Being an employee of […]

5 times cheaper? Siberian artificial heart to challenge European implants

The new artificial heart design created by a team of cardiologists from the Novosibirsk State Research Institute of Circulation Pathology was unveiled at a medical forum in Novosibirsk on Thursday. According to the scientists, the artificial heart will have a unique design that will be different from other hearts available or currently being developed in […]

Lieberman warns northern neighbors: ‘Don’t test us’: Zio-Watch, June 7, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg speaking at a conference in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 21, 2016. Mobile (Pau Barrena/Bloomberg) (JTA) — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had some of his social media accounts hacked. Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked Sunday by a hacker group called OurMine, according to reports. The group reportedly discovered Zuckerberg’s password during a breach […]

Russia ready to act alone against terrorists in Syria without US

Filed under: Al Qaeda, AngloZionist Empire, Brotherhood, ISIL, Moderate Terrorist, Nusra Front, Russia, Syrian Army, USA, Wahabism At Work, War on Syria Source Article from

Iranian official says prominent Saudi jihadist ‘man in control’ in Syria

Iranian official says prominent Saudi jihadist ‘man in control’ in Syria On April 24, 2013, Saudi national Omar al-Muhaysini  was killed in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria, alongside his fellow countryman Abdul Aziz al-Othman, aka Abu Omar al-Jazrawi, who is said to be the first Saudi national to join al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra. Muhaysini, the younger […]

Cop Shootout: Forced Integration

Youtube link From the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to HUD and last year’s AFFH, the coup de grace will be the uncontrolled influx of minorities and Islamic extremists flooded into every town in the United States- all at the white taxpayer’s expense. Buy the book:… Source Article from

Did Johnson & Johnson Known Talc Powder Causes Cancer For Over 40 Years?

Susanne Posel (OC) : The Johnson & Johnson Corporation (JJ) has agreed to pay $55 million after a jury in Missouri awarded the plaintiff damages because the company’s talcum powder products caused her to contract ovarian cancer. The plaintiff used JJ’s products such as Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder on her genitals for […]

Email Reveals Michigan Official Faked Lead Tests 8 Years Ago

A recently leaked email from 2008 reveals that an official from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) attempted to fake the results of lead tests conducted on the Michigan water supply, in order for the water to be declared safe for public consumption.  Adam Rosenthal tried to artificially lower the lead count numbers in an official […]

NASA ‘inadequate,’ Turkish technology ‘better’ – Turkish minister

“Who does NASA think it is? We are better than them,” Eroglu said during a discussion in Turkey’s parliament, as cited by Hurryiet Daily News. RT talks to LIGO physicist Kip Thorne on detecting gravitational waves (EXCLUSIVE) “They might have satellites but we have our Göktürk,” he said, referring to Turkey’s civil and military observation […]

Despite 365 days of Saudi coalition bombardment, Yemen is steadfastly resisting

“Together against the tyrannical Saudi aggression,” read a large banner in the hands of the demonstrators as Saudi warplanes were flying overhead, reportedly breaking the sound barrier to frighten the protesters. ~ Al Manar Hundreds of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to protest one year of Saudi coalition bombardment of […]

Putin appoints Kadyrov to stay on as Head of Chechen Republic

     Vladimir Putin has appointed Ramzan Kadyrov acting head of the Chechen Republic and said that he personally hoped that voters would do justice to their incumbent leader at the September elections. Speaking with Kadyrov during a meeting in Moscow on Friday, the Russian president said: “As you have just said, your powers will expire […]

Lyin’ Ted, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, the Liar

      But he called Trump Islamaphobic   Lyin’ Ted bought by the same corporations that he is pledging to fight against in order to return American jobs to the country   “I will bring jobs back to America” Lyin’ Ted   Too late Donald, Dave Hodges has already spilled those beans, more than […]

Clinton Email: Assad must be toppled to protect Israel

Buried within Hillary Clinton’s private server is an email which proves that the former US Secretary of State wanted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out of power for the sake of Israel, assuring her partners that Russia would not get involved. As Clinton moves closer to victory in the Democratic primary, WikiLeaks compiled emails from her […]

Human skull discovered near Los Angeles’ famous Hollywood sign

     Police in Los Angeles are investigating the discovery of a human skull by hikers near Los Angeles’ famous Hollywood sign. The skull was found on Saturday afternoon near the Brush Canyon hiking trail and is believed to be several years old, LAPD Lt. Ryan Schatz told AP. While other body parts have not been […]

David Icke: 3 Years Left To Save Mankind

Disgraced former sports presenter and Green party spokesman-turned conspiracy theorist David Icke shocked the world almost two and half decades ago by declaring he was the ‘son of God’. Years later, Icke is beloved among conspiracy communities for his countless books and lectures. Jon Austin of The Express writes of Icke’s latest venture: Although Mr […]

Despite what Western propaganda tells you, democracy is thriving in Iran

     Forget the green movement, forget dissent, and calls for violence, Iranians today are expressing their yearning for change through the ballot box, confident that reforms will be debated, legislated and implemented in line with the general will. Much can be said of the Islamic Republic’s resilience in the face of adversity, whether it be […]

Anti-BDS Motion in Canada: Why Does Govt. Sanction Other Countries for Human Rights Violations, but not Israel?

“It is now worth taking a look at the countries against which Canada has placed sanctions and why, since all of them, without exception,pale in comparison to Israel’s bloody record…” Anti-BDS Motion – Why Does Canada Sanction Other Countries for Human Rights Violations but Not Israel? The international community, speaking through the United Nations, has […]

Russian Navy considers reviving semi-robotic attack sub

Russian naval experts believe the time has come for a reincarnation of highly automated, essentially robotic nuclear submarines that would take deployment of this craft to a new dimension. “We have a two-decade experience of running [highly automated] 705 Lyra subs in the 1970s-1990s,” a source working in the military-industrial area told the media outlet […]

Advocates for Malaysian Airlines MH370 & MH17 Families Cry Foul

nsnbc : The Advocates for the families of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that disappeared almost two years ago cry foul over the Malaysian government’s use of an Act of Parliament to suspend and / or deny the bereft existing rights in law, including access to justice mechanisms, for the benefit of Malaysian […]

What Eastern Philosophy & Zen Teach Us: The Absurdity Of Seeking Only “High Energy”

Photo Cred During the current Presidential campaign Donald Trump accused Jeb Bush of being “low energy” and the description seems to have stuck, and to have hurt his rival. As one looks around social media, it also seems that everywhere the notion of high energy is reinforced; many posts memorialize activity and movement, and many […]

DNA-ing dog poo: Spanish city to create database of dog owners falling ‘foul’ of the law

The plan will look to crack down on pet owners in the central Spanish city of Guadalajara, with local residents saying that dog mess is one of the major problems affecting them. “This measure will increase the vigilance on the streets in order to prevent dog-owners from leaving their pets’ feces in the public roads,” […]

Evidence of Government Infiltrators in Oregon Stand Off Event

Evidence of Government Infiltrators in Oregon Stand Off Event NOTE: Post changed after new information provided by our posters; many thanks to them. Apologies for any confusion created. There is federal infiltration of this element, which is seen by the role of certain agents who were involved in the stand-off. Some of the initial information […]

This Video Is Taking The Internet By Storm Right Now, It Will Make You Question Everything

Missing Surgeon’s Body Discovered in Spokane River in Washington State

The body of a surgeon who went missing was pulled from Spokane River on Tuesday. “Through visual identification and clothing, we have preliminarily identified the deceased as the missing VA doctor,” Interim Spokane Police Chief Rick Dobrow said. Police say they are investigating Marshall’s death as “suspicious,” reported KHQ. Dr. John Marshall, who was the acting […]

Putin Deploys Nuclear Forces, As U.S. Chemical Weapons Plot Uncovered

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered nuclear forces in Russia, including 10 regiments of Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), to be on their “highest alert” after revelations emerged that the Obama administration are planning on unleashing a false flag chemical weapons strike in Syria, in order to justify an invasion.  The MoD say that they have received […]

The Oscar Gold Turns White

The Academy Awards, known as Oscars, are being criticized for lack of diversity in acting categories.                                                             The 2016 Oscar nominations are in; and, as last year, all of the nominees in the best acting categories are white.  This has brought about controversy that has picked up steam over the […]

Hot air or grave warning? Scientific report prompts talk of catastrophic ‘volcano season’

Authors of the Extreme Geohazards: Reducing the Disaster Risk and Increasing Resilience say the threat from low-probability, high impact disasters is being “grossly underestimated”. Presented to the European Geosciences Union General Assembly last April, the study looks at the extreme impacts of natural hazards like earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme weather and volcanoes. It states that “extreme […]

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