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Joe Biden Buys All Of Hunter’s Artwork In Hopes Of Meeting The President

WASHINGTON D.C.—According to reports, President Joe Biden has purchased the entire collection of Hunter Biden’s artwork for $12.6 million. In a discussion with an anonymous source, he said he hopes this gives him the leverage he needs for an audience with the President.  “I really wanna meet the President—I hear he’s a real swell guy,” […]

In WW2 the ashkeNAZIS Looted Artwork and blamed the Germans

In WW2 the ashkeNAZIS Looted Artwork and blamed the Germans. * MAY 7, 2021  NY Times: Art Looted by Nazis Gets a New Space at the Louvre. But Is It Really Home? The World War II song that never ends has many recurring stanzas. The main one, of course  — outnumbering the other well worn-out verses […]

Fifth-Grade Class Creates Artwork, Projects Inspired by Jewish Actor Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. An entire fifth-grade class at Bristol Elementary School in Webster Groves, Missouri, has been using Jewish actor and musician Jeff Goldblum as their inspiration for a number of creative projects. The class, which has been meeting virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic, spends time in and out of school writing […]

Man arrested for drawing antisemitic artwork outside of New York synagogue

A man from New York was arrested after drawing a swastika in the snow outside a synagogue, afterwards returning to draw other antisemitic symbols.Manuel Barrera, 50, was detained by officers after returning to carry out the second antisemitic act on the Emanu-El temple in New York’s Upper East Side, according to NBC News.Barrera was arrested […]

Is that for real? Group BURNS Banksy artwork to make its existence completely digital (VIDEO)

A blockchain company physically destroyed a piece of art by graffiti icon Banksy – as they explained, to turn it into a virtual asset. Blockchain company Injective Protocol paid $95,000 for the art titled ‘Morons (White)’ – which features an auction for a painting that reads, “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t” […]

Finns create breathtaking snow artwork from thousands of footprints (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

With the help of 11 snowshoe-clad volunteers, a Finnish artist has created an incredible ethereal and ephemeral ‘landscape’ artwork near the Finnish capital Helsinki, all made with thousands of footsteps. Local resident and amateur artist Janne Pyykko designed on his computer the complex geometric patterns which would later adorn the snow above a local golf […]

Beached Canadian Artwork Sparks Controversy

An archaeologist from the Royal British Columbia Museum in Canada is being attacked online for “speculating” that a curious carved stone figure found on a western Canadian beach in British Colombia was a Lekwungen people artifact. While the artifact “might” be modern, when you know the facts, perhaps you, like me, will want to jump […]

Tin Tin artwork sells for 2.6m euros at Paris auction

With his trademark quiff and ever-loyal dog Snowy, Tintin has been entertaining audiences since 1929. An intrepid reporter, his exploits have taken him around the world, solving mysteries, spreading good humor, and exuding an aurora of honesty and decency. One of his lesser-known adventures takes him to China for an encounter with the Blue Lotus. […]

German Artwork Collection – Portraits

This gallery of portraits of German people by German painters comes to us thanks to NS Europa. 00

Being stolen is ‘best thing that could happen’ for artwork’s prestige, says expert

From Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet, some of history’s foremost artists have had their works targeted – and it turns out there is actually a benefit to the status of a painting that has been stolen. “This is probably the best thing that can happen to a work of art in terms […]

German Artwork Collection – Animals

Germany had some of the best painters in the world and many of them liked depicting animals. This collection of paintings comes to us from NS Europa. 00

German Artwork Collection – Mythology and Religion

The National Socialists promoted artwork that celebrated the cultural and physical beauty of the European people. via NS Europa 00

Provocative Artwork Reverses Roles Between Humans and Animals

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times  One of the most effective techniques psychologists use in conflict resolution is role reversal, which helps people to see the other’s perspective and to empathize with them. Empathy is something that is seriously deficient in our modern world, especially when it comes to the treatment of animals. From […]

Documented UFO Sightings Found In Several Pieces of Historic Artwork

Next Story Every single year, the topic of UFOs grows in popularity, and that’s primarily due to the fact that they’re actually real. The most recent example comes from the Pentagon, they recently released footage of two Navy pilots scrambled to intercept a UFO. It performed maneuvers and travelled at speeds no known man-made air-craft […]

‘Black Jesus’: Virgin Mary cradles refugee in Italian artwork (VIDEO)

In the original work, completed by Michelangelo at the end of the 15th Century, the Virgin Mary holds the body of Jesus in her arms, following his crucifixion by the Romans. This replica, by artist Fabio Viale, shows Mary not with Christ in her lap, but Nigerian refugee ‘Lucky Hei’ in his place. “Lucky Hei […]

“The Disorder Is In The System, Not The Children” Teacher Quits With Epic Rant

John Vibes | True Activist Teacher Wendy Bradshaw pointed out that how the structure of modern schooling is abusive to children, and that children who are labeled as “bad” are many times just having trouble fitting into the rigid structure that is being forced on them. Her resignation letter […]

Burning bank artwork leads to police questioning

Three years after the bank bailout saved America’s financial institutions, big banks appear to be more protected than ever, even from a harmless oil painter. Police have repeatedly questioned a middle-aged artist with an inflammatory political message, while the banks he is speaking out against continue to get bailed out. “I’m not a terrorist. I’m […]

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