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Hezbollah Meron Operation Commands Israeli Attention: Assessing Impact and Implications

January 7, 2024  Focus on Zionists – In depth – Live News – Middle East – News – Top – Zionist entity Hezbollah’s recent operation targeting the Meron Air Base has captured intense scrutiny from the Israeli enemy’s media and circles, highlighting the operation’s field achievements and its broader implications. Israeli media acknowledged the precision of Hezbollah’s strikes on Meron, emphasizing the lack of a tangible Israeli […]

Assessing the outcome of the Biden Putin summmit

December 14, 2021 Let’s begin by stating the obvious: those who now claim that the Biden Putin summit did not produce anything tangible and was, at best, a waste of time are plainly wrong, mainly because they misunderstood what was really at stake (and what still remains at stake following the Summit). What is the […]

A History Of Egyptian Antiquities: Assessing Pivotal Highs And Lows Down The Centuries

Following the culmination of the Anglo-Egyptian War in 1882, the British used their experiences in colonizing the Indian subcontinent to tackle the geo-political scenario in Egypt, opening the country to Western influences. Anglo-Egyptian War. The Illustrated London News, Saturday, July 29, 1882. ( Public Domain ) England’s Industrial Revolution spawned a huge market for imported […]

Assessing Our Role in the Struggle to Defeat Corporate Racism in Detroit

Kansas Pastor was assessing woman for demonic possession days before she decapitated ex-boyfriend’s mother

     Comment: The following provides more background to this recent story: Exorcism preceded woman killing, decapitating 63-year-old Kansas woman Rachael Hilyard had asked a friend: Where could she get an exorcism? Her friend told her Pastor Terry Fox. A few days after Fox visited Hilyard’s home and blessed it, police say Hilyard decapitated 63-year-old Micki […]

An American Uprising: Assessing Opportunities For Progressive Political Change

Above Photo:  by Shardayyy | CC BY 2.0 We live in a time of tremendous instability and change. Concerns about growing authoritarianism in American politics – as reflected in the rise of corporate power in politics, the intensification of militarism, and the diversion of the masses from political participation – are legitimate. There’s always been negativity on […]

Flash floods kill 30 people in northern Pakistan

     Pakistani officials say flash floods overnight have killed 30 people in northern Pakistan, near the Afghan border. Maghfirat Shah, the mayor of Chitral district, says heavy monsoon rains and flash floods overnight washed away a mosque and several houses in Arsun, an area of Chitral. A spokesman for the disaster management authority, Yousuf Zia, […]

Russia, US want to cooperate in Syria but ‘Are Suspicious of Each Other’

“The leak suggests a serious effort in Moscow and Washington to find some greater common ground on targeting the terrorists,” he said, referring to unconfirmed media reports that the Obama Administration proposed a new deal with Russia on Syria. Under the agreement, the United States and Russia will join forces to improve targeting and conduct an “expanded” bombing campaign against al-Nusra Front, the […]

Neurologists Say Putin’s Unusual Walk Due To Heroic KGB Past

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a famously unusual walk. His right arm remains stiff by his side, whilst his left arm swings freely. Rumours have circulated that either a childhood bout of polio might be to blame, or that it might be a sign of early onset Parkinson’s disease.  Finally a group of Dutch neurologists have figured […]

A few thoughts about the rumors around the downing of Kogalymavia Flight 9268

The Saker Well, I tried to avoid writing about this topic until more hard facts became available.  But since this is apparently turning into a political fight between, on one side, Russia and Egypt and, on the other, the US and UK, I think that I can at least offer a few general thoughts. What […]

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