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Made in the USA, assisted by its imperial partners, hell exists in raped and destroyed nations by US-led aggression.

Hell on Earth Exists Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman Hell on Earth Exists by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Made in the USA, assisted by its imperial partners, hell exists in raped and destroyed nations by US-led aggression. It’s worst of all in ravaged Yemen since October 2001, a nation under attack […]

‘Nazi’ Botched Gassings and the Self-Assisted Holocaust Hoax

By Friedrich Paul Berg ‘Nazi’ Botched Gassings? A new book, Gruesome Spectacles by Austin Sarat, is gaining some attention, partly because of the recent botched execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma. Were there ever any “botched” mass gassings of jews in “Nazi” Germany? If not, why not? Given the complexity and record of botched gassings in […]

Flight passenger who assisted dying man with Covid-19 says he was given $200 credit for ‘inconvenience’

An emergency medical technician who administered CPR on a fellow passenger on a United Airlines flight said that the $200 voucher and phone call he received from the airline for the “inconvenience” felt like a “slap in the face”. The passenger later died of Covid-19, causing Tony Aldapa to fear that he had contracted the […]

Royan among world’s top 10 for assisted reproductive techniques

TEHRAN – Royan Research Institute ranked among the world’s top 10 centers based on the total number of publications investigating male infertility and assisted reproductive techniques (ART) during 2000 to 2019, based on the results of a study published in the international journal Andrologia. The article by researchers from eight American, African, Asian and European […]

Facing Another Retirement Home Lockdown, 90-Year-Old Chooses Medically Assisted Death

TORONTO (CTV News) — When 90-year-old Nancy Russell died last month, she was surrounded by friends and family. They clustered around her bed, singing a song she had chosen to send her off, as a doctor helped her through a medically-assisted death. It was the exact opposite of the lonely months of lockdown Russell had […]

Vulnerable on ‘Slippery Slope’ to Assisted Suicide, Warns Former Aide to UK Prime Minister Cameron

Photo Credit: Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — Society cannot be relied upon to protect vulnerable people if assisted suicide is legalized, a former speech writer to David Cameron has said. Ian Birrell said moves “bubbling away in the political undercurrents” to change the law on assisted suicide in England and Wales would put those with […]

Woman Abandons Assisted Suicide Plan After Successful Treatment

Photo Credit: Andre Furtado/Pexels (The Christian Institute) — A woman who announced on live television that she wanted to go to Dignitas to die has abandoned her plans after undergoing a new treatment which has left her feeling “reborn.” In 2013, Jennie Thornton, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, told ITV’s This Morning that if she […]

Medically assisted suicide becomes legal in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii became the latest liberal-leaning state to legalize medically assisted suicide Thursday as the governor signed a measure into law allowing doctors to fulfill requests from terminally ill patients to prescribe life-ending medication. “It is time for terminally ill, mentally competent Hawaii residents who are suffering to make their […]

Massachusetts considers legalizing assisted death, so the same doctors who now kill you accidentally can start killing you on purpose

(Natural News) Should a doctor be allowed to give an adult who is terminally ill and has fewer than six months to live a medication that will allow them to die peacefully in their sleep if they request it? After opposing assisted death officially since 1996, the Massachusetts Medical Society has now […]

History: How Britain Assisted the Soviet Union’s Fight Against Hitler


As Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Fueled by US-Assisted Food Blockade Worsens, Al Qaeda in Yemen Grows Stronger

As Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Fueled by US-Assisted Food Blockade Worsens, Al Qaeda in Yemen Grows Stronger By Robert Shortly after Donald Trump’s unauthorized rocket-attack on Syria in early April, which Trump said he carried out to avenge the deaths of ‘beautiful babies’ killed in an unattributed chemical attack*, Gelhorn prize-winning journalist Gareth Porter noted […]

Chewable, fruit-flavored ADHD medication ‘candy’ for young children receives FDA approval

(NaturalNews) The serious issue of overmedicating kids could be about to take on a whole new dimension with the emergence of a new medication known as Adzenys. While kids are generally averse to taking medications, few will turn their noses up at a piece of candy. That is exactly what Adzenys is banking […]

Regulating toxic chemicals: Is this new reform a toxic waste?

     There should’ve been an overhaul in how we regulate toxic chemicals years ago. Like when the 2010 President’s Cancer Panel report concluded that babies are now born “pre-polluted.” Or when it came to light that a common flame retardant used in household items actually causes cancer. Finally, our infamously ineffective Congress has passed a […]

British Army Slammed For Training Turkish & Saudi Troops

Politicians and human rights campaigners have slammed the British army for sending troops to train and mentor authoritarian regimes like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, saying the “deeply concerning” practice needs to be addressed. Criticism came after it was revealed that British troops are taking part in a combined exercise in Turkey with Saudi, Qatari and […]

EU ‘shouldn’t try to be a superstate’ says Polish FM

Speaking in an interview with Die Welt, Waszczykowski said national parliaments should have a greater voice in EU matters, arguing in favor of Warsaw’s skeptical stance over the way Brussels is trying to deal with the refugee crisis. Poland and three other Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, are opposing the EU’s open […]

Presidential Pimp: The ‘Trump Escorts’ Scandal

Did you know that Donald Trump’s beloved brand name was used for a high-end “escort” service? You’d think with all of this talk about Donald Trump being a misogynist that some left-wing outlet would have picked up on this story. Or maybe some of the right-wing “renegade jews” like Bill Kristol or good goys like Glenn […]

Rank and file challenge US union bosses over BDS

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 26 May 2016 Union bosses, like American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, are increasingly finding their pro-Israel positions challenged by the rank and file. (AFGE) Graduate teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this month became the latest unionized workers in the US to vote in favor of […]

Newborn baby stabbed dozen times and buried alive, but survives

Thai police are hunting for the parents of a newborn infant who survived being stabbed multiple times and buried alive in a field, officers said on Thursday. The baby boy, who had more than a dozen stab wounds, was discovered in a shallow grave covered with leaves by a farmer in the […]

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