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THAT Asteroid Only Accelerated Inevitable Dinosaur Extinction

A team of scientists have discovered dinosaurs were on a downturn about 76 million years ago, 10 million years before the asteroid hit Chicxulub in modern Mexico causing the mass extinction of non-avian  dinosaurs, about 66 million years ago. The new study published in the journal  Nature Communications  concludes that the reason for this decline […]

NASA pretends to hit Earth with a large asteroid

NASA pretends to hit Earth with a large asteroid Posted on Sunday, 2 May, 2021 It’s only a matter of time before a large space rock comes our way. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech A planetary defense exercise at the weekend ended up ‘destroying’ an area of Europe around 100km wide.The risk of a cataclysmic asteroid impact […]

Tom Horn Says an Asteroid Will Strike Earth in 2029, Unleashing an ‘Alien Virus’ That Will Give Rise to the Antichrist

While televangelist Jim Bakker’s daily television program has always been a repository for misinformation, baseless conspiracy theories, and End Times fearmongering, his show has gotten decidedly stranger in recent days. Earlier this week, Bakker interviewed right-wing conspiracy theorist Steve Quayle, who spent two programs warning about aliens, demons, trans-dimensional beings, and “diseases that are designed […]

Armageddon? Huge asteroid flying closer to Earth than the Moon – Watch

It’s not Armageddon, but it could have been. A sizeable asteroid named 2021 EQ3 will pass closer to Earth than the Moon itself on Monday night.  And lucky you, it will be all streamed live online! The flyby will be completely safe and doesn’t pose any risk to anything or anyone on Earth or to any of […]

US spacecraft touches surface of asteroid in mission to grab rock sample

A NASA spacecraft successfully made a brief stop on an asteroid 200 million miles from Earth to collect a sample from its surface, officials have confirmed. “Touchdown declared,” one flight controller announced to cheers and applause early on Wednesday. “Sampling is in progress.” The Osiris-Rex craft was attempting to collect a handful of rubble from […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Warns Asteroid Could Hit U.S. Day Before November Election

An asteroid hurtling through space at more than 25,000 miles per hour is on a trajectory to hit the United States the day before the presidential election, but it’s probably not going to end life on earth, says Neil deGrasse Tyson. The famous astrophysicist posted a photo of the giant space rock hurtling towards planet […]

NASA Begins Assembly of Asteroid-Exploring Spacecraft

The US space agency NASA announced on Friday it had begun assembly of the Lucy spacecraft, which will visit the mysterious Trojan asteroids near Jupiter that are believed to harbor water. In a recent news release, NASA announced the Lucy mission had passed a key milestone, which marks the transition from development to assembly for […]

NASA Begins Assembly of Asteroid-Exploring Spacecraft

The US space agency NASA announced on Friday it had begun assembly of the Lucy spacecraft, which will visit the mysterious Trojan asteroids near Jupiter that are believed to harbor water. In a recent news release, NASA announced the Lucy mission had passed a key milestone, which marks the transition from development to assembly for […]

If NASA Couldn’t See The Asteroid That Just Whizzed By Us, What Else Can’t They See?

Did you know that an asteroid just flew by our planet at an extremely close distance?  The good news is that it was only about the size of a car, but the bad news is that NASA had absolutely no idea that it was coming. In fact, NASA only discovered it about six hours after […]

Planet X & Asteroid Impacts Covered Up by Gov’t

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 by: Mike AdamsTags: asteroids, cataslysm, Earth, Earth Changes, John Moore, meteors, Nibiru, outer space, Planet X, pole shift, survival, warning, WormwoodBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL2,780VIEWS blob: (Natural News) A large, planet-sized mass inhabits our solar system, and its large elliptical orbit around the sun brings it across Earth’s orbital plane every 3,600 years or so, wreaking havoc on our planet due to […]

Scientists Have Warned That A 400 Foot Tsunami Could Hit The East Coast If An Asteroid Hit The Atlantic Ocean

We live at a time when giant space rocks are whizzing past our planet with alarming regularity.  Sometimes we know in advance that they are coming, and sometimes we don’t.  In fact, on July 28th an asteroid the size of a car zipped past our planet “at a range that rivals the orbits of some high-flying […]

Asteroid 3 times larger than Chelyabinsk making close approach… TODAY!

     Last night in Australia, near-Earth asteroid 2010 WC9 glided silently across the starry sky of Brisbane while the city’s residents slept. Well… not every resident slept. Amateur astronomer      Dennis Simmons was wide awake and recorded the flyby: “The asteroid moved rapidly through the constellation Hercules shining about as brightly as a 15th magnitude […]

Incoming!: NASA says 5 ‘close’ asteroid flybys will take place today

READ MORE: Cosmic fender-bender: NASA’s asteroid-hunting probe develops mysterious dent (PHOTO) The Center for Near Earth Object Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California publishes a comprehensive list of space rocks that are worth keeping an eye on, just to prepare yourself for any potential armageddons or extinction-level collisions. These rocks can range in […]

NASA: Previously unknown asteroid has a near miss with Earth

     We dodged a bullet today. It came within one half of the distance to the moon. I got this notice in email from NASA about a surprise asteroid that gave us only one day of warning passing halfway between the Earth and the moon. It was the largest known asteroid to ever pass that […]

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid bigger than Golden Gate bridge hurtles towards Earth

Astronomers have been following asteroid 2017 VR12 since it was detected in November last year. NASA says that the enormous space rock will shave past our planet in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Measuring up to 470 meters (1,542ft) in diameter the rock is travelling through space at 14,093mph (22,680kph). Because it will come […]

CNN suddenly concerned about very real threat of asteroid impacts amid government shutdown

     This is what happens when Trump Derangement Syndrome is combined with hallucinogenic drugs … CNN: Undetected Asteroids Could Threaten Earth During Government Shutdown Two CNN correspondents claimed during an episode of The Lead with Jake Tapper that an asteroid could potentially threaten the Earth if the government shutdown continues. CNN correspondent Tom Foreman recalled […]

NASA: Halloween Asteroid Could Strike Earth In 2018

An asteroid the shape of a fiendish looking skull COULD collide with Earth next year, 36 months after NASA discovered the creepy space rock According to NASA researchers, asteroid 2015 TB145, or the ‘Halloween asteroid,’ already once skimmed past Earth last October 31, 2015. Radar images captured by the space agency as it came 480,000 kilometers […]

Return of the space skull: ‘Halloween asteroid’ to fly past Earth in 2018 (VIDEO)

Dubbed 2015 TB145, or the ‘Halloween asteroid,’ the over 600-meter-wide rock hurtled past Earth on October 31, 2015. Radar images captured by NASA as it came within some 480,000 kilometers of our planet revealed some of the pronounced cavities and ridges that give the macabre looking boulder its distinctive skull-like shape. First observed on October […]

3-Mile Wide Christmas Asteroid Could Strike Earth Next Month

An enormous 3-mile wide asteroid could strike the Earth next month – just one week before Christmas day. The asteroid, named “3200 Phaethon” after the Greek God, is scheduled to fly dangerously close to our planet on December 17. Daily Star reports: Russian astronomers have been tracking the asteroid’s path, which has been described by NASA […]

Humans wouldn’t exist if dinosaur-ending asteroid hadn’t struck where it did

That’s according to new research by Japanese scientists Kunio Kaiho and Naga Oshima, who published their findings Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. They posit the asteroid, known as the Chicxulub Impactor, which smashed into what was then a shallow sea in modern day Mexico, would not have been so devastating if it hit about […]

Dinosaur-slaying asteroid metal can eradicate cancer, research suggests

Research by the University of Warwick in the UK and Sun Yat-Sen University in China found the dense metal, iridium, can be used to kill cancer cells by directly targeting them and filling them with a deadly ‘version’ of oxygen. A rare metal that is found in meteoroids, iridium has been discovered in large amounts […]

Humanity is one asteroid impact away from being wiped out

(Natural News) If a natural disaster such as a hurricane or a tornado is coming your way, it will inevitably cause a significant amount of damage, but at least you could have the chance to get out of harms way. But how would you evacuate in the event of a natural disaster from outer space, […]

Easter Sunday Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth

An asteroid striking the Earth on Easter Sunday 2036 could result in millions of deaths worldwide, according to scientists.  According to astronomers in Russia, the 300-yard-wide Apophis asteroid could collide with Earth in 25 years’ time on April 13, 2036. Even if that particular asteroid misses us, scientists have warned that its just a matter of time before another […]

MINING just one large asteroid could COLLAPSE the world economy due to surge of new supply for valuable metals

(Natural News) Could space mining become the next big thing? Though extracting minerals from space is not currently in NASA’s plans, they just scheduled a journey to asteroid 16 Psyche a year earlier than planned, reported the Daily Mail Online. Unlike most other asteroids that are formed out of rocks or ice, a team of […]

Swastika symbol dates back 11,000 years

     Kharagpur: Swastika -the Indian symbol of peace and continuity that Hitler co-opted for his twisted Aryan supremacy theory -is much older than believed, older than the Aryans and even the Indus Valley Civilization, says a team of top-notch researchers from some of the most prestigious institutions in India. The researchers say the Swastika dates […]

Proton Pump Inhibitors: So dangerous that prescriptions border on being criminal

     Proton pump inhibitors rank among the top 10 prescribed classes of drugs and are commonly used to treat acid reflux, indigestion, and peptic ulcers. Although generally assumed to be safe, recent studies have shown that they have numerous side effects, from an altered gut environment and impaired nutrient absorption to an increased risk for […]

World remembers Muhammad Ali as champion of peace, justice, equality

Alwaght- The world is mourning the death of legendary boxer Mohammad Ali who is remembered as a champion of peace especially when he refused to be drafted into the United States army which had invaded Vietnam. The three-time heavyweight boxing champion passed away at the age of 74 late on Friday at a hospital in […]

UN Peacekeepers Accused Of Raping Children & Women In 21 Countries

A report published by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicates that UN peacekeepers have been accused of sexual abuse in various parts of the world. According to the recently published report, there were 99 allegations of sexual assault in 2015 against UN Peacekeepers in 21 countries and so far not one person has been prosecuted. […]

Ominous Biblical Beetle Invasion Plagues Argentina

A beetle invasion of biblical proportions has plagued the beaches of Mar de Ajó and San Bernardo in Argentina. The weird phenomenon has taken locals by surprise as the cause of this beetle invasion remains, as yet, unexplained. Some locals have claimed that the influx of beetles is some kind of ominous warning warning of […]

The Global Rise Of Biometric ID Cards

The use of biometric national identity cards, using rfid chip technology, is continuing to grow around the world.  One man has recently become the very first person able to board a plane due to an rfid chip implanted into his hand. reports: Around the world there are various endeavors in many countries which are […]

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