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‘Unbelievable’: Astronomer Claims ‘Direct Evidence’ of Gravity Breaking Down

A scientist has observed a “gravitational anomaly” in certain star systems that could potentially upend a fundamental assumption about the universe, according to a new study.  The anomaly arises when loosely orbiting stars, known as wide binaries, seem to move in ways that defy established models of gravity, which are based on the ideas of […]

First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope?

First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope?Published on December 8, 2021Written by Joe Postma We’ve all seen the shaky home-video cams of UFOs, but interestingly there’s never really been any cases of professional astronomers who’ve witnessed one that I can remember. Well, here you go! I am sure that there is a reasonable […]

Greek Astronomer Wins Prestigious International Award

Chryssa Kouveliotou, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics at George Washington University, USA. Credit: A female Greek astronomer shared the prestigious Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2021 for her contribution to our understanding of magnetars. The Prize was shared equally by Victoria M. Kaspi, a Professor of Physics and Director of McGill Space Institute at […]

Elon Musk’s plans for life on Mars a ‘dangerous delusion’, British chief astronomer says

British chief astronomer Lord Rees and world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson have dismissed billionaire Elon Musk’s Mars colonization ambitions as a “dangerous delusion” and “unrealistic.” The pair made their buzzkilling remarks at the World Government Summit panel in Dubai this past week. “The only reason for humans to go to space would be for adventure. […]

Harvard astronomer says alien technology visited in 2017, may have been distant civilization’s trash

A Harvard astronomy professor believes a mysterious interstellar object that visited our solar system in 2017 was a type of alien technology and may even have been the discarded trash of another civilization. Avi Loeb has outlined his theory that the perplexing object dubbed ‘Oumuamua provides proof that highly-intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. […]

Tomb of Ancient Greek Poet and Astronomer Found in Turkey

Throughout time some people are remembered after they die for their achievements. But some individuals are celebrated both in life and death and they are especially important. What archaeologists recently found in Turkey is a large memorial tomb dedicated to one of those people, the ancient Greek poet and astronomer Aratus. Aratus was a didactic […]

Man Spends 1,000 Hours and $200,000 Turning a Cave into His Dream Home

In search of a simpler life, a corporate honcho from Australia decided to give up his career and become a caveman. But not before spending an eye-watering £160,000 ($230,848) to renovate a 250-million-year-old cave in England to suit his tastes! Angelo Mastropietro, 38, was inspired to make the change after he was diagnosed with multiple […]

Iraq Authorizes Russian Airstrikes Against ISIS

The Iraqi government has authorized Russian airstrikes against ISIS convoys coming entering their territory from Syria, according to a statement from Iraq’s Defense Committee leader. Hakem al-Zamli told the Anadolu Agency on Friday that the measure would contribute to weakening ISIS by cutting off its supply routes Anti War reports: The move comes amid a […]

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