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NASAs 1985 Document: Lithium & Barium Releases into the Atmosphere

Note the full article is worth the very low priced sub … as recommended previously. You still get to read more than a small part of this article. Those trails are not conspiracy & there it all is in their own documentation. See also this page for evidence of these metals in NZ rainwater ….EWNZ […]

Nov 21 – Chemtrails Turn the Atmosphere into Toxic Sludge?

Please send links and comments to [email protected] Most of Dr. William Deagle’s grim predictions did not come true but some are disturbingly familiar. Dr. William Deagle: Chemtrails contain mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria and human plasma Swallowing the Camel (2006) “National health care will be a nightmare,” because it will be an “electronic choker chain on […]

Elon Musk tweets that SpaceX will start program to pull carbon dioxide in atmosphere and use it as rocket fuel

Elon Musk tweets that SpaceX will start program to pull carbon dioxide in atmosphere and use it as rocket fuel Date: December 15, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Taiyler Simone Mitchell Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX will be launching a new program. The program will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it as rocket […]

Study: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere (as Bill Gates is Doing) is a Recipe for Climate Disaster

New research out of the University of Pennsylvania has found that trying to “save” the planet through artificial geoengineering is actually destroying it. by Ethan Huff There is no such thing as “global warming” or “climate change,” of course, at least not in the way the “experts” claim. However, this has not stopped deranged lunatics […]

Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect the climate

Microplastics are found in the most remote places on land and in the ocean as well as in our food. Now several studies around the world have confirmed they are also present in the air we breathe. In our research, published today, we investigated for the first time how airborne microplastics behave in the atmosphere […]

Attempt to vilify the farmers Protests will not create a healthy atmosphere for negotiations

The tractor rally on Republic Day in Delhi allegedly turned violent at several places as the protesters clashed with the police and tried to remove the barricade but these incidents could be termed as stray as given the nature of it things could have gone out of control. Ofcourse, the attempt to run through a […]

Ex-budgets chief claims finance minister fomenting ‘atmosphere of terror’

In his first public interview after resigning Sunday in protest against the government’s “irresponsible” economic policies, ex-budget chief Shaul Meridor warned the government was making fateful decisions haphazardly and unprofessionally, and had imposed an “atmosphere of terror” among the professional echelon to try to stamp out criticism. The government’s refusal to pass a coherent and […]

‘Piercing the atmosphere’: Hurricane lightning blasted antimatter at the Earth

On 23 October 2015, the NOAA Airborne Detector for Energetic Lightning Emissions (ADELE) flew through the eyewall of the category five storm. In order to be classified as a category five, a hurricane must have sustained winds exceeding 156mph (70 m/s; 136kn; 251kph). The crew became the first humans to witness a terrestrial gamma-ray flash […]

BEAUTIFUL CO2: Higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere linked to more flowers blooming in tropical forests

(Natural News) The increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) brought about by climate change resulted in an increase in flower production in remote tropical forests across of the globe, according to a study published in the journal Global Change Biology. A team of researchers at Florida State University examined plant materials obtained from tropical forests of […]

New research finds it was a LACK of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that led to climate change in ancient times

(Natural News) Researchers from the University of Southampton have found ancient evidence suggesting that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere affected climate conditions approximately a hundred million years ago, but these are not the results that modern day climatologists want to hear. Modern climate change studies desperately want to correlate rising carbon dioxide levels with “climate […]

Space Agency: Alien Spacecraft Just Entered Earth’s Atmosphere

A space agency that closely monitors ionization trails of meteors coming into Earths atmosphere has announced the detection of an alien spacecraft entering the Earth’s atmosphere.  According to BPEarthWatch, a huge object was picked up slowly entering the Earth’s atmosphere on national radar on the evening of December 2nd. According to a spokesperson at the agency: […]

N. Korea: ICBM test used new launch vehicle, warhead able to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere

State media reported on Wednesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally guided the missile test and referred to the new launcher as “impeccable” and a “breakthrough.”  North Korea fired a ballistic missile which splashed down in the Sea of Japan early Wednesday, according to South Korean, Japanese, and US militaries. The Pentagon’s initial assessment […]

NASA exploring whether a ‘magnetic tail’ is destroying Martian atmosphere

Invisible to the naked eye, the so-called ‘magnetotail’ was recently detected by NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission spacecraft (MAVEN). MAVEN was launched in 2013 to trace the Martian world’s climate history and determine if it may have once sustained life. READ MORE: Sun explosions & space hurricanes: The silent threat to global communications systems […]

Toxic Particles To Be Sprayed Into The Atmosphere In An MIT Geoengineering Experiment, Blocking Sunlight

By Arjun Walia If you’re concerned about our environment, geoengineering is something you need to be aware of. The sad reality is that most have no idea it’s happening, which is why it’s crucial to create more awareness on a subject about which the public has been kept completely in the dark. What is exactly […]

The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 3 Former CIA Officer Explains The Shadow Government and Deep State Roles In How Technology Makes It Possible

September 1, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Kevin Shipp is a former CIA officer in counter intelligence and supervising manager, who has become a whistleblower.  The CIA acts outside the U.S. Constitution and that’s what made and makes Kevin Shipp speak out.  He talks about the Shadow Government and the Deep State.  […]

NASA Shut Down Their Live Stream As Strange UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere

UFO hunters have raised the alarm about an alleged intrusion of Earth’s atmosphere by a massive UFO. The mysterious space object, according to UFO chasers, was spotted on the live ISS stream entering the Earth’s atmosphere on July 9, 2016. The alleged intrusion was first reported by prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 in a video uploaded […]

Neptune-Like Exoplanet Spotted That Has A Watery Atmosphere

In our solar system, we have four gas giants, which are large planets composed mostly of gases and containing small, rocky cores. These include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But that’s not where the concept of gas giants ends. Though scientists have come to learn various things about each one, recent observations have led them to believe […]

Your Favorite Artificial Sweetener May Be Tricking You into Being Hungry

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Researchers from the University of Sydney (US) Charles Perkins Centre (CRC) and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research (GIMR) have teamed up to determine how artificial sweeteners influence human biochemistry and discovered a regulating effect on appetite, among other things. Greg […]

Inmates Break Out Of Prison To Save Guard Having A Heart Attack (Video)

Trim Fat With The 3 Week Diet Learn more about how you can lose excess fat and gain a better connection with what your body is doing and when. Click here. Source Article from

ISIS offers $50,000 reward for head of Bulgaria’s ‘migrant hunter’

ISIS has put a $50,000 bounty on the head of a self-styled ‘migrant hunter’ who organises gangs of vigilantes to patrol and hunt down illegal asylum seekers in Bulgaria. Dinko Valev, 29, uses two armoured vehicles to patrol territory near the city of Yambol, close to the border with Turkey. But now it has been […]

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