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UK’s ‘Prevent’ program legitimises racist attitudes towards Muslims

UK's anti-radicalisation strategy legitimises racist attitudes towards Muslims, while creating self-censorship in public, according to an expert, Anadolu News Agency reports. Speaking to Anadolu, Tarek Younis, a senior lecturer at the University of Middlesex in London, said the government's controversial anti-radicalisation program "Prevent" legitimises racist attitudes, especially towards Muslims. "Prevent" is the government's controversial anti-radicalisation […]

Kaine: Youngkin Campaign ‘Hearkens Back’ to ‘Segregationist Attitudes’

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s (R) campaign “hearkens back” to the days of segregation. Kaine said, “If you look at the Youngkin campaign, they’ve made it about kind of invented inflated issues like Critical Race Theory. To close their campaign with an ad featuring […]

Regulating tech is only half the job: Changing the underlying attitudes is the real problem

The skills required to invent a new Technology are not the same as those required to manage it responsibly. Management is in fact generally far more difficult than invention per se. Indeed, technical prowess is actually a hindrance. It impedes recognition of the importance of management. If ever an organization needed to be regulated, it’s […]

Medieval Attitudes to Women’s Medical Conditions Found in The Trotula

The Trotula is a very well-known 12 th century text, originally written for male medical practitioners treating gynecological or obstetrical issues, which reveals a great deal about how people perceived sickness, health, and the circle of life during the medieval era. The modern perception of medieval medicine is generally that it was crude and barbaric, and there was […]

‘Israelism’ documentary tracks changing generational attitudes of American Jews

Throughout its 70 years of existence, Israel has enjoyed the overwhelming support of the American Jewish community, which has significantly contributed to near-unanimous bipartisan political cover for virtually all its deeds and misdeeds. This should have been a precarious situation, as US Jews generally track “liberal”, and Israel has been a most illiberal project since […]

Modern culture’s sexual attitudes and its effects on younger generations

     2018 so far has seen an explosion of awareness and discussion surrounding sexual misconduct and the wider context of sexual attitudes in our culture. Social media campaigns such as #MeToo and #IBelieveHer have highlighted society’s inability to mix “modern progressive” sexual attitudes with respect for the dignity of the human individual. I would go […]

Ending pollution requires a change of attitudes

By Graham Peebles Pollution has become an everyday affair. It is a murderous way of life which, according to a report published in The Lancet, is responsible for the deaths of at least nine million people every year. The air we breathe is poisoned, the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans are filthy — some more, […]

Survey: Physician Attitudes Shift To Single Payer

Above Photo: by Occupy Note: We are not surprised that physician’s favor a single payer funding system for healthcare. It would greatly reduce their overhead, billing and paperwork. It would also make malpractice insurance a minimal expense since the biggest expense of a bad health outcome is treatment to deal with the problem — that would […]

New transatlantic data transfer deal sealed with ‘written assurances’ of US spying limitations

“We have agreed with our US partners a new framework that will ensure the right checks and balances for our citizens,” said digital commissioner Andrus Ansip at a press conference in Strasbourg. The vital deal, called the ‘Privacy Shield’ was reached months after the so-called Safe Harbour agreement was annulled by the European Court of […]

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