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Revealed: How the US Marines secretly advised on the hit movie Avatar, despite later framing it as being anti-war

New documents show the makers of the film – the highest-grossing in history and now re-released – secretly liaised on its plot and dialogue with the Corps. The subsequent attack on it was all about military control over Hollywood. The 3-D sci-fi epic Avatar was recently re-released in China, and revenues from the People’s Republic […]

‘Avatar’ Unseats ‘Endgame’ as Top-grossing Movie of All Time

(UPI) — The highest-grossing film of all time is once again Avatar, a 2009 sci-fi adventure directed by James Cameron and produced by Jon Landau. Avatar‘s global box office is estimated at $2.8 billion while Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame — helmed by the Russo brothers with a 2019 release — has racked up $2.797 billion in receipts. Avatar unseated Endgame because it was re-released in China […]

Update Your Avatar on

We’ve given one of our favorite features a boost! You can now manage your profile photo, or avatar, right on This avatar, powered by a service called Gravatar, is the image that represents you online — a thumbnail that appears next to your name when you interact on blogs and websites. With this recently […]

The Evangelical Agenda And Its Avatar, Mike Pence, A Heartbeat Away

WASHINGTON (Analysis) — Far right-wing theocratic fascism has crept into the halls of the United States government. It now permeates the often unstated agendas of certain politicians and officials, whose Christian dogma demands that they act to make the United States a bastion for like-minded souls — meaning only those souls ardently worshiping the same […]

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