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Senate investigation shows how GOP law enabled Big Pharma’s ‘extreme’ tax avoidance

“Big Pharma gets us coming and going—they charge Americans sky-high prices and they pay absolute rock-bottom taxes, not anywhere near a fair share.” Source

Patriotic Millionaires urge global leaders to combat tax avoidance through wealth tax on world’s billionaires

The Patriotic Millionaires are urging global leaders to impose a wealth tax on the world’s billionaires to build fairer economies post COVID. According to an analysis conducted by the Program on Inequality at the Institute for Policy Studies, if billionaires paid an annual wealth tax in 2020, “modeled on the ‘Ultra-Millionaire Tax’ levy proposed by […]

’28 Pages’ of Alleged Saudi Involvement in 9/11 May Be Released Friday

“The House Intelligence Committee will get the redacted report today or tomorrow,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of that committee. “The Senate and House intel committees should then give the formal go ahead to release the report since they originally produced it.”   Such a release would be about a month behind […]

Global economy continues to lose momentum after Brexit

     Apparently the world economy continues to lose momentum. Exports from German companies in May went down significantly. Meanwhile first observers are mentioning the possibility that the German gross domestic product could even have shrunken during the second quarter. German exports fell in May due to the weak global economy. They went down 1.8 percent […]

US Among World’s Top Executioners in 2015

Michaela Whitton (AM) : The number of people put to death across the globe in 2015 reached a 25-year high. The alarming surge in executions saw at least 1,634 people sentenced to death in 25 countries, according to a new report by Amnesty International. The figures exclude China, whose numbers remain a state secret despite […]

Billboards to Track People via Mobile Phones

Billboards to Track People via Mobile Phones March 2nd, 2016 “All data is anonymous and aggregated, they say, meaning individual consumers cannot be identified.” Oh sure. Via: New York Times: Pass a billboard while driving in the next few months, and there is a […]

Strange black goo rains down on Michigan town

© WXYZThe mysterious substance remained on outdoor surfaces through Wednesday, when Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials collected samples.      A city in Michigan is perplexed after a a tar-like substance has rained down on their cars, porches and driveways this week. The black, oily substance first appeared on at least six driveways in Harrison […]

The Anti-Terrorism Act of South Korea and the Controversy Surrounding It

Konstantin Asmolov (NEO) : In continuation of the story of how South Korea is fighting against international terrorism, we would like to note the discussions around the potential adoption of a special Act on the matter. This Act is supposed to create a legal platform that will enable measures to be taken for the prevention of terrorism, […]

Cellular damage control system helps plants tough it out

In plants, chloroplasts can accumulate high levels of toxic singlet oxygen, a reactive oxygen species formed during photosynthesis. In these cells, most of the chloroplasts (green organelles) and mitochondria (red organelles) appear healthy. However, the chloroplast in the top left of the image is being selectively degraded and is interacting with the central vacuole (blue). […]

Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme

David Leigh London Guardian October 12, 2011 Britain’s tax authorities have given Goldman Sachs an unusual and generous Christmas present, leaked documents reveal. In a secret London meeting last December with the head of Revenue, the wealthy Wall Street banking firm was forgiven £10m interest on a failed tax avoidance scheme. HM Revenue and Customs […]

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