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Ann Arbor Just Voted to Tell Cops to Stop Arresting People for Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and More

September 25th, 2020 By Matt Agorist via TFTP Right now in Louisville, KY, two cops have been shot and residents are rioting because the state has an addiction to drugs. Despite the overwhelming evidence showing that kidnapping and caging people for possessing illegal substances does nothing to prevent use and only leads to more crime […]

Maybe You’ve Tried Ayahuasca, But Have You Done Full Integration?

Next Story Ayahuasca is an ancient amazonian psychedelic plant medicine that is brewed by shamans from two plants – the ayahuasca vine and the chakruna leaf. The main active component in this plant is dimethyl tryptamine or DMT, which is found in many living things, plants and animals, it exists inside of our pineal gland, […]

Why Ayahuasca is So Effective at Treating Depression

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Some great number of years back a maniacal psychiatrist wanted me to hop on the antidepressant bus. I asked him for how long I might need to be on the pills, to which he replied, “Forever.” You see, according to this esteemed professional I had a chemical imbalance that […]

Ayahuasca 101: Hard Earned Truth

April 4th, 2018 By Nick Polizzi Guest writer for Wake Up World The first time I ever experienced an Ayahuasca ceremony was six years ago. It wasn’t in a remote jungle hut in the middle of the Amazon, or in some fancy Californian ashram. My first encounter with the legendary “vine of souls” (sometimes referred to as […]

Lessons from Ayahuasca – What It Really Means to Take Charge of Your Destiny, and How to Do It

March 1st, 2018 By Juliet Tang Contributing writer for Wake Up World It was 3 am. I was kneeling on the cold bathroom floor in front of the toilet trying to vomit. The intense nausea in my stomach seemed to have taken on the size of a giant rock. No matter what I did, it refused to […]

Ayahuasca – The Shadow Goddess and Game Master of Love

February 5th, 2018 By Juliet Tang Contributing writer for Wake Up World Shadow Work  Ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew that excels at shadow work. Your shadow is everything you have shunned from childhood that has caused you shame, pain and guilt. As a result, the energy behind those experiences and memories is kept hidden from the conscious […]

How I Overcame Anxiety And Found Spiritual Fulfillment Through Ayahuasca

Sing me home. I would like to share a few highlights of my recent week long ayahuasca retreat. It is in no way a complete accounting of the experiences but I felt that these particular ones may be of interest to others. It was the most powerful, terrifying, unspeakably beautiful, and ultimately transforming experience of […]

Understanding the Dieta Protocol for Participating in Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times  Many people are finding their way to the Amazon to experience plant medicine ceremonies, or are finding local events hosted by traveling shamans and facilitators. As shamanic medicine traditions morph into newer westernized versions, much of the esoteric and important cultural knowledge about how best to prepare for and receive […]

Brazil is Offering its Prisoners Ayahuasca for Rehabilitation

Heather Callaghan, GuestWaking Times How would society change if instead of suffering, punishment and recidivism – we embraced love, healing and restoration? Some Brazilian prisoners are getting the opportunity to embark on their own ayahuasca journeys and turn their lives around. The powerful herbal combination that produces DMT and a hallucinogenic experience is said […]

Here’s Why They Give Ayahuasca To Prison Inmates On Their Path To Redemption

Next Story In a quest to ease pressures on the Brazilian prison system, mental health workers have opted to give prison inmates the psychedelic brew ayahuasca, in the hopes of helping them to work through their deeply-rooted emotional traumas.  It is no secret that the current prison system lies in shambles. Overcrowded holding spaces, abusive staff, […]

Scientists Show What Meditation Does To The Brain Compared To The Psychedelic Drug, Ayahuasca

Next Story Ailments — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — are often cured in the modern day world with outside help. Big Pharma’s stranglehold on our health, along with the restrictions on field experts, can hinder us, as individuals, from seeking within to heal from the inside out. That is not to say that some modern medical practices […]

9 Rules for Living as Learned from Proper Ayahuasca Shaman

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times “All the authentic drinkers of yagé in the Amazon that I have met share a great love for nature and all humanity, and they are outspoken protectors of the rainforest and the good way of all that is right.” ~Jonathon Miller Weisberger, Rainforest Medicine By itself, ayahuasca as a transformational […]

After Ayahuasca – 5 Life Changing Transformations

August 13th, 2017 By Juliet Tang Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If you only read one article today, let this be it. Originally, the idea started as a seed when I felt guided to write about the life-changing effects of ayahuasca with a few very brief mentions of real life examples here and there. […]

Is The Use Of Ayahuasca Raising Our Global Environmental Consciousness?

Next Story Ayahuasca, a potent psychedelic plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by many indigenous tribes in South America, has been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of decades from Westerners seeking spiritual or physical healing. More and more people are travelling to Peru, Brazil, and other South American […]

My Journey with Ayahuasca – How I Learned to Overcome Negativity (and How You Can Too!)

August 4th, 2017 By Nanice Ellis Contributing writer for Wake Up World From Darkness to Light Although this is my story of defeating darkness, this article is intended to help you defeat all forms of negativity in your life and in the world. Whether it is depression you face alone, suppression in a difficult relationship, or […]

Ayahuasca: A Cautionary Tale For Tourists Eager To Try This Shamanic Brew

Research supports ayahuasca’s allure, suggesting that the drug may actually help treat depression and anxiety. And with various personal healing stories continuing to arise, more and more people seek out jungle brew for its medicinal value. However, as the program points out, there is little regulation over most retreats that offer it. Ayahuasca is certainly not a […]

Unveiling the Secrets About DMT, Ayahuasca and Psychedelic Medicines

The hype about Ayahuasca caught on quick with many people from around the world flocking to the Amazon seeking the amazing benefits of an Ayahuasca ceremony. Yes, the trip you have leads to very interesting experience but there is more to it than a high full of exciting visions. This substance takes you to a […]

Lessons From The Great Mother – What ‘Death’ in Ayahuasca Teaches Us About Life

May 1st, 2017 By Juliet Tang Contributing writer for Wake Up World “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” – Schopenhauer The death experience during ayahuasca is quite common, though we can experience ego death at any point in life without external assistance. ‘Ego death’ refers […]

Meditation & The Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Appear To Change The Brain In Similar Ways

Ailments — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — are often cured in the modern day world with outside help. Big Pharma’s stranglehold on our health, along with the restrictions on field experts, can hinder us, as individuals, from seeking within to heal from the inside out. That is not to say that some modern medical practices and experts do […]

Censorship Still Rampant Around the World

20th June 2016 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Censorship is still a big issue around the world. Censorship remains at high levels in many countries, despite the fact that we tend to think we live in a world without that much of it (at least in the supposedly “enlightened and developed West”). Why are censorship […]

Racy Or Beauty? These Breast Feeding Mom’s Are Blowing Up The Internet!

It’s almost comical to think about the general public’s reaction to breasts when taken outside the realm of sex. Women’s bodies have always been portrayed as sexual objects, and the underlying assumption seems to be that, because pleasure can be derived from a woman’s breasts and vagina, these parts can’t also serve a function beyond stimulating pleasure. There are […]

Abbott says he will run for another term

Michelle Grattan (TC) : Former prime minister Tony Abbott has ended months of speculation by confirming he will renominate for his Sydney seat of Warringah. Photo by Alan Poritt, AAP His decision will be welcomed by many conservatives in the party but will concern those colleagues who fear that his continuation in Parliament could be […]

#Natcuck Ramzpaul Attacks Adolf Hitler To Seek Repectablity With The Jews

THIS IS RAMZPAUL’S STATEMENT POSTED ON THE DAILY STORMER UNDER THE AVATAR ‘MOONMAN’: “However, every few years I tend to get embroiled in a debate with the 14/88 crowd claiming that I have some moral duty to advocate for their notion of Nazism. I keep telling these people that I do not share their values […]

Environmental contaminants may be contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria

     While the rapid emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has prompted the medical community, non-profit organizations, public health officials and the national media to educate the public to the dangers of misusing and overusing antibiotics, the University of Georgia’s J. Vaun McArthur is concerned that there’s more to the problem than the misuse of common medications. […]

Iraq urges UN Security Council to demand Turkish troops withdrawal

The Security Council met Friday following a request from Iraq. At the meeting, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari asked the 15-member council to adopt a resolution that would demand Turkish withdrawal. “Iraq has spared no effort to exhaust all diplomatic channels and bilateral negotiations with Turkey, in order to withdraw its forces that are unauthorized […]

The Foreign Criminals Using Los Angeles Real Estate to Launder Money and the Developers Who Help Them

Here, as in other roosting places of the superrich, the recent influx of foreign money has gone hand in hand with the rising use of shell companies — generally limited liability companies. Shell companies were used in three-quarters of purchases of over $5 million in Los Angeles over the last three years, a higher rate […]

Israel’s "executions" of Palestinian teens must end, Amnesty says

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 28 October 2015 Palestinian medics carry an injured protester during confrontations with occupation forces outside the Israeli settlement of Beit El, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, 27 October. Shadi Hatem APA images Israel is carrying out summary executions of Palestinians, Amnesty International has confirmed. Sometimes it lets injured […]

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