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UK Bank Slammed For Introducing Pronouns To Staff Name Badges

Halifax customers have threatened to close their accounts after the bank decided to add pronouns to its staff name badges. The bank announced on Twitter that it was making the change, but the move criticised […] The post UK Bank Slammed For Introducing Pronouns To Staff Name Badges appeared first on News Punch. Source

Little Boy Traumatized as a Dozen Armed Bullies with Badges Swarm & Harass Him for Eating Without Showing Killer Jab Papers

A bunch of bullies with badges in New York terrorizing a little boy eating Pizza because he had not taken an assisted suicide killer jab. I have one thing to ask you “we back the blue” groupies? There are not enough car jackings, governors and mayors molesting women, pedophile politicians, burglaries, rapes and murders in […]

Outrage As UK School Tells Mask Exempt Pupils To Wear Yellow Badges

A British boarding school has come under fire for telling its pupils to wear a “yellow badge” to show they are exempt from using a face mask A face mask mandate had been introduced in classrooms and corridors following a rise in Covid cases. In a letter to parents, David Jackson, the headmaster of Farringtons […]

School Forces Unmasked Kids to Wear Yellow Badges

Five Italian Governors have called for lockdown measures to be imposed on the unvaccinated, following the example of Austria, while Czech Republic and Slovakia are also moving to enforce similar measures. As we previously highlighted, after Austria placed the unjabbed under lockdown, preventing them from leaving their homes for anything other than “essential reasons,” police […]

Chinese Cyclists Warned Over Chairman Mao Pin Badges At Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has closed a potential disciplinary case against two Chinese gold medalists who wore pin badges of Mao Zedong on the Olympic podium. International Olympic Committee spokesman Christian Klaue says Chinese team officials gave assurances the athletes were warned and the incident will not be repeated. At the medal ceremony Monday for the women’s […]

Outrage over Use of Yellow Badges to Protest Use of Jewish Buses in Montreal Area

A Montreal woman who sparked outrage after she and other citizens wore yellow badges on their clothing at a borough council meeting to protest the Jewish community’s use of school buses in her neighbourhood says she’s the real victim. Despite being told by residents the yellow square on her shirt evoked the Holocaust — when […]

Black Lives Matter Protester Jasmine Abdullah Given Same Sentence For “Lynching” as Stanford Rapist

Yesterday, a protester with the Black Lives Matter movement was sentenced for the charge of “felony lynching” after being convicted last week. The charging of Jasmine Abdullah, whose legal name is Jasmine Richards, with a crime that was originally intended to prevent white vigilantes from murdering black arrestees had already caused an uproar. Now that […]

Baltimore School Cop Charged After Filmed Slapping, Kicking Student

Two Baltimore city schools police officers have been criminally charged in an incident that was caught on video showing one of them repeatedly slapping and then kicking a student. Filmed at Reach Partnership High School by another student on his cellphone on March 1, the short clip does not show the events proceeding the assault, […]

Home Remedies For Calluses on Feet

A callus, also known as callosity, is a toughened skin area that has become thick and hard due to repeated friction, pressure or other irritation. Usually, calluses develop on the feet, especially on the bottoms of the feet and the underside of the big toe. Calluses can also develop on the hands, fingers or anywhere […]

Gone AWOL: MSM’s belated ‘truth’ of Bush’s National Guard service scandal

Two members of the Air National Guard unit that President George W. Bush allegedly served with as a young Guard flyer in 1972 had been told to expect him late in that year and were on the lookout for him. He never showed, however; of that both Bob Mintz and Paul Bishop are certain. The […]

South China Sea tensions: US declares right to fly, sail anywhere intl law allows

“The US has conducted naval operations in the South China Sea in recent days and will conduct similar operations in the future,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said. READ MORE: China furious after US Navy destroyer passes disputed islands in S. China Sea “Our freedom of navigation operations do not assert any specific US rights,” White […]

Banned: ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ badges worn by UK troops in Afghanistan

  CHRISTOPHER LEAKEUK Daily Mail Aug 28, 2011 British soldiers in Afghanistan have been banned from wearing skull-and-crossbones badges on their uniforms that declare ‘Death To The Taliban’ and proclaim membership of a ‘Taliban Hunting Club’. The unofficial stick-on badges are now a cult accessory among British troops fighting Taliban insurgents. But senior Army officers […]

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