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Indonesia pauses distribution of 450,000-batch of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine over ‘sterility & toxicity’ concerns

A large batch of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine has been put on hold in Indonesia after a 22-year-old died a day after getting the shot. The batch will be run through additional “sterility and toxicity” tests. The move was announced by the Indonesian Health Ministry on Sunday. The suspension follows the abrupt death of a 22-year-old […]

Iran to get first batch of 60% enriched uranium next week: ambassador

TEHRAN – Iran will accumulate the first batch of 60% enriched uranium within a week, a senior Iranian diplomat said on Tuesday after Iran announced that it is starting to enrich uranium to up to 60% purity in its most important step ever in the nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West. The diplomat, Kazem […]

Italian prosecutor seizes batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 jabs ‘as a precaution,’ launches manslaughter investigation after death

The prosecutor of Biella, Italy has ordered the seizure of nearly 400,000 AstraZeneca vaccines and opened a manslaughter investigation following the death of a 57-year-old man hours after being inoculated. On Monday, the prosecutor of Biella, a town in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, ordered the preventive seizure of the country’s entire ‘ABV5811’ batch […]

Austria suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine batch after death

March 7, 2021 – 14:46 By Michael Shields and Ludwig Burger ZURICH (Reuters) – Austrian authorities have suspended inoculations with a batch of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as a precaution while investigating the death of one person and the illness of another after the shots, a health agency said on Sunday. “The Federal Office for Safety […]

First batch of COVID vaccines arrives in Gaza after Israel approves transfer

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First batch of Pfizer COVID vaccines arrive in Lebanon

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Olympic nation Japan receives first batch of Covid vaccines

Japan‘s first batch of Covid- 19 vaccine arrived on Friday, local media reported, with official approval for the Pfizer Inc shots expected soon as the country races to control a third wave of infections ahead of the Olympic Games. A government health panel is due to deliberate on the vaccine later on Friday. Kyodo News […]

California halts injections of Moderna Covid vaccine batch due to ‘higher-than-usual number of adverse events’

California health officials are asking vaccine providers to stop administering a batch of Moderna’s Covid-19 jab, after an unusually high number of adverse reactions were linked to the drug. Doses from Moderna Lot 041L20A are suspected of causing a “higher-than-usual number of adverse events” and should be shelved until a proper investigation can be conducted, […]

Feds Seize Batch of Fake Steelers Super Bowl Rings Sent from China

If you’re frantically searching for the Steelers Super Bowl rings you ordered just in time for the playoffs, you can stop looking. They’re not coming and they’re not coming because they were fake. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials recently seized 60 fake Steelers Super Bowl rings that had arrived from China. “Officers say that […]

First Batch of Iran’s 20% Enriched Uranium Products Ready

By Staff, Agencies Iran says it has produced its first UF6 [uranium hexafluoride or hex] product a few hours after restarting the enrichment of uranium up to a purity level of 20 percent at Fordow nuclear facility. Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran [AEOI], announced late Monday that the first […]

Iran Red Crescent says Pfizer vaccine batch being sent by US benefactors

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An unidentified group of US-based philanthropists plans to send 150,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to Iran in the coming weeks, Iranian media reported Monday, in a step that could bring the hardest-hit country in the Middle East closer to inoculating its citizens against the coronavirus. Details remained scarce in the […]

Hackers say they sold batch of information stolen from Israeli insurance firm

Hackers who stole a vast trove of information from an Israeli insurance company said on Tuesday they had finished selling an initial batch of documents and threatened to sell additional information on the dark web. A hacking group calling itself Black Shadow broke into the Shirbit insurance firm at the beginning of the month and […]

Georgia Bombshell Analysis: BIDEN takes Minimum 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM (Video)

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Russian military deploys latest batch of S-400 air defense systems to Syria (VIDEOS)

Videos provided by the country’s Defense Ministry show the arrival of four of the systems. Two were delivered by air to the Khmeimim Airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia, and two more were shipped to a Russian maritime facility located in Tartus. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { […]

Fifth Batch of JFK Files Released to Public

Most of the records have been previously made public, but President Donald Trump ordered the remaining documents released after a review of proposed redactions, primarily to protect identities of individuals mentioned. “In the fifth public release this year, the National Archives today posted 10,744 records subject to the President John F. […]

Afghan Air Force receives first batch of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters

nsnbc : The first batch of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters for the Afghan Air Force arrived in the country’s southern Kandahar province on […]

Mozambique is harvesting first batch of controversial Monsanto WEMA GMO maize

nsnbc : Mozambique is currently harvesting its first genetically modified maize on an experimental plot. The so-called WEMA maize was developed by the scandal-ridden […]

WikiLeaks drops latest #Vault7 batch detailing Archimedes network hacking tool

     A user manual describing an alleged CIA tool known as ‘Archimedes’, purportedly used to attack computers inside a Local Area Network (LAN), has been released by WikiLeaks. The latest batch is the seventh in the whistleblowing organization’s ‘Vault 7’ series. The Archimedes tool enables traffic from one computer inside the LAN to be redirected […]

Turkish investigators enter & ‘search’ Incirlik air base where US nukes are housed

The authorities entered the base in southern Turkey on Monday, state-run Anadolu news agency reported, adding that the investigation is connected with the coup attempt. Over the weekend, the airbase’s commander, General Bekir Ercan Van was detained at Incirlik by Turkish authorities along with over a dozen lower ranking officers. They all stand accused of […]

Let’s Talk About the Role of Psychedelics in a Sane Society

6th July 2016 By Julian Palmer Guest writer for Wake Up World In terms of how we are using psychedelics as a society, we need to ask: Where is all this going? For those of us who take psychedelics seriously, those who see them only as a potential treatment for medical or serious psychological conditions are truly missing the […]

Iran’s nuclear chief: IRGC missile tests not in breach of JCPOA

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi flatly rejected the notion that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ recent missile drill has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a lasting nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers. “The IRGC’s recent (missile) war game was definitely not […]

Is Alex Jones now the Brian Williams of alternative media? Assassination claim conflates facts to spin tall tale that never happened…

(NaturalNews) I’m shocked at all the internet morons and retards who believe Alex Jones was almost assassinated last week. It all started with this story by Shep of Intellihub who was merely repeating something Jones said on his show, wildly embellishing the facts as usual: He said man you know somebody came here […]

Russia’s national security strategy for 2016 in 9 key points

1. “Color Revolutions” and corruption among key threats to Russia’s security Listed among threats to national security are“color revolutions” and their instigation, the undermining of traditional values, and corruption. READ MORE: Russian military to order major research to counter ‘color revolutions’ Who could be engaged in such activities? According to the document, “radical social groups […]

Iranian president wants to expand missile program in response to US sanctions – media

US to sanction nearly 12 companies, Iranian officials over ballistic-missile program – report Iran needs to step up its missile capabilities in response to aggressive actions by the US, which is threatening to impose more sanctions over a missile test that Iran held in October, Rouhani wrote in a letter addressed to Defense Minister Hossein […]

How convenient. UK government accidentally deletes pedophile ring testimonies

     The Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologized this week after vital testimony from victims of child sexual abuse was “instantly and permanently deleted” from their servers. The agency said that the loss of data was due to a technical malfunction, which dumped an untold number of testimonies that were submitted to their […]

Yemeni Army Fires Scud Missile on Saudi Khalid Bin Abdul-Aziz Air Base

Local Editor The Yemeni army launched a series of Scud missiles Thursday morning on a Saudi air base south-west of the kingdom. The Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz military air base located in Khamis Msheit in Assir border region was directly hit by the Scud attack. Surveillance unit in the Yemeni army confirmed the news. Saudi Arabia […]

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