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1982 Beirut welcomes invaders with 3 bullets and a cup of coffee

24 Sep 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Myriam Charabaty The Wimpy Operation in Hamra, Beirut, drove the invading Israeli Occupation Forces of 1982 out of Beirut as it proved that Resistance is Beirut’s popular choice. Believing they had conquered Beirut, the first Arab capital to be invaded, Israeli soldiers believed they owned the city […]

Beirut Port Blast: Banality of Media Keeps Truth Away

August 5, 2023 Mohammad Salami One of the conspicuous aspects of the deeply-rooted political crisis in Lebanon is that the Lebanese people are unable to unify their stance towards a historical explosion which comprises a human catastrophe. Few moments after the blast which rocked Beirut Port on August 4, 2020, politicians and media outlets rushed […]

Sleepless in Beirut: A struggle of Lebanese diaspora in the 2006 war

July 30, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Rachel Hamdoun This is not a story of leaving Lebanon but take this as a letter from those living on the outside and looking in, incapable of acting to cease the atrocities as a result of distance, to a homeland they can only reach through a screen.  […]

New Year’s celebration in Beirut

WATCH: Tourists welcome 2023 by flying in air ballons Source

Ukraine War footage is actually Beirut Lebanon

Ukraine War footage is actually Beirut Lebanon  

US Embassy in Beirut Donates Poisonous Vaccine to Lebanese People: Report

Posted on December 20, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians December 20, 2021 US ambassador to Beirut, Dorothy Shea, has been donating 360,000 shots of Johnson & Johnson vaccine which was castigated by the national public health agency of the United States as a cause of blood clots. While CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has […]

UN chief lays wreath at Beirut port, pushes for blast accountability

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday said Lebanon needed proper accountability for the August 2020 Beirut port explosion and that election due to be held next year could usher in political stability in the troubled country. His comments followed a meeting with Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri and a visit to the port, where he […]

Manama to Beirut: Persecute our Exiled Dissidents

17 Dec 2021 By Sondoss Al-Asaad Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a strongly-worded protest to the Lebanese Government regarding Beirut’s hosting of a conference allegedly “for hostile persons designated as supporters and sponsors of terrorism, with the purpose of disseminating and promoting abusive and malicious allegations against the Kingdom of Bahrain.” The Bahraini al-Wefaq’s […]

Was Beirut’s Destruction a Saudi-Israeli Preemptive Attack?

In mid-December 2021, two American television shows produced by Dick Wolf, presented back-to-back terrorism scenarios involving ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Wolf, one of Hollywood’s greatest powerhouses with an incredible lineup of top-rated shows, has, in the past, used his position to insert key messages vital to Israeli policy into what is supposed to be “entertainment.” This […]

Why are Lebanon’s politicians fighting the Beirut port blast probe?

An investigation into last year’s Beirut blast is set to resume after a court rejected the last of several lawsuits that had led the probe to be suspended for more than a month. The investigation into the blast, one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded, has faced pushback from a political system where impunity […]

Judges protecting judges: why the Beirut blast investigation is a dud

October 28 2021 Can the Beirut blast’s lead investigator, Judge Tarek Bitar, take on his negligent colleagues? Events so far suggest he won’t.Photo Credit: The Cradle Lead investigative Judge Tarek Bitar refuses to prosecute his judiciary colleagues who signed to unload, store, then ignore the ammonium nitrates that devastated Beirut last August. By Radwan Mortada The Lebanese […]

Beirut thanks Turkey for standing by Lebanese without discrimination

Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Al-Hajj Hassan, on Tuesday, thanked Turkey for standing by the Lebanese people without discrimination, and for providing unconditional aid to his country, Anadolu News Agency reports. The Minister made the remarks during a meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Baris Ulusoy and Orhan Aydin, the coordinator of the Turkish […]

What Did Al Mayadeen Reveal in Its First Part of “Truth Uncovered: Beirut Port Blast”? انفجار مرفأ بيروت.. ماذا كشفت الميادين في الجزء الأول من “رواية الحقيقة”؟

The “Truth Uncovered: Beirut Port Blast” is a documentary that unveils key facts about the Beirut blast that differ from previous stories through documents and the accounts of experts. “Truth Uncovered”… Al Mayadeen’s exclusive documentary Since the Beirut blast, the Lebanese people have been trying to cope with the catastrophe that ravaged their country’s capital. […]

Families of Beirut blast victims protest interference in probe

Families of victims killed in the deadly Beirut blast mark 15 months since the explosion, protesting continued political interference in the probe into the disaster. The Lebanese judge leading investigations into last year’s Beirut port blast was forced to stop work over a lawsuit filed by an ex-minister he had summoned for interrogation. Tarek Bitar […]

MP Raad: US Ambassador to Lebanon Preventing Removal of Judicial Investigator into Beirut Blast Tarek Bitar

Posted on October 26, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians  October 25, 2021 Head of “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, on Monday indicated that the US ambassador to Lebanon has been preventing the removal of the judicial investigator into Beirut blast, Tarek Bitar. Al-Bitar had issued arrest warrants against officials as well as military figures […]

Beirut has good ties with Iran, Lebanon FM says

Beirut has good ties with Iran, Lebanon FM says – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — The Lebanese foreign minister says that his country has good relations with Iran and is taking steps to strengthen these relations. Highlighting his country’s relations with the Islamic Republic, Abdullah Bou Habib said, “We have good relations with Iran and we are […]

Beirut Shootings: How Western Media Manipulation Hides the Murky Hand of US Imperialism

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on OCTOBER 22, 2021 Steve Sweeney The attack bore all the hallmarks of a US-backed intervention, and it doesn’t take much digging to find the links between the murky hand of Washington and the dark forces behind the bloodshed on the streets and a cover-up by a compliant western media. Last week’s killing of […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin comments on the Beirut port explosion.

21 Oct 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen By alMayadeen Net Russian President Vladimir Putin comments on the Beirut port explosion. the statements were made at the Valdai Discussion Club, held in Sochi, Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that “the Beirut port blast disaster was linked to the desire of some to achieve financial gains, by […]

At least 6 killed in Beirut clashes, as Hezbollah protests against blast inquiry

At least six people have been killed in clashes which broke out in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, following on from a protest organised by Shia groups against the ongoing inquiry into the huge blast last year that killed over 200. Shia paramilitary and political movements, Hezbollah and Amal, yesterday called for protests against the investigation, […]

Video translation: ‘Will you stop me from filling up Iranian petrol?!’: Beirut Sunni Imam

September 03, 2021 Sheikh Hamade, who is the Imam of the Hamzah Mosque in Beirut, blasted pro-US forces in Lebanon and called on anyone opposed to the move to ‘quit trying to fool the Lebanese people’ and ‘get oil yourselves!’ Original link: [embedded content] Description: Lebanese Sunni Sheikh Mustafa Hamade scolds local pro-US parties and […]

The Axis of Resistance’s Road from Tehran to Beirut is Open and Secure

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on AUGUST 13, 2021 Elijah J. MagnierFrom the Levant to the Persian Gulf, a land route is now open, and the Axis of Resistance controls those borders crossings.Photo credit: The Cradle Many wars have been waged in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine to defeat the “Axis of Resistance” or to at least deplete its […]

Parents of Beirut blast victim, 3, still seeking justice one year on

Little did Paul and Tracy Naggear know that their beautiful apartment overlooking the port of Beirut would bear witness to the death of their three-year-old daughter Alexandra, or Lexou as they like to call her. The blast on August 4, 2020, killed more than 200 people, wounded 6,500 others and caused billions of dollars in […]

Beirut blast relatives scuffle with riot police

Angered by the lack of progress in investigating the cause of the massive Beirut port explosion, dozens of relatives of victims gathered late on Tuesday afternoon outside the home of caretaker Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fehmi. Some tossed wooden coffins to symbolise the victims into the grounds of his residence. They then tried to storm […]

Beirut blast victims with 204 portraits

Beirut-based American artist Brady Black memorialises the victims of the deadly August 4 port blast with a series of 204 portraits of those killed by the explosion. The devastating explosion was Lebanon’s worst peace-time disaster, disfigured the heart of the capital, and stoked a wave of public anger against the country’s ruling elite. Source

Ahead of Beirut visit, French minister threatens Lebanese politicians

France’s foreign minister said on Wednesday he would carry a strongly worded message to Lebanese politicians when he visits Beirut on Thursday and warned of punitive measures against those who are hindering the political progress. The trip comes after Paris said it had started putting in place measures to restrict entry to France for some […]

التنافس على مرفأ بيروت Competition for the port of Beirut

** Please scroll down for the English Machine translation ** لم يكن خافياً حجم الأهميّة التي يعلّقها الرئيس الفرنسي أمانويل ماكرون على المساهمة التي توفرها المبادرة الفرنسيّة في تشكيل الحكومة اللبنانية لحساب حصول الشركات الفرنسيّة على دور محوريّ في مشاريع ذات جدوى اقتصادية عالية يصنَّف مرفأ بيروت بالنسبة لفرنسا في طليعتها. جاء الاهتمام الألماني بمرفأ بيروت علنياً […]

German offer to rebuild Beirut port comes with ‘strings attached’ for Lebanon’s politicians

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Beirut’s Sursock Museum Illuminated in Blue and White on Greek Bicentennial

Sursock Palace and Museum in Greek colors. Video screenshot The Greek community of Beirut, Lebanon celebrated the Greek Bicentennial on Thursday as the Sursock Palace and Museum glowed in the blue and white to commemorate the Greek Bicentennial of the War of Independence. H.E. the Ambassador to Lebanon, Mrs. Catherine Fountoulaki, issued a statement on […]

Six months ago Beirut blew up, now Lebanon is on the brink of collapse

H aloed by the lights from their mobile phones, the medical staff at St George University Hospital picked through the dead to carry injured patients and colleagues on bed sheets through the ravaged remains of the nine-storey building. Outside, a tidal wave of wounded coming out of the building crashed into the wave of wounded […]

Lebanon appoints new prosecutor to lead probe into Beirut blast

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

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