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How gamblers, party animals, and true believers are hitting it big in Washington

Ben Terris is a feature writer at The Washington Post, where he’s carved out a unique role: reporting on what he calls, “the weirdo beat.” While Ben’s colleagues focus on what’s happening on the main stage in politics, he keeps an eye on the freak show that’s happening just out of sight. This week, Ben […]

Bigfoot Believers Uncovered a Lost Manuscript About the ‘Soviet Sasquatch’

Motherboard explores UFOs, UFO culture, and the paranormal. Mysterious “wild men” living at the edge of civilization have populated our folklore for centuries, but few are as legendary—or as evasive—as Bigfoot.  But while the creek-dwelling hominid was lurching into America’s imagination, the Soviets were tracking down another elusive biped. Almost 7,000 miles away, in the […]

Laos believers lose homes due to their faith

Photo Credit: Chris Hilbert/Pixabay Laos (Mission Network News) — In the landlocked, Southeast Asian country of Laos, Christians risk much to follow Jesus. Joe Handley of Asian Access says dozens of Christian leaders have seen their homes and churches torn down. “I know some people that had to completely abandon the town they’re in and […]

Religious Believers in Australia Get Protections, Not Freedom

There would be no need for this Bill if secularists did not harass their religious neighbours with such fervour Commentary Time appeared to be running out for the Australian government to deliver on its 2019 election pledge to legislate protections for religious believers and faith-based organisations. But in late November, Attorney-General Michaelia Cash finally briefed […]

Critics mock believers in former President Donald Trump’s ‘reinstatement day’

True believers behind the myth that Donald Trump will be restored to the White House despite election defeat have suffered another crushing disappointment. MyPillow CEO, and election conspiracy theory evangelist, Mike Lindell assured his like-minded fans that Mr Trump would be reinstated as US president on 13 August. “The morning of August 13, it’ll be […]

Where’s your god now? Study finds atheists no less moral than believers

A recent series of surveys found numerous areas of overlap in the morality of believers and the non-religious, but also distinguished key differences in terms of group identity versus individuality in guiding people’s morality. Psychologist Tomas Stahl found that both the religious and atheists share a great deal of common morality, but added that while […]

Indian Christians Arrested After Mob of 1,500 Assembles Against Believers

Photo Credit: Devanth/Pixabay (ADF India) — In the past few months, Christians in Gagari have been living under tense circumstances, with the constant fear of being attacked or thrown out of the village. Gagari is a medium-sized village located about 25 kilometers from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The village has only about 40 Christians, […]

South Sudan Economy Falters, but Believers Help Meet Both Physical and Spiritual Needs

Photo Credit: World Concern South Sudan (Mission Network News) — The COVID-19 pandemic and falling oil prices hit the world’s newest nation hard. South Sudan just took its first loan from the International Monetary Fund. … Circumstances might be increasingly difficult, but they won’t stop Gospel work. With World Concern’s help, local believers take practical […]

Seeking order in the chaos: Why are non-believers turning to their Bibles?

     Even in the middle of the atheism boom, Richard Dawkins described himself as a “secular Christian“. To the author of The God Delusion this meant an appreciation of “aesthetic elements” such as church bells. Christopher Hitchens felt the same. At the end of one interview with the firebrand antitheist the interviewer invited him to […]

Brainwashed Palestinians

At the beginning of the Oslo deceptive mirage of “peace”, the zionists hosted several Palestinian “writers” for a month course in the Kibutz of Ein-Herod. In this course, the zionists taught some Palestinians writers the “culture of peace”, ie, the culture of accepting the zionist discourse and believing the zionist lies […]

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