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Newsom’s spending binge reshapes California recall election

A fading coronavirus crisis and an astounding windfall of tax dollars have reshuffled California’s emerging recall election, allowing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to talk about an end to most COVID-19 restrictions and propose billions in new spending as he looks to fend off Republicans who depict him as a foppish failure. The governor spent much […]

Dr. Oz, “The Rise of 5G Cell Phone Towers” — Telecom Companies Installing Untested Tech So We Can Binge Watch Everywhere On Super-Fast Internet

By B.N. Frank Telecom Companies promise that 5G technology will allow us to “have our cake and eat it too.”  They have convinced many of our elected officials to create and pass state laws that have eliminated municipal governments’ authority in regard to zoning.   Municipal governments can no longer stop 5G small cell […]

What Binge Watching Can Physically Do To Your Body

Next Story I’m sure that you hesitated before choosing to read this article, as most of us have been sucked into a binge watching marathon on more than one occasion (myself included). While it may seem like we’re buckling down to give ourselves a break, we may actually be hurting ourselves far more than we realize. Sitting […]

Binge Watching Is Harder On Baby Boomers

Next Story It’s long been known that sitting is bad for our health. Physical exercise has been proven to be good for both physical and psychological well-being, and not just because it makes us look great. By building strength now, we’re less likely to need assistance when we’re older. Walking has a long list of benefits, including lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced […]

’13 Reasons Why’ We Need To Stop Binge Watching & Start Binge Living

If you were drawn to click on this article, chances are that you, too, recently immersed yourself in the teenage drama-filled world of 13 Reasons Why — just as Netflix, and I ‘d imagine Selena Gomez, wanted you to. Having just finished the series myself — which I know by professional binging standards is way behind […]

With Regards to Pro-Jewish Elements Within the Pro-White Movement

Clayton ElmyDaily Stormer July 3, 2016 100% accurate depiction of everyone who disagrees with me One of the most annoying accusations by cucked softgoys is that we, the vulgar Neo-Nazi White Supremacists, are no different than SJWs. This is an example of the middle ground fallacy. Like shallow claims that Fascism and Marxism are not […]

Over 20 feared killed, scores injured as two blasts rock Baghdad (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan confirmed that the first attack was a car bomb. Eyewitnesses said on Twitter that many shops burned down in the explosion. There are also fears the number of casualties could grow. Karrada, the upper middle class district of the Iraqi capital, is mostly inhabited by Shia but also has quite […]

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