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The Satanic Rockefeller Bloodline Who Funded Deviant Kinsey Sex Tortures on Babies & Young Kids and CIA’s MKUltra Satanic Projects

The Rockefeller Bloodline One of the 13 Satanic bloodlines that rule the world is the Rockefeller bloodline. Today, there are around 190 members of this family with the Rockefeller name and of course some others by other last names. This article is to explore further for those who investigate the Illuminati, how the Rockefeller bloodline is involved in the […]

The Royal Bloodline Of The Hittite Empire

Tainted by regicide, usurped, regained, inspired by gods and goddesses and even cursed, the royal bloodline of the Bronze Age Hittites flowed through the plains of Anatolia, as the kings expanded and contracted the borders of their mighty empire.  Read more Section:  News History Read Later 

Rothschild Bloodline: One of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines Ruling Our World (British Monarchy & Rockefellers, Bushes all Part of This Cabal)

John MorseMarch 20, 20160 The 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World The concept of Illuminati bloodlines was popularized by Christian Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Springmeier utilizes the same elements common to all Illuminati conspiracies but adds his own spin: 13 generational Satanic bloodlines ruling all other elite […]

GTR – Genesis 11 – 17, Establishing the Bloodline of the Covenant

EURO FOLK RADIO GTR – Genesis 11 – 17, Establishing the Bloodline of the Covenant Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

BL – Virgin Mary and the Davidic Bloodline

BL – Virgin Mary and the Davidic BloodlineBLOODLINES

It’s true: Prescription painkillers are far more dangerous than owning a gun… Do you have meds in your house?

(NaturalNews) A good portion of Americans have been frightened into believing that having a gun in the home is a dangerous liability, but the truth is that you are far more likely to die if you have prescription opioids in your medicine cabinet than if you own a firearm. Americans consume more prescription […]

Molyneux: What Pisses Me Off About Brexit

Daily Stormer May 13, 2016 Stef gets emotional in this one. Almost thought he was going to start talking about the Jews. Good video to share with the normies for sure. Source Article from

Mitt Romney and John McCain Denounce Donald Trump as a Danger to Democracy

From: In an extraordinary public rebuke of Donald J. Trumps campaign, Mitt Romney and John McCain, the last two Republican presidential nominees, denounced Mr. Trump in forceful terms on Thursday and warned that his election could put the United States and even its democratic political system in peril. Offering himself […]

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