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Oct 19 – World Condemnation Forces Bloodthirsty Netanyahu to Pause

Israel’s National Security Minister Ben Gvir (left) responds to calls for humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians: “The only thing that needs to be brought into Gaza is hundreds of tons of air force explosives, not a single gram of humanitarian aid.” Please send links and comments to [email protected]  The WEF-controlled West realizes that migrants rioting if […]

Ukraine suspends US transvestite after bloodthirsty video

American transvestite Sarah Ashton-Cirillo has been suspended from her post as a spokesperson for the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine. This after he made sulphurous and threatening remarks about “propagandists” – something that caused a US senator to react. Appointing a transvestite from the United States as military spokesman may have been seen as a […]

‘Extreme Accountability’: Stew Peters Delivers a Bloodthirsty Rant at the Latest ReAwaken America Event

Stew Peters is a far-right virulently anti-LGBTQ bigot who regularly uses his nightly “The Stew Peters Show” program, speeches, and social media accounts to promote white nationalists and antisemites and to spread wild conspiracy theories, bigotry, and calls for violence. Lately, those calls for violence have become increasingly explicit, as just last week Peters used […]

Bloodthirsty Buddhists: The Sohei Warrior Monks of Feudal Japan

When we think of Buddhism today, we think of pacifism, being at one with the world, love for one’s neighbor and nature, and other aspects of peaceful living. Modern Buddhist monks are devoted to spreading the message of peace and love, but it was not always so. The Sohei monks of medieval Japan were a […]

5 Celebrity Gladiators of Bloodthirsty Ancient Rome

Fierce fighters, enslaved and forced into a world of violence and brutality, Roman gladiators provided gruesome entertainment to the Roman public, training for months in specialized schools managed by wealthy investors who profited from their fighter’s success.  Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

The Furry Ones Slain And Sacrificed To Bloodthirsty Deities

It is beyond many people to even consider the killing of an animal, the sacrifice of the innocent in the name of a deity, but this was not the case in ancient times, and even in some parts of the modern world Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Israel Youth’s Shocking Bloodthirsty Opinions

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The Jew is a Sadistic Bloodthirsty Monster – Zion Wants to Poison & Exterminate Us

THE GENOCIDAL JEW The Jew wants to conquer and annihilate the planet. Will you allow the evil Jew to defile and destroy the World or will You organize with us National Socialists and strike the heart of the vile Hebrew monster and thereby rescue the Universe from the curse of Zion? National Socialism is the […]

Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)

Two of the holiest days in Islamic & Jewish faith are called Eid Kippir &Yom Kippur. Do you discern any similarity? Both religious traditions (of Judaism & Islam) are grounded in animal sacrifice, a glaring Pagan tradition. During those holy festivities, thousands of animals are slaughtered leaving the ground drenched with rivers of blood. The Muslims […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

Establishment Media Re-Brands Racist, Bloodthirsty Rebels as Freedom Fighters

NY Times, BBC label Belhaj ‘grateful ally of the west’ as his fighters incarcerate, torture and kill black Libyans Paul Joseph Watson Prison Monday, September 5, 2011 Western-backed Al-Qaeda rebels are preparing to subvert the post-Gaddafi government in Libya according to intelligence analysts, as one U.S. official accuses NATO of using air strikes to […]

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