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Moody Blues, CODE ORANGE cancel tours; LeAnn Rimes has precancerous cells removed; CBS’s Boomer Esiason & Phil Simms “out sick”; soccer coach Sven-Goran Eriksson “battling pancreatic cancer”

From Dr Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack John Lodge, the bass guitarist and one of the primary singers and songwriters for the Moody Blues, is recuperating from what is described as a “serious medical issue” during the Christmas holiday. A January 11, 2024, post on hisFacebook page noted he is “already well on the mend.” […]

Blue State Blues: I Saw the Worst, and the Best, of Humanity in Israel

I came to Israel because I wanted to be alongside these brave, beautiful people, these children of Israel, who fight on through the tears. Source

The Blues Came from European/Celtic Spiritual Folk Music, not from Africans: 1988 Van Morrison Interview

One of the most mentioned of these “black music” genres that we have been told for generations was an invention of the black man is the blues. Source

Dublin Blues With Foreword Definition of Difference Between a yankee and a DAMN yankee

A song I did years back. It was on YouRube before they banned me for telling the truth It was on BitChute for a good while, still is just won’t load. BitChute seems to not kick off videos they do not like, they just make sure they will not load and play. So I uploaded […]

Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues

NITWITYAHOO’S GOT THEM SYRIAN & PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUSTING BLUES Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues- Seems like thats all the red Russian Turkmen Khazarian reject outcaste want to dos- They kidnap Semitic Palestinian children in the middle of the night- Ritual rape, torture, beatings, dying in pain and fright- Blood sacrifices to an evil, bloodthirsty […]

Blue State Blues: With ‘Semi-fascist’ Speech, Biden Throws Away Whatever Mandate He Had

President Biden threw away his mandate on Thursday evening with his “semi-fascist” attack on the political opposition.

Bidenflation Blues

___________________________________ By Brother Nathanael Kapner June 23 2022 IT’S A NO BRAINER that a full-scale recession has begun in America. As inflation outstrips wage growth the result is a drastic reduction in consumer spending. Any high schooler with even scant insight knows that consumer spending accounts for two thirds of the US economy. This in […]

Blue State Blues: Joe ‘Diplomacy Is Back’ Biden Won’t Negotiate with Russia

President Joe Biden took office proclaiming that “diplomacy is back.” Yet he is ignoring diplomatic options in the Ukraine war.

The Elon Musk Blues: Tesla Shares Have Fallen 49% Since November

Shares of Elon Musk’s Tesla have hit an 11-month low, dropping 49 percent since November, with reports that many investors are becoming concerned with the company and its flamboyant CEO.

Blue State Blues: President Unity™ Declares War on Half of America

President Joe Biden declared Wednesday that half the country were extremists. “This MAGA crowd,” he said, referring to former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, “is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history —

Blue State Blues: Zelensky, Charlottesville, and Judging a Cause by Its Fringe

According to the logic of Biden and the Democratic Party, the distant link between Zelensky and the neo-Nazi Azov movement should be enough to invalidate the Ukrainian cause. Source

Blue State Blues: Suddenly, Nothing Is Anyone’s Fault Anymore

Liberal talk radio host Leslie Marshall had trouble answering last Sunday when asked on Fox News to name a single area in which President Joe Biden is doing well. But she did introduce a new argument when trying to explain Biden’s weak performance on the coronavirus — the number one problem he promised to solve. “COVID […]

Vaccine Blues

There are several reports in the press here in Assam that in several rural regions people queuing up from daybreak for the jab were told that the vaccine stock was exhausted after three or four hours.Incensed they created a huge ruckus,and at times vandalised the vaccine centre and attacked the staff.A friend from the countryside […]

ACH (1573) Mischa Popoff – Jabattoir Blues

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1573) Mischa Popoff – Jabattoir Blues Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on August 4 2021, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “Jabattoir Blues.” We discussed: the background to today’s show title […]

Nolte: The Gloriously Inappropriate and Problematic ‘Blues Brothers’ (1980)

Under the belief it was the movie that would most offend today’s Woketards, last week I wrote about the gloriously inappropriate and problematic Animal House (1978). Finding myself in a Belushi mood, a few days later, I watched his next hit, 1980’s The Blues Brothers, and quickly realized today’s Hitler Youth would hate this one […]

Blue State Blues: Why The House Failed to Prove Its Case

The House impeachment managers could not prove incitement — the central charge in the Article of Impeachment. Then-President Donald Trump told supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically.” No court could convict him on the facts. So Democrats created a new standard. Trump is guilty of “inciting” the Capitol riot, they said, because he rejected the […]

Blue State Blues: 9 Ways Joe Biden Has Already Broken His Promise on Unity™

President Joe Biden made Unity™ the theme of his Inaugural Address. He mentioned the word “unity” no fewer than eight times. That is the standard to which his administration must be held — and it is a test that Biden is already failing to meet. (The other theme was Truth™ — a promise broken hours […]

Blue State Blues: Remember When Democrats Alleged Fraud — This Year?

The 2020 election began with allegations of fraud — by Democrats.  On Monday, February 3, the Iowa caucuses were held — the formal beginning of the presidential primary. The state had decided to use a new system of voting, loosely based on a ranked-choice model.  The voters in each community would meet and deliberate, then […]

Blue State Blues: Nine Things to Vote Against

America learned this week that members of the “intelligence community” are working with social media companies to shut down speech associated with “populist movements,” whatever that means. And the worst part it is that our media love it. It struck me, listening to an Axios media reporter praise the “defense systems” that prevented a story […]

Referendum Blues Redux: Kurdistan, Catalonia and Israel

BFFs: Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani making plans with Israeli leader Bibi Netanyahu. Dr Can Erimtan21st Century Wire Identity Politics and the Spectre of Micro-Nations The recent referenda that have taken place in Spain (1 October 2017) and Iraq (25 September 2017) have managed to upset the status quo considerably. The first referendum did […]

Watching The Hawks – DNC Collusion Exposed & Coal Country Blues

Watching The Hawks – DNC Collusion Exposed & Coal Country Blues Watching The Former DNC chair Donna Brazile reveals just how thoroughly the Clinton campaign rigged the partys 2016 primary. Left in the lurch by both Obama and Trump, whats next for the countrys coal miners? Entertainment lawyer Matt Valentinas dishes more on Hollywoods […]

UK COLUMN: Fracking Arrests, Kurdistan Blues, Yemen’s Puppet, More NATO Drills

This week: anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane arrested for filming a demonstration at drilling test site in North Yorkshire, dangers on horizon after a Iraqi Kurdistan referendum, US and Saudi Yemeni puppet Hadi addresses UNGA, NATO continues it’s around the clock cycle of endless ‘drills’ in Europe, and Facebook moves in to censor criticism of […]

Referendum Blues: The Issue of an Independent Kurdistan

Dr Can Erimtan21st Century Wire Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) and his Justice and Development Party (or AKP) have been steering the state founded by Mustafa Kemal [Atatürk] (1881-1938) into distinctly Islamic waters for quite some time now… and as Turkey houses the largest percentage of Kurds in the region (14.7 million according to […]

TODAY’S COLUMN: Mortgage Fraud, EU Blues, End of Nation States and Stephen Fry’s New A.I.

UK are heading into one of the most bizarre general elections in history. The UK Column cover May’s malaise, mortgage fraud in Northern Ireland, the globalists’ plan to end the modern nation-state, strange Manchester meets 7/7 suicide claims, and the Daily Mail’s Stephen Fry-Tory Campaign article on A.I. dystopia.  UK Column anchor Mike Robinson and […]

Turkish mercenaries arrive in Ukraine to plot subversive activities against DPR and Russia

     The intelligence service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) detected the presence of foreign mercenaries in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Artemovsk and Mariupol, a spokesperson of DPR’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday. “A group of about 100 Turkish mercenaries have arrived in Mariupol. Their main aim is to carry out subversive and inflammatory […]

Syrian Air Force has destroyed 1,375 militant targets in two weeks

     Syrian Air Force operations have destroyed 1,375 militant targets across the country within a period of two weeks starting in late November. Army Spokesman Brigadier General Ali Mayhoub told reporters on Thursday that the victories had been achieved during more than 360 operational sorties between November 27 and December 10, the official SANA news […]

Another Speeding Cop Hits A Pedestrian – This Time It’s In A Crosswalk

A pedestrian was struck by an on duty Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Officer (MPD). Witnesses say the officer was ‘traveling at a high rate of speed’ when he drove through the intersection and struck the elderly man. The pedestrian, who was crossing the in a crosswalk, was critically injured and taken to a local hospital. […]

Looking to Iran to cure Delta’s health blues

­In Mississippi, infant mortality rates reach third-world levels, life expectancy is far lower for blacks than whites and more than 20 percent of the population doesn’t have health insurance. Hypertension, teenage pregnancy and childhood obesity are at their highest levels in the US. Sylvester Hoover has run the only remaining grocery store in Baptist Town […]

The Moody Blues

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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