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POLITICAL BOLSHEVISM! Woman Who Sent Photo of Young Girl’s Mutilated Body To 2020 GOP Election Official and Threatened The Life of Her 14-Yr-Old Daughter, FINALLY Receives Sentence—And It’s SHOCKING!

Woman Who Sent Photo of Young Girl’s Mutilated Body To 2020 GOP Election Official and Threatened The Life of Her 14-Yr-Old Daughter, FINALLY Receives Sentence—And It’s SHOCKING! Source


SOURCE: Source

Dugin’s Zionism-Bolshevism: ‘Our God is Russia, our Church is the Party’

Russian political scientist, traditionalist, and one of the most popular ideologists of the creation of a Eurasian empire that would be against the ‘North Atlantic interests’ Aleksander Dugin, Place: Russia, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: MVphotos, Russian Look By August 11, 2017 Translated from Polish In Zbigniew Brzeziński’s […] book The […]

Bolshevism and Plutocracy Have One Master: The jew

Background: The National Socialist’s Central Propaganda Office, the Reichspropagandaleitung, published a monthly bulletin for speakers. It was designed to be kept in notebooks, divided by subject area. This material appeared in March and May 1943, giving speakers on what they were to say in thousands of meetings around the country as part of a major […]

Bolshevism is Judaism (Zionism)

Bolshevism is Judaism (Zionism)

German Soldiers in the Soviet Union as Witnesses against Bolshevism: Rule by Bigwigs and Jews

The Soviet Union was in fact a paradise for one group: the Jews. Even at times when for foreign policy reasons Jews were less evident in the government or when they ruled through straw men, the Jews were always visible in the middle and lower levels of the administration. During the whole period of the […]

Third Position Foundations – Rooted in Bolshevism From The Start

We’ve been seeing a lot of controlled opposition agents pushing this idea of Third Positionism as some kind of answer to the current predicament we find ourselves in. They claim this “Third Position” transcends both Let and Right. They stress that it is not anything close to Strasserism or Bolshevism, but that couldn’t be further […]

Destroying Bolshevism: ‘The Whites defeat the Reds’ – Washington’s Century-Long War on Russia

     The United States has launched a three-pronged offensive on Russia. First, it’s attacking Russia’s economy via sanctions and oil-price manipulation. Second, it’s increasing the threats to Russia’s national security by arming and training militant proxies in Syria and Ukraine, and by encircling Russia with NATO forces and missile systems. And, third, it’s conducting a […]

Jews and Bolshevism

Although Lenin is described as a “Russian,” in fact he was a mixture of various nationalities. It is likely that he was one-quarter Russian, one-quarter German, one-quarter Jewish and at least one-quarter Kalmuck (Mongol), which accounts for his Mongol appearance. Various authorities allege that his wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya was a Jewess and that her family […]

VIDEO: RT on US Media & “Judeo-Bolshevism” – 7/31/2017

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Eric Alterman wastes ten days in Israel

Eric Alterman just spent ten days in Israel and produced an article for The Nation titled “As Israel Drifts Further to the Right, Haaretz Remains a Beacon of Hope.” His angle is that the Israeli newspaper and the center-left are unable to counter the rightwing forces of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which are “slowly and systematically […]

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