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Report: Google Pushing All-whites-are-racist Brainwashing

    Whistleblowers at Google have released documents that show the tech giant is pushing an “anti-racism” program that says the United States is white supremacist and that Americans are taught to be racists from childhood. Not that we needed it, but the latest from Chris Rufo at City Journal is yet more proof that […]

Study Finds Most Parents OK With Government Brainwashing Their Children If It Means Free Babysitting

Study Finds Most Parents OK With Government Brainwashing Their Children If It Means Free Babysitting U.S.—A new study has found that the vast majority of parents are OK with the government indoctrinating their children if it means that they get to drop their kids off somewhere for free for seven hours a day. According to […]

Kim Jong Un Attends Ivy League University To Learn New Brainwashing Techniques

NEW YORK, NY—According to sources, beloved North Korean tyrant and lover of doughnuts Kim Jong Un is now attending Columbia University, a prestigious Ivy League school, to learn new brainwashing techniques for his regime. “I thought I knew all there was to know about communist indoctrination, but I was wrong,” said the ruthless dictator to […]

4-Stage Brainwashing Con is Turning America into a Communist-run Country

by S.D. Wells Communism is being installed in America right now through psychological warfare subversion in 4 easy ‘playbook’ stages. As Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB propaganda expert once stated: The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all… but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time […]

Lockheed Martin’s White Guilt Brainwashing Camp

Kelloggs has launched a special gay pride cereal that encourages buyers to choose the pronouns of characters such as Toucan Sam. Yes, really. “Friend sent this to me. I had know idea that Tony the Tiger and the Toucan Sam were dating,” tweeted Dave Rubin. Friend sent this to me. I had know idea that […]

Gov’t Advisors Admit They Used Advanced Brainwashing To Control People During Pandemic

UK Government scientific advisors have admitted that they used “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods to brainwash the public in order to control their behavior during the pandemic, according to a report. The London Telegraph reports the comments made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies […]

POTUS Creates 1776 Commission to Stop ‘RADICAL’ Brainwashing of Our Children

President Trump has created a 1776 Commission to help “stop the radical indoctrination of our students.” This will really trigger American-hating liberals. Trump’s announcement follows his criticism of the left’s “Critical Race Theory” claims, and it comes amid the far-left’s attempts to promote the New York Time‘s “1619 Project” – which represents a complete rewrite of […]

Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable

Counter Information This clumsy puppet also makes a guest appearance on World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset Podcast where he offers more dehumanizing advice to lonely and depressed children. By John C. A. Manley Global Research, October 26, 2020 “Hello everybody! It’s your old pal Grover with some health tips…” begins the spindly blue monster in […]

California Makes It Illegal For Students To Skip Anti-racism Brainwashing

    Two more Universities in the US are demanding that students enroll on ‘race and ethnicity’ courses, with the Governor of California signing a mandate for the classes into law. Campus Reform reports that California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 1460 on Monday, making it compulsory for all students in the […]

BIAS and Brainwashing: Almost All Journalists in Sweden are Leftists

    A Norwegian survey has identified a major left-wing slant among the press in Sweden, as merely 10 percent of journalists support right-wing parties, which leads to trust issues with right-wing voters. A survey by Norwegian pollster Nordiske Mediedager has revealed a great disparity between party sympathies of Swedish journalists and those of the […]

VIDEO: (((The Butterfly Project))) – Brainwashing at Work

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Canada: Gag Order in CIA Brainwashing Case

Source: CBC News Forty years after revelations that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency funded brainwashing experiments on unsuspecting Canadians, the Trudeau government is continuing a pattern of silencing the victims, a lawyer for one of the families says. A recent Department of Justice gag order in an out-of-court settlement was designed to […]

Federal Government Quietly Compensates Daughter Of Brainwashing Experiments Victim

Alison Steel was only 4½ years old when her mother’s life changed forever. In 1957, Jean Steel was admitted to Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute. The once happy and energetic 33-year-old was diagnosed with manic depression and delusional thinking. In the months that followed, Steel became the victim of CIA-funded brainwashing experiments conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron. […]

Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing

Patrick Henningsen, New DawnWaking Times Starting with Gutenberg’s printing press, then Thomas Edison’s motion picture camera and the introduction of celluloid and the silver screen, and later the cathode ray tube – a select few media institutions, and the men behind them, have enjoyed monolithic monopoly over the information we see and hear. Their machine […]

Duke & Striker Destroy the NIghtmare Dream Act & Expose ZioMedia Brainwashing with Orwellian Label of “Hate Speech”

Download Today Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker as his guest. They talked about the war on free speech being conducted by Jewish supremacists. This is becoming an increasingly broad and desperate attack encompassing everything from domain name servers to boycotts of political donors. They also talked about how the Zio-media manipulates language […]

Video: Crazed Leftist Wants Alex Jones Killed For “Brainwashing” People

Video: Crazed Leftist Wants Alex Jones Killed For “Brainwashing” People “I want Alex Jones to be taken out for brainwashing” says tolerant, progressive liberal Paul Joseph WatsonPrison May 4, 2017 An extraordinary confrontation caught on video shows a deranged leftist calmly explaining why she thinks Alex Jones should be killed for exercising his free […]

OY VEY: Distribution of Mein Kampf May Cause Another Holohoax

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Moscow warns of dire consequences if Taliban chooses warlord Haqqani as new leader

     There will be severe consequences if Sirajuddin Haqqani, considered one of the most dangerous warlords in the Middle East, becomes leader of the Taliban following the reported killing of Mullah Akhtar Mansour, a Russian Foreign Ministry official has said. Haqqani, believed to be in his mid-40s, has been largely cited as a possible successor […]

Whither America: Elitism or Racism?

This editorial is based on a talk given by Dr. William Pierce at the Sunday evening meeting of National Alliance members, supporters, friends, and other interested persons in the Washington area on October 16, 1977.  by Dr. William L. Pierce In our universities today and in the pages of the scientific journals a battle is being […]

America is a Changing Country

Youtube link Dr. William Pierce details the changing demographics and morality of the United States in this 50 minute documentary put out by the National Alliance. Source Article from 00

US troops will worsen Syria crisis: Zio-Watch, April 25, 2016

Iran warns that a US plan to deploy more troops to Syria will worsen the crisis as it pledges to continue support for the Syrian government.  “We have announced from the start of the Syria crisis that any foreign intervention in Syria without coordination with its government will further escalate the crisis,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry […]

Can Medical Marijuana Relieve Migraines?

25th February 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing Writer for Wake Up World While a small minority has long been singing the praises of medical marijuana, until very recently it has been vilified by the mainstream. Portrayed as a dangerous, gateway drug that kills brain cells [1] and causes untold ills, this natural herb is slowly emerging […]

Bernie Sanders is a Freemason & Communist

  February 10, 2016  Bernie Sanders’ offices are currently located in the Masonic Lodge  HQ in Burlington, VT. left. Source Article from 00


Israel is now the gay capital of the world the Jew proudly boasts.  LOL  I thought the Jew was the holy man of God, I thought the Jew holy book condemns homosexual behavior in the harshest of terms.  How can we have modern Israel stealing the land of Palestine based on the claims of the […]

Israel Exposed as Main Buyer of Terrorist ISIS Oil

“A Time to Kill A hot shot attorney takes the case of a grieving father who gunned down two white supremacists who raped his 10-year-old daughter. Sandra Bullshit, Samuel L. Nigger, Matthew McCoughCough, Kevin Spacelike, Brenda Fucker, Oliver Pleaseman, Directed by Joel Shu-you-know-who. Reality turned 180 deg on its head. The jew media censor great […]

Syria’s Neighbour Saudi Arabia With Enough Tents To House Millions Takes ZERO Refugees

Saudi Arabia is considered to be a country plagued with a number of human rights violations, a close ally of the United States, they continue to face large amounts of criticism for refusing to take in any of the millions of Syrians currently fleeing their homeland in search for safety. This is more so because Saudi […]

The Obamas DON’T Want This Photo Of Malia At College To Get Out After What It Shows

According to USAToday: President Bush’s 19-year-old twin daughters were charged Thursday with underage alcohol offenses after an incident in a popular restaurant known for its Tex-Mex food and ice-cold margaritas. It was the second alcohol-related citation against Jenna Bush in less than five weeks. Police accused Jenna Bush of attempting to buy alcohol with false […]

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