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IsraHELL’s bribed & Blackmailed Political prostitutes Know They Are Doing War Crimes -‘We’re next!’ US senators warn about ICC

A group led by Show me To The Kiddy Playground Lindsey Graham has urged sanctions against The Hague-based court in Self Defense Against Well Deserved Arrest warrants for war crimes, treason against America & taking delight in pissing in God’s own face!~ The Ole Dog! If the International Criminal Court is willing to go after […]

Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals How Much Doctors Were BRIBED to Push COVID Shots

World-famous cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently revealed startling figures about the immense earnings doctors received for pushing the COVID-19 injections. On the Tommy T Podcast, Dr. McCullough claimed that a typical doctor could make an extra $250,000 if they injected a substantial portion of their patients. More specifically, if a doctor injected 75% of his […]

CA School Bribed Boy with Pizza to Get Covid Jab Without Parent’s Consent, Told Him to Keep it Secret

By Matt Agorist Los Angeles, CA — Maribel Duarte is not an anti-vaxxer, in fact, she is fully vaccinated as well as the rest of her family. However, her 13-year-old son suffers from allergy and lung conditions so she was holding off on getting him vaccinated due to these problems. “Regarding my son’s health, I […]

Australia’s Gladys Berejiklian was Bribed and Blackmailed to Impose the Mandate

    The Wuhan incident continues to be a cash cow for the corrupt political elite on both sides of the aisle, along with their handlers. The good news is that some of these shameless profiteers, including Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, are finally getting exposed for their crimes against humanity. Berejiklian, […]

Amazon Bullied and Bribed Their Way to Anti-Union Votes

Amazon Bullied and Bribed Their Way to Anti-Union Votes – PopularResistance.Org Amazon Bullied and Bribed Their Way to Anti-Union Votes Source

Fox News’ Ingraham suggests Zuckerberg bribed Georgia election officials

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FRAUD: Native Americans Were Bribed With Gas Cards, Vacations To Vote Biden – Soros Money Involved – National File

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by CD Media Staff This story is developing… KYIV — The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv dismissed the claim of Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma against People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach. The court decision says that representatives of Burisma demanded a refutation of the information they paid $ 900,000 to ex-Vice President Joe Biden […]

Opioid drug manufacturer found to have repeatedly bribed doctors with lucrative kickbacks

(Natural News) If there was any lingering doubt in your mind that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States are truly evil, this story should kill it once and for all. The Daily Mail recently reported that the state of Arizona is suing pharma giant Insys – manufacturer of the fentanyl-based drug Subsys – for […]

Damning Investigation Shows Big Pharma Bribed 68,000 Doctors To Push Deadly Opioids

(The Last American Vagabond) Money to push opioids found one doctor in 12, and the rampant destruction wrought upon countless American families forced to cope with loved ones dependent on prescription painkillers, or on heroin sought when those ran out, proves circumstantially the dollars did their job. “The next step is to understand […]

Police ‘Bribed’ the Media to Cover Up Frightening European Immigrant Crime Statistics

The national police force in the Netherlands allegedly offered reporters other exclusive stories in exchange for keeping a set of controversial statistics on crimes committed by asylum seekers under wraps. Der Telegraaf, the country’s best-selling newspaper, went public last week with the accusation that the police had tried to buy its silence, prompting […]

The FBI James Comey Saga: Hillary Bribed the FBI Official in Charge of the Email Investigation

NYC cops bribed with prostitute-filled private jets to offer criminal favors to wealthy businesses

(Natural News) As regular readers know, we’re big fans of the police and fully acknowledge that there is just a “thin blue line” that protects our communities from lapsing into deadly chaos. But when those entrusted to serve and protect abuse that trust, we feel obligated to report it. Such is this case involving a […]

Saudi Arabia bribed US into Yemen war with $200bln

American Herald Tribune– “Washington has asked for more money to defend the Saudi regime and Riyadh has recently paid $200bln to the US for the costs of its support for the war in Yemen,” Saleh al-Qarshi told FNA on Tuesday. “This is apart from the huge amounts of money that Saudi Arabia pays to the […]

Saudi Arabia Bribed US $200bln to take part in the Yemen genocide and illegal strikes on Syria

BY AHT Staff Saudi Arabia Bribed US into Yemen War with $200bln “Washington has asked for more money to defend the Saudi regime and Riyadh has recently paid $200bln to the US for the costs of its support for the war in Yemen,” Saleh al-Qarshi told FNA on Tuesday. “This is apart from the huge […]

Peter Sutherland Admits He Isn’t Just Talking About Refugees – He’s Talking About Economic Migrants

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 19, 2016 At a July 12 meeting of the International Organization for Migration in Berlin, Peter Sutherland spilled the beans, openly admitting that they aren’t just planning to “integrate” the so-called “refugees,” but the “economic migrants” as well. Previously, the governments and various organizations have been claiming either that all of […]

Infant assaulted with 8 vaccine doses at six months old… collapses into state of brain damage… doctors blame the parents!

(NaturalNews) Desperate to share her story, a Texas mother is speaking out about the traumatic injuries her young daughter sustained after being injected at six months old with a total of eight vaccine doses. About a month after infant Cerenity received the DTaP/Hib/IPV (5-in-1 combo), hepatitis B, pneumococcal Prevnar 13, and the oral […]

Angel Cloud Formation Appears In Sky Above Beach In Cornwall

A man was walking along the coast at St Peter’s Point beach in Hayle, Cornwall when he saw this stunning cloud formation. According to strange sounds, meteorologists say the phenomenon is so rare it doesn’t even have a name. Ian Warne was walking with his dog, when he suddenly spotted something incredible in the sky. […]

"They won’t be able to break us," says arrested Israeli activist

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 22 January 2016 An Israeli court ordered the immediate, unconditional release of Palestinian human rights defender Nasser Nawaja on Thursday, but as of Friday morning he remained in custody. Lawyers are filing a motion against Israeli police for contempt of court. Nawaja, who works as a field researcher […]

Married Couple Stops To Help TRUMP Fix Flat Tire, They NEVER Expected What Happened NEXT

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Back in 1995, Donald Trump was cruising in his limousine on a highway in New Jersey when he got a flat tire. Spotting the limo on the side of the road, a passing motorist pulled over and asked Donald if he needed help putting on the spare. After the tire was […]

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