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Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Poshtam wins bronze in world championships

TEHRAN – Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Pejman Poshtam claimed a bronze medal at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships on Friday. He defeated Hungarian Laszlo Szabo 4-0 in the 82kg weight category. Earlier in the day, Mohammadali Geraei from Iran had won a bronze medal at the 77kg. The 2021 World Wrestling Championships are being held from […]

Mohammadali Geraei takes bronze at World Greco-Roman Wrestling

TEHRAN – Iran’s Mohammadali Geraei won a bronze medal at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships on Friday. The Greco-Roman wrestler defeated Hungarian wrestler Tamás Lévai 9-0 in the 77kg bronze medal match. The 2021 World Wrestling Championships are being held from Oct.  2 to 10 in Oslo, Norway. Source

Who Were The Andronovo? Bronze Age Culture Of The Eurasian Steppe

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our earliest origins lie somewhere far away from our current homeland. When Europeans are considered, modern history and science tell us that our languages and many of our traditional, ethnic cultural traits all lie in our shared ancestors: the Indo-Europeans. A good portion of our DNA has Indo-European […]

Iran’s Goleij wins bronze at 2021 World Wrestling

TEHRAN – Mojtaba Goleij from Iran claimed a bronze medal in the 97kg weight class of the 2021 World Wrestling Championships. The freestyler defeated Mongolian Ölziisaikhany Batzul 10-0 in the bronze medal match. Russian wrestler Abdulrashid Sadulaev defeated Kyle Snyder from the U.S. 6-0 in the final match. The 2021 World Wrestling Championships are being […]

Bronze Age Bull Geoglyph Found In Siberia Is A First

Archaeologists conducting excavations at the Jonderguéi 22 site in the south-west of the Republic of Tuva in southern Siberia have made the exciting discovery of a bull geoglyph. It is believed to be the first animal geoglyph find in the entire Central Asia region. The excavations near Khondergey village, close to Russia’s border with Mongolia, […]

Spectacular Bronze Age Karasuk Culture Jewelry Found in Siberian Grave

A Bronze Age burial in southern Siberia has produced one of the most diverse and dazzling collections of high-quality jewelry ever discovered in an ancient individual’s grave. Inside the grave of a woman who was buried sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries BC, archaeologists from Siberia’s Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography found an […]

Bronze Age Coffin and Warrior’s Axe Found In a Pond at a Golf Course!

Archaeologists in England have excavated a rare 4,000-year-old Bronze Age coffin made from a single oak log and complete with a rare warrior’s axe. Unlike all other early Bronze Age warrior burials discovered in Britain, with ceremonial axes, this one was found at the bottom of a golf club pond! The “extremely rare” hollowed-out log […]

Was There Really a Bronze Age International Weights and Measures System?

Spool-shaped weights recovered from Bronze Age Greece have been found to weigh about the same as similar artifacts discovered in Europe and the Middle East. While the researchers working on this project say 3,000-year-old ancient weights “may have sparked Europe’s first free market,” others say that ideas of an international weights and measures system “fit a […]

Was There Really a Bronze Age International Weights and Measures System?

Spool-shaped weights recovered from Bronze Age Greece have been found to weigh about the same as similar artifacts discovered in Europe and the Middle East. While the researchers working on this project say 3,000-year-old ancient weights “may have sparked Europe’s first free market,” others say that ideas of an international weights and measures system “fit a […]

Valuable Gold Ornament Found in Early Bronze Age Burial, Germany

Archaeologists digging in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany recovered a most uncommon item. Inside a 3,800-year-old grave, dating to the Early Bronze Age, they found a small, spiral-shaped gold ornament made from real gold wire. As it turns out, this gold ornament is the oldest precious metal object ever excavated in that part […]

Bronze Age Cataclysmic Comet Responsible For The Sea People

The Late Bronze Age collapse of the 12th century BC is one of the greatest and most enduring puzzles of Mediterranean archaeology. A cosmopolitan age, perhaps one of the first true episodes of globalization in human history, which saw the rise of the first historical empires of Egypt and Babylon, as well as the apogee […]

Bronze Age Kaska – The World’s First Guerrillas?

The Hittites established one of the earliest great empires in human history. Between 1750 BC and 1200 BC, the Hittite empire was a regional superpower in the Middle East, stretching across modern-day Anatolia and parts of Syria. The Hittites were also one of the first empires to have to face insurgents. The Hittites came into […]

Metal Fragments Found To Be Currency In Bronze Age Europe

Archaeologists from Germany and Italy have found convincing proof that people in Late Bronze Age Europe used metal scraps or fragments as a form of money. As excavations throughout Central Europe have revealed, people first began breaking metal objects into smaller pieces in Bronze Age Europe in the early second millennium BC. The practice then accelerated noticeably during […]

Statue of Emperor Constantine Reunited with Giant Bronze Finger After 500 Years

After 500 years, the ancient hand on a colossal bronze statue of Emperor Constantine is reunited with its middle bronze finger. In 2010, Aurélia Azéma, a French Ph.D. student  researching ancient large bronzes speculated that a huge bronze “toe” kept at the Louvre in Paris might be the missing bronze finger from the remains of an […]

Swiss Archaeologists Find Bronze Age City in Lucerne Lake

Archaeologists fishing for artifacts beneath the muddy floor of Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland discovered something enthralling. Approximately 13 feet (four meters) below the opaque surface of Lake Lucerne, they found the remains of %20a long-lost sunken village , which had apparently been there for millennia.  This amazing find confirmed the theory that the Lucerne lake […]

Ryedale Roman Bronze Artifacts Found By Detectorists Head for Auction

A marvelous collection of Roman bronze artifacts that were unearthed in the year 2020 by detectorists in Yorkshire, England, is set to be auctioned next month. The rare Roman bronze collection, includes a bust of Marcus Aurelius , a statuette of Mars and a horse-headed knife handle. If you have the spare cash, you can […]

Israeli judokas land 1 silver medal, 2 bronze at European Championships

Israeli judokas snagged a silver medal and two bronze medals at the European Championships on Friday and Saturday. Tohar Butbul won a silver medal after making it to the final and losing his final bout in the men’s under-73kg category to Akil Gjakova of Kosovo. Shortly afterward, Sagi Muki defeated Bulgarian Ivaylo Ivanov to win […]

Bronze Mirrors Unearthed in China Still Reflect After 2,000 Years

More than 80 exquisite bronze mirrors in excellent condition have been discovered in a large Han Dynasty tomb in China, after being hidden underground for over two millennia. Not only do some of them still have their original reflective quality, but experts are learning from the 2,000-year-old inscriptions and symbols that adorn them. Bronze Mirror […]

Pet Dogs in the Bronze Age Given Vegetarian Diet!

Do not ever try this at home, but it looks like Bronze Age dogs were vegetarians! Well, according to a study of protein in 3,000-year-old canine bones that is. During the Neolithic period, hunters began settling at seasonal fishing and hunting stations and set about farming. Settling at one location all year round meant that […]

Bronze Age earthenware donated to Iranian museum

TEHRAN – An Iranian woman has donated a Bronze Age pottery to the Astan Quds Razavi Museum, a vast cultural heritage exhibition located in the holy shrine complex of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad. “Now, this five-thousand-year-old object, which is a beige-colored earthen urn, is regarded as the oldest object existing at the museum,” an […]

The Sea Peoples & The Late Bronze Age Collapse

This is a fascinating look into a period of time that is shrouded in mystery, shedding some new light onto how and why Bronze Age civilizations collapsed. [embedded content] Share now! Source

Beautiful Bronze Bull Idol Revealed By Rains In Olympia

A 2,700-year-old bronze bull idol has ‘come to light’ during excavations at the ancient site of Olympia in Greece. The stunning and perfectly preserved artifact is thought to have been a votive offering to the god Zeus. ‘Came to light in the Sun’ The Greek Ministry of Culture announced Friday that the intact bronze figurine […]

Ornate Prehistoric Bronze Sword Excavated In Denmark

A bronze sword has been extracted from the ground in Denmark. Archaeologists are amazed at the excellent condition in which it has been found, including its wood and horn hilt which have survived for around 3000 years. A ‘Unique’ 3,000-year-old Find Chief Inspector Jesper Hansen of Odense City Museums has been ‘delighted’ by the find, […]

Women may have ruled in bronze-age Spain, burial site suggests

An “exceptionally rich” burial site in southeastern Spain has raised questions about whether women may have ruled a class-based society located on the Iberian peninsula until 1550 BC. Archaeologists have been studying the early bronze age El Argar site, at La Almoloya in the Spanish region of Murcia, since 2013. The site contains some “extraordinary” […]

Female Ruler Sporting Rare Diadem Unearthed at Bronze Age Palace

Archaeologists from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have discovered Western Europe’s first Bronze Age palace in Murcia, Spain. The site also holds a unique burial including a probable female ruler who sported her rare silver crown-like object, a diadem, all the way to her grave. The Bronze Age site was uncovered at La Almoloya in […]

Customized Bronze Corinthian Helmet Found In Israeli Waters

The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA)  recently announced  they were in possession of  an ancient Corinthian helmet  that had been worn by a Greek warrior in either the sixth or fifth century BC. Miraculously, the well-preserved helmet was scooped up intact off the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea by a Dutch dredging vessel working in the […]

Rare Bronze Age Spearhead has Remained Intact for Thousands of Years!

A metal detectorist has made a great discovery on the island of Jersey – a rare and complete metal spearhead that is thousands of years old. Researchers have called the Bronze Age spearhead “unique to the Channel Islands and a rare find in Great Britain.” The metal detectorist who made the discovery, Jay Cornick, followed […]

Scotland’s St. Kilda Inhabited in the Bronze Age, New Discovery Reveals

New evidence has emerged which shows that the Scottish archipelago of St Kilda was inhabited, or at least visited, around 2,000 years ago.  During World War I the British Royal Navy took over Village Bay on Hirta, on the Scottish archipelago of St. Kilda, and they established a signal station that later became a rocket detection […]

Bronze Age Graves Uncovered At Stonehenge During Tunnel Excavations

Archaeologists digging at England’s controversial Stonehenge A303 tunnel site have unearthed Neolithic pottery, Bronze Age burials and a mysterious C-shaped enclosure. The area has been suffering from increasingly heavy traffic causing serious congestion on the 8 mile (13 kilometer) long A303 between Amesbury and Berwick Down that runs past the 4,500-year-old Stonehenge UNESCO World Heritage […]

Bronze Age Money: Early Metal Artifacts May Be Europe’s First Currency

Did the occupants of Central Europe in 2,000 BC have a functioning monetary economy? Said another way: did these people have Bronze Age money? Yes they did, say a pair of archaeologists from the Netherlands. They drew this conclusion after studying hoards of standardized bronze objects recovered from approximately 100 Early Bronze Age excavations, throughout […]

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