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Buffalo Public Schools: Black Lives Matter Lesson Plans Used to Teach Hatred of Whites

By R. Cort Kirkwood Buffalo Public Schools are teaching black children to hate whites and white children to hate themselves, a new report on the system says. Among falsehoods school kids are learning, the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal reported early this week, are that all whites are racist, and the police murder blacks with impunity […]

Buffalo officers cleared of charges on shoving elderly man

Two Buffalo, New York, police officers who eluded criminal charges for shoving an elderly man to the ground at a protest last June still face an internal review that could go on for a year, a police spokesman said on Friday. — WBFO (@WBFO) June 5, 2020 An Erie County prosecutor on Thursday said a […]

Outrage and disgust as charges dropped for Buffalo police officers who fractured skull of 75-year-old peaceful protester

Outrage erupted after all charges against Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe—the police officers who violently shoved 75-year-old Martin Gugino to the sidewalk outside Buffalo City Hall during a Black Lives Matter protest last year, leaving the long-time peace activist hospitalized with a skull fracture—were dropped Thursday when a grand jury declined to indict the two […]

Buffalo Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept

New York Governor Cuomo recently updated his draconian COVID rules. Indoor gatherings, big or small, are a risk. Here’s how to reduce the risk: -Open windows-Wear masks and keep distance-Shorten the duration of the visit Reminder: Gatherings inside or outside of private homes are now limited to 10 people or fewer. — Andrew Cuomo […]

Activists Lock Down To Protect Buffalo From Trap

Activists Lock Down To Protect Buffalo From Trap Above photo: Wild Buffalo Defense photo. Lock Down At Stephens Creek Buffalo Trap Wild Buffalo Defenders Risk Life and Freedom to Stop Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter UPDATE: We have confirmed that three folks were arrested today for protecting the buffalo. Cody, Crow, and Hannah. Please contribute to our […]

Why Do We Eat Celery With Buffalo Wings?

Gaze inward and ask yourself: If vibrantly sauced Buffalo wings were to arrive at your booth or barstool without a quartet of celery sticks peeking shyly around the blue cheese, would you calmly eat your chicken and move on with your day? No. Of course you wouldn’t. Spicy, saucy Buffalo wings and their waifish vegetal accompaniments are […]

[WATCH] Buffalo Officer Suspended For Second Time After Violating Social Media Policy

Download your free copy now. Source Article from 00

Unusual Beauty Craze Has Thai Women Shaping Their Lips Like Buffalo Horns

A bizarre beauty craze has been sweeping Thailand for the last 5 years, with women spending thousands of dollars to have their upper lip reshaped as buffalo horns. Known as “krachap lips”, the cosmetic procedure is apparently only popular in Thailand. Named after the water chestnut or buffalo nut – known as krachap in Thailand – because of its […]

The Kaminski Affair: Top Writer Quits Over Alleged ‘Censorship’

by Tobias Lang, Assistant Editor of “I want nothing more to do with either of you.” — John Kaminski John Kaminski is on the warpath. In under two weeks, he has stormed off two websites in disgust, promising never to write for them ever again because of alleged “censorship”. The two websites in question are Renegade […]

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