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Book Burning Goes Digital

In March 2021, the Biden White House initiated a brazenly unconstitutional censorship campaign to prevent Americans from buying politically unfavorable books from Amazon.  The effort, spearheaded by White House censors including Andy Slavitt and Rob Flaherty, began on March 2, 2021, when Slavitt emailed Amazon demanding to speak to an executive about the site’s “high […]

NWO Pyroterrorists Manufacturing Massive Fast-Burning Firestorms Across Northern Texas (After Geoengineers Droughted The Region) As…….

…Brutal Punishment for Austin’s Republican-Run Government Challenging The Biden Administration For Their Treasonous Open Border Policies Which Permit The Flow Of Millions Of Trained Mercenaries and Terrorists Across The USA. ___ Source

What Part of Cousin George’s Message Did the “Witch” Burning Cromwellian Marxist Yankees & Their Jew Masters In DC Not Understand?


“puritan” “Witch” burning yankees Introduced Slavery Into America, yankees Have always Considered Blacks To Be Animals, & yankee New York Jews Were The Slave Ship Owners & Slave Traders.

I have had enough of the lying assed yankees and their Jew masters telling lies about honorable Southerners. The Cromwellian hypocritical False “god” worshiping atheist puritan “Witch Burning” control freak communist yankees introduced slavery into the New World. Up until the 1840s and 1850s black slavery was still widespread in yankeeland. New York had a […]

“Witch” Burning “Puritan” yankees Are Damed Evil liars

I am the prodigy of all Ensurers of the Magna Carta who have living prodigy. My 2nd cousin was the president of the USA constitutional convention. I scored in the top 97% of the whole country in Law and Government on my university entrance exam some forty years back when Americans were a hell of […]

Investigating war crimes in Gaza: IDF’s burning of Palestinian homes

“We’ve lost everything. Our homes, our memories, all gone in flames.” Source

Israeli invading forces burning Gaza homes to make Strip inhabitable

 February 1, 2024 By Al Mayadeen English Top representatives of Hamas and the PIJ disclose information regarding ongoing mediated talks for a ceasefire to Al Mayadeen in a live interview. Top officials from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) spoke to Al Mayadeen in a live televised interview to address the latest development regarding a mediated […]

Waylon Jennings Atlanta’s Burning Down

I will forgive the God-less atheist war criminal Marxist yankees when I see they truly realize the evil they did and stop being proud their ancestors gang raped little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often till death. But I will be DAMNED if I forget! To forget Evil is to allow it […]

One way or another, McCarthy is toast after burning the Freedom Caucus so many times.

READ HERE:   Source

BURNING ISSUE: Toronto landlord prohibits “potential fire hazard” personal EVs on property; tenants’ rights advocates outraged

(NaturalNews) Tenants’ rights advocates are raising legal concerns as they found it unreasonable that a real estate company in Toronto, Canada is banning electric… Source

Left CULT’s rhetoric that incited burning of Christian churches in Canada is HOAX; excavations found no evidence of buried indigenous children

(NaturalNews) In the past two years, news proliferated about Christian places of worship being burned down in Canada – in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia,… Source

Sheriff Slams Burning Man Attendees Who Abandoned Cars and Left Behind ‘Trash for Miles’

The sheriff presiding over the Nevada county that hosts the annual art and music festival Burning Man slammed its tens of thousands of attendees over their abandoned cars and piles of trash they left behind as they fled the desert amid a brewing storm. Source

Video: Revelers Drive Six Miles in 9 Hours to Flee Anti-Capitalist Burning Man Festival as Tens of Thousands Languish

Thousands of Burning Man festival attendees are still trapped in the doomed venue in the middle of the Nevada desert. Source

Authorities investigate one death at Burning Man festival as flooding strands thousands

Authorities in Nevada are investigating one death after a storm slammed the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, leaving thousands of Burning Man festival attendees stranded in the desert.  The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is investigating one death, but did not release the identity of the deceased person or the suspected cause of… […]

Burning Man organizers telling attendees roads too dangerous to complete ‘exodus’

The organizers of this year’s annual Burning Man festival are warning attendees that the roads are too dangerous to complete the “exodus,” a term referring to the festival’s conclusion and exit process. This comes as tens of thousands of people who gathered for the festival remained stranded in the Nevada desert Sunday after storms swept through the… […]

Trapped Burning Man Attendees Report “Ebola-Like” Illness as the Situation Turns from Bad to Worse

Originally Published on Vigilant News “Things went down the drain” for Burning Man this year, reported popular YouTuber “TheSneezingMonkey.” Some 70,000 attendants of Burning Man, an annual arts and culture festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, are trapped — and they might be stuck there for days or longer. Heavy rains turned […]

Swedish Embassy Stormed Over Quran Burning; A Mossad Conspiracy & New US Troop Deployment To Iraq

The US government, along with its European allies, have condemned the storming of Sweden’s embassy in Baghdad by hundreds of Iraqi protesters who demonstrated against Stockholm’s sanctioning of Quran burning events. The incident, coupled with a fallout between the Iraqi Presidency and a pro-Western Christian leader, is making headway in Western mainstream and social media. […]

Burning cargo ship towed to safe place off Netherlands coast to avoid ecological disaster

One crew member was killed and several others wounded in the fire which broke out last week. Source

UK: Quran burning, desecration deeply insulting to Muslims

Britain has condemned the desecration and burning of the Quran, Islam's holy book, in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm, Anadolu Agency reports. In a written statement issued by a spokesperson of UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the British government said such actions are "deeply insulting to Muslims around the world and completely […]

Sweden: Muslim refrains from burning Torah, Bible despite permission

In response to the burning of the Quran outside of a Swedish mosque last month, a Muslim activist was granted permission to burn copies of the Torah and the Bible outside the Israeli embassy in the capital Stockholm. Ahmed Allush says he never intended to go through with burning the holy books, but rather emphasise […]

Chief Sweden rabbi: ‘Burning Torah not antisemitic’

Leading Jewish Rabbi in Sweden Moshe David HaCohen has shared his view that burning a copy of the Torah is not an antisemitic act nor specifically targeted at Jews, Israeli Ynet News reported on Friday. “It is an attempt to challenge freedom of expression and exploit it for acts of hatred,” HaCohen, who heads Amanah […]

Iran summons Sweden chargé d’affaires over Quran burning

Iran has summoned the Swedish chargé d'affaires to protest against the burning of a copy of the Quran in Sweden, state media reported, Anadolu Agency reports. The Swedish envoy was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and urged to prevent insults to the moral and religious values ​​of Muslims on Thursday, according to IRNA, the official […]

Iraqis storm Swedish embassy to protest Quran burning

Hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators yesterday stormed the Swedish embassy in Baghdad to protest the burning of the holy Quran in Stockholm. Shia cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr had called for a large "angry" protest outside Sweden's embassy in Baghdad, demanding the expulsion of its ambassador from the country as well. An Iraqi burned the Quran in Stockholm, […]

Muslim Fury over Quran Burning, Hezbollah Says Swedish Authorities ‘Complicit’

 June 29, 2023 Hezbollah firmly denounced on Thursday burning of the holy Quran in Stockholm, lashing out at Swedish authorities for being “complicit in such crime.” In a statement, Hezbollah Media Relations stressed that continuous desecration of Quran in Sweden and other countries is unacceptable, warning that the Lebanese resistance group won’t keep mum on […]

Laurence Fox Defends Burning ‘Child Mutilation’ LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag

Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox defended burning several ‘Progress Pride’ flags, saying that the flag represents “child mutilation”. Source

San Francisco Man Convicted of Murder for Beating Roommate During Zoom Call and Burning Her Alive

SAN FRANCISCO—A jury has convicted a San Francisco man of killing his 79-year-old roommate by beating her with a baseball bat and lighting her on fire. The attack was partially captured on Zoom. Min Jian Guan, 63, was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 30 for the June 14, 2020, death of Yu Quin […]

Sati Widow-Burning: A Dark Chapter in Indian History

Sati, the practice of a widow self-immolating on her husband’s funeral pyre, remains one of the most controversial and emotive issues in South Asian culture.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Watch: Ukraine man tries to save neighbour’s belongings from burning house after attack

Russian forces are targeting the town of Chasiv Yar, in eastern Ukraine, as Moscow looks to close pincers on Bakhmut. Source

California Amazon Driver Helps Save Dog from Burning Car: ‘I Just Wanted to Try and Help’

A daring Amazon delivery driver braved flames to help rescue a dog from the back of a burning vehicle in Merced, California, last week. Source

Finland Says Quran-Burning Is Kremlin Plot to Sabotage Sweden’s NATO Bid

From Politico to Vice to various news agencies, mainstream media is busy echoing the conspiracy theories and wild speculations of some Western officials – with the latest being based on allegations by Finland’s foreign minister… “Finland’s foreign minister hinted that Russia may have been involved in last week’s Koran-burning protest that threatens to derail Sweden’s […]

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