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JULY 18, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Wherever the American regime and the genocidal Zionist entity are engaging in skullduggery anywhere in the world, the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness and its UAE partner are usually right around the corner. And now thanks to Mujtahidd, the infamous Saudi “royal” Twitter activist with a secret identity who […]

Former FM official takes parliamentary post

Tehran, July 18, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in a decree appointed Hossein Amir-Abdollahian as his special aide for international affairs. Amir-Abdollahian served as Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs. He was replaced by Hossein Jaberi Ansari. By IRNA Source Article from

Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship still limits women’s rights – reforms on paper only

     The latest report from Human Rights Watch has revealed that obligatory male guardianship in Saudi Arabia remains a key obstacle to women’s rights. Adult women have to get permission from men to travel abroad, marry, or be freed from prison. These rules apply from cradle to grave, as women are always regarded as legal […]

Why This Is The Greatest Relationship You Will Ever Have

Throughout the course of our lives we have many relationships: from our parents and siblings as infants, to friends, romantic partners, and even our own children as we get older. Relationships are an integral part of our lives and they are very important to help us learn and grow as human beings; to learn how […]

Alabama Police Officer Shot; Hostage Situation Unfolding

A police officer has been shot in Randolph County on Saturday while a suspect barricaded himself in a building with a hostage. The injured police officer has been transported to a local hospital. A SWAT team has now been requested. Heflin law enforcement and Alabama law enforcement agency are currently assisting at the scene. The […]

7 reasons why Muslim brotherhood has no chance of big role in Syria’s future

Alwaght- The Muslim Brotherhood is known across the world as being a reformist movement. However, its behavior and performance in Syria— its best example is the 1982 insurgency in Hama in west-central Syria— has been in a way that it could be recognized as a subversive force in the country. Being the oldest Islamist movement […]

Dallas Shooter, Army Vet Micah Johnson, “Wanted To Kill White People”

Now that the Dallas shooting tragedy is officially over, attention turns to what the motive behind the murderous rampage may have been. And while the Dallas police chief said during a press conference that while talking with police negotiators, the suspect said he was not affiliated with any group, as we reported moments ago the […]

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald on the “Trump Truth Tweet”

David Duke July 6, 2016 Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald on as his guest for the hour. They talked about the “Hillary most corrupt politician ever” meme and the Jewish response to it. Professor MacDonald said that the Jewish media has reacted so hysterically because they know that they cannot allow for any discussion […]

Are You Really Having Safe Sex? The Truth About Lube

The prevalence of toxic chemicals in our daily lives is no longer in question. From the way our food is produced and manufactured to the beauty and cleaning products we use each day, it seems we have to be wary of everything. So it’s no wonder that by the time evening rolls around and we’re lying safe and secure in bed with […]

Saudi Arabia names Pakistani man as suicide bomber in Jeddah

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia on Tuesday identified the suicide bomber who struck outside the U.S. Consulate in Jiddah as a Pakistani resident of the kingdom who arrived 12 years ago to work as a driver. The suicide bombing near the diplomatic post was the first of three targeting the kingdom on […]

Netanyahu’s bloody incitement

Let’s agree on the facts.  One Palestinian male got into a West Bank settlement and killed a 13-year-old  Israeli girl in her room with a knife. Nothing more, nothing less. Before her body was cold, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed the same day to make a video for the English speaking world. What is […]

Canada: Rapefugees Harrassing Young Girls Non-Stop

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 1, 2016 The Syrian refugees are actually good for us, you know; they’ll pay for our pensions with their tax dollars. The only problem is that they’re illiterate sand people with 85 IQs. But don’t worry, we’ve thought this through. We’ll just get these men to attend high school with your kids. […]

Black AIPAC activist working to undermine Cornel West on Palestine

Rania Khalek Lobby Watch 29 June 2016 I went on the Benjamin Dixon Show on Tuesday to discuss a letter said to have been signed by 60 Black politicians across the country urging the Democratic Party’s platform committee co-chairs to uphold one-sided pro-Israel positions. You can watch the video of the interview above. […]

‘Something is moving in Italy’: Liguria adopts resolution to lift anti-Russia sanctions

The regional lawmakers overwhelmingly voted in favor of the resolution on Wednesday, with 26 out of 31 deputies calling on the national authorities to change the country’s stance on the issue. READ MORE: Recognize Crimea as Russian, lift harmful sanctions: Italy’s Veneto passes defiant resolution  “The members of the [regional] parliament voted to recognize the […]


JUNE 28, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah If there is one thing that defines Iraqis apart from our resilience, it is our seemingly interminable heartbreak. And right now… Right now, my ticker is tight from the agony. The homeland was rocked by another suicide attack late last night when an ISIS terrorist, strapped with an […]

Behooves all Mulsims to stand against Israel: Leader’s adviser

A senior adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the attack by enemies of Islam on the Syrian government and nation is an assault on the resistance front against Zionism, urging all Muslims to stand against Zionists. “All of us are duty-bound to defend resistance because resistance is Muslims standing against aggression […]

Children’s clothing found loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Three major clothing lines based in Sweden and Norway are selling products that contain toxic chemicals, reported KappAhl and H&M, both Sweden-based clothing chains, and Cubus, a Norway-based company, were caught selling articles of clothing in which one out of three contained DBP or DEHP. Dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, is a commonly used plasticizer […]

Mysterious Disease Kills Seven in Tanzania

nsnbc : A mysterious disease in central Tanzania has killed seven people while 14 others have been admitted to hospitals for treatment, said Tanzania’s Minister for Health Ummy Mwalimu said Sunday. Mwalimu noted that the disease has hit the Chmela and Kondoa districts in the country’s central region of Dodoma, wreaking havoc to residents in the areas. Addressing the press […]

Orlando Shooter’s Employer Admits It Made A "Clerical Error" Regarding His Mental Health

As details continue to emerge surrounding Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, so do the holes in the narrative. Case in point, last week’s statement by the shooter’s employer, G4S, the world’s largest security company, that he had passed a 2007 psychological text without any problems. The document that G4S submitted to Florida state listed […]

Professor rejects Marxism after traveling the globe: ‘Socialism doesn’t work’

At least one professor in America does not feel the Bern. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Professor Jack Stauder says his political and ideological conversion away from socialism and Marxism occurred when he actually witnessed these systems in action. After traveling to more than 110 countries to pursue various forms of research, notably cultural anthropology, Stauder […]

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