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Turkish WikiLeaks Cache Links AKP and Libya’s Al-Qaeda Chief Belhaj

nsnbc : WikiLeaks released about 300,000 e-mails styled to Turkey’s ruling AKP. While no link to the “failed” military coup on July 15 was discovered, the cache contains mails suggesting that Libyan Al-Qaeda leader AbdelHakim Belhaj reached out to acquire help with laundering and investing funds stolen from the ousted Libyan government in 2011. The […]

Post- Coup Turkey will be Distinctly Eurasian


The Reich’s Most Outstanding Fighter Pilot

Austrian choirboy Walter Nowotny was destined to become the Reich’s top gun in aerial combat. The Reich’s Luftwaffe fighters were renowned for their courage and kill ability, yet Nowotny was in a class of his own. Nowotny was just nineteen-years old when on hearing the English and French declarations of war he volunteered for service […]

London Jew Tries to Troll Moslems and is Confronted by Fact of ISIS Being Jews

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 12, 2016 There is only one truly successful Jew troll, and that is Joshua Ryne Goldberg. However, I encourage people to subscribe to the channel of the failed Jew trolls at the Israel Advocacy Movement. These videos are great. This Jew goes out in central London and tries to troll anti-Semites […]

University Launches 9/11 Investigation Over Controlled Demolition Claims

The University of Alaska have launched their own academic 9/11 investigation over claims that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition.  Many experts claim that the Twin Towers, along with Building 7, collapsed due to a secret controlled demolition that the government and media have covered-up. reports: One key part of their argument […]

‘They were holding hands’: Russia boating disaster victims fought for life to very end

Monday has been declared a day of mourning in Russia after 13 children drowned, with one still missing, when their boats capsized during a storm on Syamozero Lake in Karelia, northwestern Russia, over the weekend. Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES on Russian tourist boat disaster At least five employees of Park Hotel Syamozero summer camp have […]

Rocket engine catches fire at testing range in S. Russia, hundreds evacuated

The incident took place at Ashuluk testing range near the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia. According to TASS sources, rocket boosters used to launch spacecraft into low Earth orbit have caught fire in the depot. report the engine is from an S-75 high-altitude air defense system. At least 600 people were evacuated from […]

Head of Las Vegas School Police Internal Affairs Under Investigation for Misconduct, Suppressing Evidence

Yet another Las Vegas area school cop is under investigation and this time it’s the detective in charge of conducting investigations on other cops. Detective Christopher Klemp, who was in charge of the Clark County School District Police Department Internal Affairs Division, has been accused of threatening other officers and suppressing evidence in order to […]

Watchdog Report: FBI Facial Recognition Programs Are Quasi-Illegal

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   According to a Government Accountability Office (GOA) report from May of this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) facial recognition programs are violating public privacy and raises civil liberties concerns. Despite many studies showing that facial recognition software is incorrect […]

Obama goes on tirade against Trump over ‘dangerous’ Muslim ban, ‘radical Islam’

President Barack Obama lit into Donald Trump Tuesday, turning the tables to make the impassioned case that Trump is the one who’s un-American. Obama’s extraordinary denunciation of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was about far more than a personal intervention on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the ugly general election campaign. The commander in chief’s […]

Judge Finds Merck Lied in Patent Trial

Judge Finds Merck Lied in Patent Trial June 9th, 2016 Via: Los Angeles Times: The public doesn’t have a very high opinion of drug manufacturers for various reasons, and now federal Judge Beth Labson Freeman of San Jose has provided another one. Finding that […]

EgyptAir jet makes emergency landing in Uzbekistan over bomb scare

The plane made an emergency landing after the authorities received an anonymous tip-off about explosives on board, according to Kazakh media outlet Tengrinews. The flight belongs to EgyptAir and was en route from Cairo to Beijing, according to RIA Novosti news agency and local media. The Uzbekistan Airways press service confirmed the information, but did not […]

‘Don’t leave Italy alone’ to deal with migrant crisis – Italian president

“Italy and Europe owe a debt of gratitude to Lampedusa for the lives saved, for the aid extended, and for the hospitality given to migrants,” Ansa news agency quoted Mattarella as saying. “To deal with such phenomenon as migration we need the commitment of all. Italy and Lampedusa cannot be left alone.” “How many dead […]

Over 100 miners evacuated after underground fire breaks out at Russian coal mine

The fire started due to an apparent electric failure in a power box some 100 meters underground, the local emergency services told RIA Novosti. Initial reports said at least 50 miners were trapped underground. But later rescuers said the fire was quickly localized and posed no threat to life. At least four people were reported […]

Israel boycott: 33% of Americans, 40% of Brits in favor, Israeli UN ambassador cries foul

The research was conducted by the market research firm Ipsos, which conducted the surveys in the US and the UK. The company was looking to identify attitudes in the two countries towards the movement of boycotting, divestment and sanctions (BDS), which is being implemented against Israel by certain sections of society who are angry at […]

Flashback: FTC judge vindicates POM Wonderful’s right to inform consumers about health benefits of pomegranates

(NaturalNews) A U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Administrative Law Judge has officially affirmed the right of POM Wonderful, a popular purveyor of pomegranate juice products, to continue making scientifically-backed health claims about its pomegranate products. Rejecting efforts by the FTC to restrict POM’s ability to make truthful health claims, Judge Michael Chappell declared […]

Sweden funds imam courses to curb extremism

Starting next school year, an annual central government educational grant distributed to Sweden’s adult education centers, will fund an Islamic vocational program at Kista Folkhögskola in Stockholm. The one-year program aims at providing a basis in Islamic theology and leadership for those who want to continue their education to become spiritual leaders. “We will teach […]

Forty-five years later, the legacy of Israel’s Black Panthers continues to impact Israeli politics

I meet co-founder of the former Israeli Black Panthers’ party Reuven Abergil in a Jerusalem office on Hillel Street just around the corner from the Musrara district, a neighborhood that still marks the perimeter between Arab and Jewish Jerusalem. This is where Reuven was raised after emigrating with his family from Rabat, Morocco, in 1948. […]

How do we stop the killing? 1 in 11 U.S. gun deaths is at the hands of police

     The documentary film Peace Officer explains the connection between the war on drugs and the militarization of police, and what it will take to reduce police violence in America. In the documentary Peace Officer, Todd Blair brandishes a golf club as a SWAT team bursts into his Utah home in 2010. Despite being out […]

Land of Sad Lemons: A song for the Nakba

I tried to explain to my late mother that she had to be expelled from Zarnouqa in 1948, leave her memories and house behind because a crazy bigot had committed a pogrom against Jews in Europe, but she neither wanted to understand (“what does that have to do with us?”) nor accept (why didn’t the […]

ANOTHER electrical incident at Washington, DC, metro station – This time sparking ‘fireball’

     Washington, DC residents are bracing for extensive delays on Metrorail in the next year as system officials announced a major safety-improvement plan after two fire incidents at a Metro train station closed two underground rail lines Thursday evening. Metro service on the Orange, Blue, and Silver lines was restored just prior to the Friday […]

NATO hell-bent on destroying relations with Russia

     NATO’s recently unveiled plans to steeply increase its troop levels in Europe by deploying a third permanent brigade and 4,000 soldiers, mainly in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region, could drastically affect the bloc’s already strained relations with Russia, Professor Hall Gardner told RT. These initiatives have not been approved yet. Permanent NATO bases […]

‘Air tankers won’t stop Alberta fire’: Massive Canadian blaze spreads to 85,000 hectares

On Thursday, the enormous fire that had already destroyed hundreds of homes and encircled a city and several communities was picked up by 70 kilometer-per-hour (44mph) winds and spread to 85,000 hectares. The most severe part of the roaring front moved south of Fort McMurray, with no signs of stopping.  Over 1,110 firefighters, 145 helicopters, […]

Spy planes catching property tax cheats in Spain with possible Brexit looming

Using light aircraft to fly low over the Balearic Islands, which include tourist destinations like Ibiza and Mallorca, authorities have been able to pinpoint undeclared additions that have been made to people’s homes like swimming pools and extensions which would drive up the amount owners are due to pay. “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles” (IBI) tax […]

Why Sunlight Deficiency Is As Deadly As Smoking

26th April 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World A groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine has revealed something absolutely amazing about the role of the Sun in human health: a deficiency of sunlight could be as harmful to human health as smoking cigarettes. The new study titled, “Avoidance […]

IKEA Issues Furniture Safety Warning Following Death Of Third Child

IKEA has repeated its safety warnings to customers after a third child was crushed to death by its popular Malm range of drawers and bedroom furniture. The company first issued a warning back in July after two children were killed when drawers and wardrobes fell on them. Wales Online reports: The victims, aged two and […]

28 killed, national guard mobilised in Ecuador after powerful 7.8 quake

LIVE UPDATES: ‘Considerable damage’ in Ecuador following 7.8 quake Initially reported as 7.4 by USGS, the earthquake was centered at a shallow depth of 10 km (6 miles) some 107 miles (173 km) west northwest of the capital Quito.  Some 10 minutes prior to the 7.8 jolt, the same area was hit by a 4.8 […]

Can Neighborhoods Be Revitalized Without Gentrifying Them?

Print Friendly Above Photo:  The moon rises above a block of blighted row houses in the neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore. (AP Photo / David Goldman)  Baltimore’s new housing plan could provide a form of neighborhood uplift that benefits communities, not developers. Last year, the death of Freddie Gray in police custody placed his […]

Red Sea Deal: Are Israel & Saudi Arabia Forming a Joint Military

(ANTIMEDIA) As more details emerge revealing the brutal nature of the ongoing military campaign carried out by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, Muslim Press reports that documents leaked by an unnamed senior military official associated with the Israeli left-wing liberal party Meretz show Israel and Saudi Arabia have cooperated in military efforts. The report also suggests […]

Turkey’s Military Campaign Targets all Kurds, Not Just a Certain Party

Syria 360 Ahmad Shiwesh and Eyaz Ciziri QAMISHLI – The Turkish army forces have been bombing the Kurdish city of Nusaybin southeastern Turkey for weeks. At least seven neighborhoods in the city have been under heavy bombardment, according to Sara Kaya, mayor of Nusaybin city and member of the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP). People of […]

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