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Ghislaine Maxwell Vows to ‘Sing Like a Canary’ Following Guilty Verdict

Ghislaine Maxwell has vowed to name and shame VIP members of an elite pedophile ring following her guilty verdict on Wednesday. Maxwell was convicted Wednesday of running an elite pedophile ring with her partner Jeffrey Epstein. The verdict concluded a monthlong trial featuring sordid accounts of child rape by numerous victims who were trafficked to […]

Shocking Images Show Ash-Covered Ghost Towns On Spain’s Canary Islands

Shocking Images Show Ash-Covered Ghost Towns On Spain’s Canary Islandsby Tyler DurdenSunday, Dec 05, 2021  The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma, located off the northwestern coast of Africa, has been erupting for nearly eleven weeks with no signs of abating. Soon the eruption could be La Palma’s […]

Canary Islands volcano still erupting, ash worries locals

Six weeks after a volcano erupted on the Spanish island of La Palma, vast amounts of ash and lava continued to cover buildings and farmland. Spain’s military emergency unit (UME) and ground army were working in the exclusion area, removing ash from the roofs of buildings. According to emergency officials, some lava flows reached a […]

Could The Volcanic Eruption In The Canary Islands Create A Giant Tsunami That Hits The East Coast?

Could The Volcanic Eruption In The Canary Islands Create A Giant Tsunami That Hits The East Coast?Date: September 20, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source:  Michael SnyderFor 20 years we have been warned that the eruption of a specific volcano in the Canary Islands could cause an absolutely massive tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean, and now that specific […]

Volcano Erupts On La Palma In Spain’s Canary Islands

LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE, Spain (AP) — A volcano on Spain’s Atlantic Ocean island of La Palma erupted Sunday after a weeklong buildup of seismic activity, prompting authorities to speed up evacuations for 1,000 people as lava flows crept toward isolated mountain homes. The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute reported the eruption near the southern end […]

Comey Sings Like a Canary after Watching Clinton Hang

Comey Sings Like a Canary after Watching Clinton Hang Real Raw News / Michael Baxter Disgraced former FBI Director and Deep State operative James Comey is singing like a canary to the military after being forced to watch Hillary Clinton’s neck snap at Guantanamo Bay on Monday night, Real Raw News has learned. Confidential sources […]

Two-year-old dies after migrant boat capsizes near Canary Islands

A two-year-old girl from Mali who was rescued from a migrant boat near Spain’s Canary Islands and hospitalized in critical condition has died, health authorities said. The toddler named Nabody suffered a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by emergency workers on the dock of Arguineguín upon arrival Tuesday. She was being treated at a pediatric […]

Ancient Guanche Solar Worship And Fertility Rites In The Canary Islands

The Canarian laurel forest is a prehistoric forest about 20 million years old, present in many enclaves on the north coast of Tenerife. This wonderful and ancient forest formation treasures great botanical and archaeological jewels from the Canarian ancestors, the Guanches. Very close to the visible Mount Teide, a group of independent researchers have just […]

Canary Mission is dangerous to your professional health

I was recently involved in the struggle of Hammam Farah, a young Canadian psychotherapist, to free himself from the damage to his reputation inflicted by the pro-Zionist organization Canary Mission—an episode that provides a harrowing example of how Canary Mission’s relentless attacks on free speech threaten the future of professionals who speak out in defense […]

Spain: Canary Islands Gets Invaded By 1,000 Afro-Simian Rapefugees

The orc invasion continues in Spain. Reuters: More than 1,000 migrants reached the Canary Islands in the past 48 hours, the Red Cross said on Saturday, the largest number since a 2006 crisis in the archipelago. Beefed-up security on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast is pushing traffickers and migrants south to risk the perilous crossing to the […]

Countering a Blacklist: Introducing ‘Against Canary Mission’

In April of 2015, an anonymous website sprang to life from the basement of the internet. Slickly produced, but with no public authorship or attribution, it carried photographic profiles of mostly young Arab, Black, and Jewish student activists who were open supporters of Palestinian human rights. The profiles were accompanied by textual soundbytes accusing the […]

Educators need to denounce the smear tactics of Canary Mission

As the movement for Palestinian rights has grown and broadened worldwide, so too have efforts in the U.S. to silence any criticism of Israeli policies; the anonymously staffed and funded Canary Mission website is one of the most disturbing examples of such censoring efforts. Dedicated to harassing those critical of Israeli policies towards Palestinians, the […]

Bones of contention: Human skulls as art dig up Canary Islands controversy (VIDEO)

Arranged as a burial mound or ‘tumulus’, the exact origins of the bones are unclear, but according to local reports may have belonged to indigenous Canarians.  The piece, titled ‘Threshold 2017’, is on display at the Atlantic Museum of Modern Art (CAAM) in the city of Las Palmas, Canary Islands.  Artist Teresa Correa says that the sculpture […]

Canary Islands Ferry Smashes Into Wall: Video

A video shows the moment a ferry with 140 passengers on board crashes into a harbor wall. On Friday, the Volcan de Tamasite smashed into the harbor wall in Puerto de La Luz in Las Palmas, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, following a mechanical failure. Mirror reports: Thirteen people were injured in the incident last night as […]

Newsletter – Democracy, Not Corporatocracy

Print Friendly Above: The Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy protest in Ohio 2015. The World Economic Forum ends today in Davos, Switzerland. This is where the richest of the richest corporate executives, politicians and celebrities meet to discuss the future of the world. Since 2010, they’ve been working on a plan, the Global Redesign Initiative, […]

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