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Nearly 100 killed by lightning strikes in India in 2 days (VIDEO)

At least 93 people have died and 20 more received injuries in the past few days as lightning strikes along with heavy rains and violent thunderstorms swept through Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Most of the victims were farm workers, Indian authorities said. Just last night lightning left at least […]

EgyptAir Crash is a Total Fake Islamophobic Fear Mongering Hoax

His brother Alastair said “Aureilie had warned him to be careful but he took the view that it’s never going to happen to you. He just laughed it off. “We kept in touch regularly and I would speak to him a couple of times a month but he never mentioned the possible threat of terrorism […]

The FBI Has 80,000 Documents on Saudi Ties to 9/11 It Tried to Suppress

(ANTIMEDIA) The classified 28-pages of the 9/11 report have made global headlines lately as a handful of lawmakers battle to release them to the public. Those pages are believed by activists and members of Congress — who have seen them — to expose the role of Saudi Arabia, including government officials, in the terrorist […]

The FBI Has 80,000 Documents on Saudi Ties to 9/11 It Tried to Suppress

(ANTIMEDIA) The classified 28-pages of the 9/11 report have made global headlines lately as a handful of lawmakers battle to release them to the public. Those pages are believed by activists and members of Congress — who have seen them — to expose the role of Saudi Arabia, including government officials, in the terrorist […]

Ten years later, Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ propaganda film turns out to be total bunk… How is his profit from carbon taxes not criminal FRAUD?

(NaturalNews) Ten years after the release of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, none of the film’s dire climate change predictions have come to pass. However, in the decade since the documentary was produced, its creator has raked in millions of dollars from the entire “global warming” scam, and is now poised to become “our […]

Two Palestinians Stab Two Israelis in AL-Quds

Two Palestinian stabbed and injured two Israelis in al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Tuesday, Israeli media said. Occupation police said the Palestinians were arrested, noting that the two Israelis were moderately injured. The two Israeli women were part of a group of five on a walk near the promenade in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood when they were […]

Young Indian Maid Allegedly Tortured To Death In Saudi Arabia

A 25-year-old woman from Hyderabad, India, was allegedly tortured to death while working as a maid against her will in Saudi Arabia. Her Saudi employers kept her working as a maid illegally after her visa expired and against her wishes while allegedly torturing her physically and mentally. dna India reports: The family members of Asima Khatoon were […]

Uproar Over the 28 Pages: The Saudi/CIA Connection?

After all, if the person in charge of torturing KSM wanted to obscure the Saudi role, is it a surprise that KSM would say what his torturer wanted to hear? Moreover, is it a surprise that the person or persons in charge of KSM’s torture, who wanted to obscure the U.S. government’s awareness of […]

Costa Rica launches investigation after reports hackers ‘rigged’ 2014 election

The investigation comes days after jailed hacker Andres Sepulveda claimed he had used black propaganda and other tactics in order to influence many electoral contests across Latin America over a run of eight years for 2005 until 2013. Sepulveda told Bloomberg News that he hacked emails, phones and websites in order to gather intelligence […]

Animal study shows that having cooperative social skills enhances mental abilities

     Using tools doesn’t make humans, dolphins, and crows smart. Rather, it’s the stress and challenge of living with others—recognizing friend from foe, calculating who to deceive and who to befriend—that led these and other social creatures to evolve their cognitive skills. That’s the gist of the social intelligence hypothesis, an idea that’s been around […]

Goths vs. Greeks: Epic Ancient Battle Revealed in Newfound Text

     Fragments of an ancient Greek text telling of an invasion of Greece by the Goths during the third century A.D. have been discovered in the Austrian National Library. The text includes a battle fought at the pass of Thermopylae. Researchers used spectral imaging to enhance the fragments, making it possible to read them. The […]

Due to ‘surging demand for gold’ BlackRock suspends gold ETF issuance

BlackRock’s Gold ETF [exchange traded fund] (IAU) has seen fund inflows every day in 2016 (no outflows at all) and with the stock trading above its NAV [net asset value] for most of the year, the world’s largest asset manager has made a significant decision: *BLACKROCK SAYS ISSUANCE OF GOLD TRUST SHARES SUSPENDED *BLACKROCK SAYS […]

Paul Craig Roberts: The evil empire has the world in a death grip

     In my archives there is a column or two that introduces the reader to John Perkins’ important book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. An EHM is an operative who sells the leadership of a developing country on an economic plan or massive development project. The Hit Man convinces a country’s government that borrowing […]

Largest ever US-South Korea military drill planned as a ‘warning to Pyongyang’

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Russia plans permanent rotation of cruise missile carrying corvettes in Mediterranean

The vessels from the Black Sea fleet will continue sailing as part of Russia’s naval group in the Mediterranean tasked with supporting anti-terrorist operations in Syria, Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko announced. READ MORE: Russian cruise missiles hit ISIS from Mediterranean & Caspian; 600 killed in one strike “Yes, we’ll have rotations and all the new ships, […]

Andrea Tantaros Wants Obama To Stay ‘THE HELL’ Away From Scalia’s Funeral… Here’s Why

By Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– President Barack Obama’s decision to golf instead of attending Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral this weekend has drawn harsh criticism from both liberals and conservatives. The beautiful Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros had issued a scathing response slamming Obama as “not worthy” of attending the service. Scalia was fiercely committed to the Constitution. Obama’s […]

Facebook has similar effect on your brain as Cocaine, According to Brain scan study

     A new brain scan study has come up the surprising result that our brains are affected by Facebook in a way similar to the effect of highly addictive drugs, such as cocaine. The study, conducted by Professor Ofir Turel of California State University, Fullerton, who has been working for several years on the possible […]

Economists Say that Socialist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Can Save Free Market Capitalism

It worked brilliantly for over a half-century, and banks and the economy grew strong with minimal failures – killing it violated the rule: “if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it” It was attacked by bank CEOs because it worked so well and prevented their schemes *** Secretary [Hillary] Clinton’s claims about […]

Palestinian Family Describes How E. Jerusalem Home Was Taken–Bernie Sanders are you there?

You come home one day and find Jewish settlers in your house. What do you do? Well, I guess if you’re Bernie Sanders you would simply change the subject and start talking about ISIS. May I offer a modest observation for anyone thinking of voting for Sanders? What I would suggest to you is that […]

Dr. Duke Tells Why his Ted Nugent VS the ADL is so popular, and how to win our people to our message! Vital Show!!

Dr. Duke Tells Why his Ted Nugent VS the ADL is so popular, and how to win our people to our message! Vital Show!! Dr. Duke started the show by introducing the audience to his brand-new video “Ted Nugent VS the ADL – Who is Behind Gun Control?” The video makes an open and shut […]

Israeli forces wound, arrest 2, abduct third in Nablus

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli undercover force wounded on Wednesday morning two Palestinians and arrested them, abducted a teen in West Bank city of Nablus. Palestinian sources said that Israeli undercover forces abducted a Palestinian teen from the town of Koblan, near the city of Nablus. The teen was later on identified as Abdu-Latif […]

The Völkisch and Virile Art of Fidus

Fidus was the pseudonym used by German illustrator, painter and publisher Hugo Reinhold Karl Johann Höppener (October 8, 1868 – February 23, 1948). He was an influential figure in the revival of Germanic culture, inspiring many early National Socialists with his artwork. Fidus’s work was heavily inspired by the writings of Arthur Moeller van den […]

3 more sperm whales wash up along the North Sea coast at Skegness beach, UK

     Whales are thought to be part of same pod as another discovered on the Norfolk coast on Friday Three dead sperm whales have been discovered washed up on the Lincolnshire coast. One of the whales was found dead on Skegness beach at about 6.30am on Sunday morning, while the two others were discovered a […]

Irish Didn’t Exploit Their Persecuted Minority Status

The next stage in Jade Helm-like psyops? Disturbing new Navy SEALs war games in Washington State

     Did you know that the Navy SEALs just started a series of wargames that will take place in dozens of locations all over the coastline of Washington State, and will go on for at least another 2 years? I didn’t hear about it until recently. Unlike the notorious Jade Helm exercise, which was widely […]

Half million foreigners overstayed US visa in 2015

     Nearly half a million foreigners who legally entered the US last year, stayed in the country despite the expiration of their visas, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says. In an “Entry/ Exit Overstay Report” that was published on Tuesday, the DHS stated that, out of the some 45 million people who were granted […]

The Conspiracy of War – Power, Profit, Propaganda and Imperialism

Ethan Indigo Smith, ContributorWaking Times “Since armies are legal, we feel that war is acceptable; in general, nobody feels that war is criminal or that accepting it is criminal attitude. In fact, we have been brainwashed…War and the large military establishments are the greatest sources of violence in the world. Whether their purpose is defensive […]

Nuclear War And Theft of 100 Nuclear and Radioactive Materials Each Year

In 1959, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower sought to reduce America’s atomic firepower by as much as 50% on the grounds that its stock alone was enough to wipe-out the entire human species and some. Eisenhower was aware of US plans to kill millions of civilians in Russia in the event of a nuclear war. […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

Chile struck by 6.0 magnitude earthquake

     A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.0 has struck east of the city of Ovalle in Chile’s Limarí province, seismologists say, with shaking felt over a large area. The earthquake, which struck at 4:25 p.m. local time on Saturday, was centered about 13 kilometers (8 miles) east of Ovalle, or 82 kilometers […]

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