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Whoopi Goldberg ‘Shocked’ at Catching COVID Despite Being Triple Vaxxed

The UK government had admitted that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “not conclusive.” Schools were ordered once again to instruct pupils to wear face masks in classrooms to stop the spread of Omicron, despite warnings that the face coverings are damaging learning. Now authorities […]

Catching the Time Between Tasks

We will often start our days with the best of intentions and then promptly get caught up in a chain of busywork, messages, opening browser tabs, checking on things, answering email, and so on. Soon the day has gone by and we wonder what we did with it. There’s a simple practice that can shift […]

Steven Cambian – Debunking David Wilcocks fake conspiracies. – Catching Wilcock selling lies, YES AGAIN!

Hello InfiniteAwareness. Welcome and thanks for joining and commenting. My guess is that Steven has just set his YT channel to redirect all traffic to his channel.He is annoyed by the fact that certain sites, like this one, typically receive more views then his channel does. Funny it did not seem to bother him when […]

Joe Rogan: ‘After Catching Coronavirus I Had Just One Bad Day’ – Media Blackout

Podcast host angered mainstream journalists on Wednesday after he announced he had fully covered from coronavirus after just three days of using a variety of natural treatments. In a video posted to Instagram, Rogan confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus after returning home from a comedy tour. After separating from his family, Rogan inundated […]

CDC Says Men Should Continue Wearing Masks To Avoid Catching Devastating Man-Colds

CDC Says Men Should Continue Wearing Masks To Avoid Catching Devastating Man-Colds U.S.—The CDC is urging American males to remain masked for the rest of their lives due to risks associated with the common man-cold. The agency noted that the man-cold is the root cause of over 600 million sick days each year.  Symptoms of the […]

Company Offering ‘Portable Pod’ For Travelers Concerned About Catching COVID

A CNN reporter angrily whined about President Trump triumphantly removing his mask outside the White House Monday night, leading the President’s campaign staff to release video of the very same reporter casually removing her own mask inside the White House after cameras had stopped rolling. CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins commented on Trump’s return […]

Chinese State Media Gloats About Trump Catching Coronavirus

After it was announced that President Trump had contracted coronavirus, numerous leftists took to Twitter to vehemently argue that Trump had staged the infection in order to help his re-election chances. The consensus opinion appears to be that Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 will harm his campaign because it will stop him traveling for 2 […]

Poorly protected postal workers are catching COVID-19 by the thousands. it’s one more threat to voting by mail.

For months, one postal worker had been doing all she could to protect herself from COVID-19. She wore a mask long before it was required at her plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. She avoided the lunch room, where she saw little social distancing, and ate in her car. The stakes felt especially high. Her husband, […]

Recovering ecosystems: How no-till farming is catching on in small farming communities across the plains

(Natural News) According to an article From Civil Eats, no-till farming can help revive struggling ecosystems. Jimmy Emmons, a seasoned farmer from Oklahoma, talked to other farmers at the 22nd annual No-till on the Plains conference about the no-till farming method and how it can rebuild an ecosystem. In a separate talk, “controversial grazing guru” Allan Savory […]

Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge

Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge Above Photo: A team of researchers in northern Australia have documented kites and falcons, “firehawks,” intentionally carrying burning sticks to spread fire: It is just one example of western science catching up to Indigenous Traditional Knowledge. James Padolsey/Unsplash Our knowledge of what the denizens of the animal kingdom […]

Citizen Pedophile Hunter Arrested for Catching Child Predators Better than Police

By Matt Agorist After he became fed up with police officers doing a terrible job at catching child predators, Rich Warner took matters into his own hands. He launched a sting operation of his own and was successful at catching pedophiles. However, he apparently became so good at his job that police have moved in to […]

Soul-Catching Net: Are We “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix?

Is there a Reincarnation Trap or Soul Net which recycles our souls after death to keep us trapped in the Matrix? Evidence from various sources indicates so. The idea of a soul-catching net or soul net that awaits us at death – and keeps us in the Matrix – is a grim and highly […]

Dr Bouthain Shaaban: ‘Catching a Glimpse of Tomorrow’s World’

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political & Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad Despite all the pain and suffering imposed by the ongoing nihilistic wars in our region, I thank God that we are witnessing this historical era, which is one of the most complex eras mankind has passed through. The daily regional and international […]

4 Iranian soldiers killed in border clash

ZAHEDAN (Tasnim) – Four Iranian Border Police servicemen were martyred on Wednesday in an armed clash with gunmen in an outlying border region in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan. In an interview with Tasnim, Ali Asghar Mirshekari, deputy governor of the province for security and political affairs, said the exchange of fire occurred […]

Digging Deeper Into Conventional vs. Organic & Why We Should Grow Our Own

Dr. Ben House, GuestWaking Times Being able to attain healthy, nutritious, clean food should be your right as a human being. Yet, in our current capitalistic climate, it is just not that simple. There is big money in food, just as there is big money in Healthcare, and when the only […]

Revenge of the Yats? Ukrainian media say Yatsenyuk sent to Moscow to spill the beans about Poroshenko, Maidan

     The publication “” has reported that a number of Ukrainian media citing sources close to the Ukrainian presidential administration have released information that the former prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was in Moscow incognito from April 19-22, where he met with officials of the Russian Federation. The newspaper “Izvestiya v Ukraine” has particularly […]

Thank you! Your votes help RT news team win best social media Webby at ‘internet Oscars’

After three weeks of online voting, RT scored a confident popular victory over BBC News, the New York Times, NBC News & Nightly News, and ABC News in the Social Media News & Information category. “To be nominated in the first place means we’re doing things right. To win the People’s Voice award – and […]

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