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2,000 Children Sexually Abused by Illinois Catholic Clergy, Report Finds

The Illinois office of Attorney General has released a report on Catholic Clergy engaging in child sex abuse. Its investigation found nearly 2,000 children have been abused by clergy in the state. “Decades of Catholic leadership decisions and policies have allowed known child sex abusers to hide, often in plain sight. And because the statute […]

French Catholic church to USE THE VATICAN’S MULTITUDE of CHILD RAPING PRIEST to PUSH “DIGITAL IDS” Instead Of Obeying Jesus, Tying a Millstone Around the Child Raper’s Neck And Throwing Em in the Deep End

The scannable ID cards will help to identify blacklisted priests. The French Catholic Church of Pedophilia will have all of its bishops, priests, and deacons carry ID cards with QR codes in order to “shield” children from child rape at the hands of pedo priest. It is FACT when you obey Jesus’s COMMAND, execute those […]

Woke NYC Catholic Church Sparks Fury For reveals mili’ Art Exhibit’d

Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a conservative commentator in the Netherlands, has been making headlines after she criticized abortion in response to an article about young people who are afraid to have children due to climate change. Vlaardingerbroek called abortion “evil” and “degenerate,” and said that not having children because of the climate crisis was “narcissistic.” She urged […]

Woke NYC Catholic Church Sparks Fury For reveals mili’ Art Exhibit’d Art Exhibit’

The archbishop of New York has launched an investigation into an exhibit called ‘God is Trans’ was displayed at a “very liberal” Manhattan church. Three paintings by artist Adah Unachukwu that depict the spiritual journey of an LGBTQ+ person, caused a backlash on Sunday after being displayed at the ultra-woke Church of St. Paul the […]

FBI tried to cultivate ‘sources’ inside Catholic and Christian churches under phony guise of fighting ‘domestic terrorism’

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The House Judiciary Committee on Monday made public internal documents that showed the FBI had sought to cultivate sources within Christian churches and Catholic dioceses to fight domestic terrorism.The documents were obtained last month by members of the Weaponization Subcommittee, including House Judiciary Committee … [Read More…] Source

Pope Francis approaches lifting ban against celibacy for Catholic priests

Pope giving “private blessing” to Mossad Jeffery the child rape pimp and his Child Rape Mossad Madam Does this mean the Vatican’s popes and priest are not even going to try to hide their crimes when they rape little kids anymore? Poor kids! Jesus the Christ Share this: Source

European Member of Parliament Supports Canadian Catholic Student in Gender Belief Fight

MEP Christine Anderson has expressed her support for a 16-year-old Canadian who has been barred from attending his Catholic high school because he says he won’t stop expressing his belief that God made only two, immutable genders. “Josh Alexander is only 16 [years] … old and already he’s got it figured out: Freedom, democracy and […]

Irish Catholic Church in ‘terminal decline’ after sexual abuse scandals

Euronews hears about the “catastrophic” impact of sexual abuse scandals in Ireland’s Catholic Church. Source

Cardinal George Pell, Highest-Ranking Catholic To Stand Trial For Child Sex Abuse, Dead At 81

The cardinal was convicted of molesting two choirboys in the 1990s, but Australia’s highest court overturned that verdict two years later. Source

VOCI – Catholic and Calvinistic Persecution of European Christians

The post VOCI – Catholic and Calvinistic Persecution of European Christians appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

E. Michael Jones: “We’re Not White, We’re Catholic”

We all know E. Michael Jones is an anti-White shill who pretends to be against jewish supremacism, while pushing a jewish religion and saying White people don’t actually exist. Source

22 Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Alleged FBI SWAT Raid on Catholic Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck

As many as 22 lawmakers have called upon Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide an explanation as to why the FBI raided Mark Houck. Source

1 in 4 Jesuit Catholic Universities Cover ‘Gender-Affirming Treatment’

By Grace Shoemaker Some Catholic universities help students get ‘gender-affirming treatment’ At least seven of the 27 Catholic universities in the United States cover “gender-affirming treatment” in their student health plans, according to an analysis by The College Fix. The coverage of these drugs and surgeries, which can include the permanent sterilization of fertility, is at […]

Federal court: Biden administration CANNOT force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions or provide transgender services

(Natural News) A federal court ruled on Aug. 26 that a Catholic medical group cannot be forced to commit abortions or provide gender-related drugs and services by any party – not even the Biden administration itself. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals junked the efforts of both the federal government and the American Civil Liberties […]

Federal court: Biden administration CANNOT force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions or provide transgender services

(Natural News) A federal court ruled on Aug. 26 that a Catholic medical group cannot be forced to commit abortions or provide gender-related drugs and services by any party – not even the Biden administration itself. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals junked the efforts of both the federal government and the American Civil Liberties […]

Catholic League: White Liberals Are the Real ‘White Supremacists’

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said Monday that white liberals qualify as the worst of white supremacists because “they don’t believe blacks have the ability to raise themselves up by themselves.”

Media Slam Catholic Archbishop for Giving Space to Climate Skeptics

Australian media have censured Hobart (Tasmania) Archbishop Julian Porteous for allowing a known skeptic of the climate crisis to speak at a local Catholic thinktank.

Mark Wahlberg Celebrates Son and All Catholic Children ‘Taking Their Relationship with the Lord Into Adulthood’

Actor Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram to congratulate his son and all other young Catholics for their Catholic Confirmations this month.

Order of the Pug: Catholic Secret Society Initiates Wore Dog Collars

Secret societies are characterized by rituals, customs, and teachings that are concealed from the general public. It is no wonder the 18th century secret society known as The Order of the Pug kept their rituals a secret – its members were forced to crawl around on all fours and kiss a pug dog’s backside to […]

Chiapas Christians Face Fines for Not Participating in Catholic Festival

(Christian Solidarity Worldwide) — Christian families in Chiapas, Mexico are being forced to participate in an upcoming syncretic Roman Catholic festival or face illegal fines for the fourth consecutive year. The sixteen families, comprising 32 adults, attend the Alpha and Omega Presbyterian Church in Nueva las Tacitas, Ocosingo Municipality, Chiapas State and…

Televangelists receive millions in PPP loans, Catholic Church got $1.4 billion

Organized religion is perhaps the largest obstacle to spiritual growth which exist. Organized religion is used to herd the sheep through the slaughterhouse door for the evil ass holes who would be ruler of this rock. The Catholic Church was formed as a slave religion for conquered peoples of the Roman Empire. It told them […]

German court convicts Catholic Church priest of abusing children

A German court has convicted a Catholic Church priest of sexually abusing children over a number of years. The 70-year-old was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay total damages of €50,000 to three co-plaintiffs. According to the indictment, the case against the priest covered 118 counts and the youngest victim was […]

No room at the inn – for unvaccinated: Catholic priest tells faithful parishioners who have refused to get jab for religious reasons they are NOT welcome at church for Christmas Mass

God has been unwelcome at the Cult of Rome “churches for damn near two thousand years.And if the Popester and his pedophile “priest” had got their hands on the baby Jesus they would have raped him. These evil bastards have been “vaccinating” little children with their dicks for damn near two thousand years. Time for […]

Freemason Satanists Control the Vatican And Catholic Church (AND CIA)-Coming Events Prophecies

No doubt this Irish Priest is Authentic but I don’t trust the CIA. When yer dealin’ wid the CIA Ya gotta sleep with ONE EYE OPEN at all times. Criminals In Action CIA so anything they put out you have to double check and FORM your own opine. LOL They are the Biggest Liars and […]

Elpidophoros Calls for “Restoration of Unity” at Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Americas addressed the Fall assembly of the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops last week, calling for a “dialogue of love” between the two churches. Credit: GOARCH Archbishop Elpidophoros, the head of all Greek Orthodox in the Americas, called for a “restoration of unity” and a “dialogue of love” between […]

Cologne Catholic church holds penance service on sex abuse

Germany’s Roman Catholic archdiocese of Cologne held a service of penance on Thursday for cases of sexual abuse by clergy, saying the ritual was not an absolution for the perpetrators but a “confession of guilt.” The German Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse reports has caused a crisis in Cologne, where the archbishop, Cardinal Rainer […]

Catholic Leader Issues Vaccine Mandate Across Australian Diocese

The Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge has issued a strongly worded ultimatum for all catholic priests within his diocese to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 15. Clergy failing to receive the jab will need to show cause or face immediate suspension, according to a letter obtained by The Australian. Despite recognising that vaccination was a […]

U.S. Catholic bishops may dodge rebuke of Biden over abortion

A member of the doctrine committee, Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, Texas, said he and his colleagues decided that the document should avoid any trace of partisan politics. Yet Olson remains an outspoken critic of Biden’s abortion stance, saying the president has “upped the scale of scandal.” “He’s gone on record as saying abortion […]

Biden Says ‘Pope’ Told Him That He’s a ‘Good Catholic’ Who Ought To Take Communion

(ROME) — President Joe Biden met face to face with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is referred to by Catholics worldwide as “pope” in his role as the head of the Roman Catholic religion, at the Vatican on Friday. Biden, who identifies as Catholic, supports the murder of unborn children through abortion under the guise of “women’s rights,” […]

Roman Catholic Church abuse in France 

Comparing grotesque crimes against humanity, while trying to work out which are the worst, is a wretched task. Acts of profound evil have implications well beyond their direct victims, so judging their long-term consequences is extremely difficult. What is certain to many in France right now, however, is that efforts to punish one major monotheistic […]

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