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Rep. Massie warns about fed plan to electronically track all U.S. cattle to stymie beef production

Rep. Massie warns about fed plan to electronically track all U.S. cattle to stymie beef production Hidden deep within the new omnibus bill is a secret provision to allow the federal government to electronically track all cattle in the United States. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) warned about the hidden provision on X, stating that lobbyists […]

Texas fires are destroying cattle ranches – will the U.S. beef industry survive?

Texas fires are destroying cattle ranches – will the U.S. beef industry survive? In what the Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) X account is describing as a total wipeout of the American beef industry, the Texas fires have reportedly annihilated a disturbing number of cattle ranches, feedlots and grasslands in the Lone Star State. The devastation […]

US Cattle Herd At 73-Year Lows As Retail Beef Prices At Record Highs

Readers have been well informed about ‘beeflation’ and why it’s happening Source

US government raids Amish cattle farmer, seizing his property in a shocking display of overreach…

Americans are watching in absolute shock and horror as our government, which is supposed to “fear” the people, runs roughshod over everyone and everything deemed an enemy. Whether that’s President Trump, U.S. voters, J6 prisoners, Julian Assange, Douglass Mackey (convicted of ‘conspiracy’ for sharing an anti-Hillary meme), or a harmless Amish farmer simply minding his […]


HOW DOES THE JUDAIC CABAL KEEP THEIR CATTLE ON THE FARMERS PAYROLL IN LINE? Oprah (Pedophile Freemason): Cancelled. Magazine caput. Ellen (Pedophile Freemason): Cancelled. Jimmy Kimmel (Pedophile Freemason): Taking a break. Piers Morgan (Pedophile Freemason): Taking a break. Tom Hanks (Pedophile Freemason): Became a Greek citizen. Bought a Mansion on a Greek island, similar to […]

Madison County Authorities Investigating Mysterious Cattle Mutilations In Texas

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death and mutilation of cattle in Texas. In a public notice released on Wednesday this week they informed locals that six different cows in “different locations, pastures, […] The post Madison County Authorities Investigating Mysterious Cattle Mutilations In Texas appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Ancient Nordic Chant to Call Cattle is Hauntingly Beautiful (Video)

Kulning, the ancient Nordic chant to call cattle, is a singing technique that has been passed down through generations. Historically, it was used by Norse women in Sweden to call their cattle back home from the pastures in the evenings. The high-pitched sounds were able to travel over long distances and were also used as […]

Winter Storm Hits Meat Plants, Threatens Wheat and Cattle

CHICAGO—Tyson Foods Inc. said it suspended and reduced operations at some U.S. meat facilities on Thursday due to a massive winter storm, while farmers increased checks on livestock facing harsh winds and cold. The extreme weather presented a temporary challenge to food production after consumers grappled this year with soaring inflation, supply-chain shortages, and drought […]

Thousands of U.S. cattle buried, dumped at Kansas landfill

 Top U.S. cattle feeding companies sent 1,000-pound carcasses to a Kansas landfill, where they were flattened by loader machines and mixed with trash, after a June heatwave killed thousands of cows, documents seen by Reuters show. Source

Cattle Die in Mass: But Not Mad Cow, Holy Cow!

I’ve recently come across a report stating that 3,000 cows died suddenly last weekend in SW Kansas. No one knows why. I said to myself, WTF? A quick turn of the shovel revealed that already many are questioning the conventional media and its headlines, such as Shocking Footage Shows Thousands of Dead Cattle in Kansas […]

15,000 sheep drowned and 10,000 cattle die from heat wave … all that food … gone

Reminiscent of the boatload of livestock shipped from NZ in 2020 that sank, 6,000 cattle lost, not that long ago. Like the recent outbreaks of fire destroying food manufacturing plants it is really hard to imagine this is all accidental. One hundred fires in the US according to Jeff Rense recently (listen to his interview […]

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle

The current heat wave blazing through Kansas feedlots has killed an estimated 10,000 head of fat cattle. Final death numbers continue to come in, but that early estimate was shared with DTN by livestock experts, who put the geographical center point for those deaths at Ulysses, Kansas.

Independent Calligrate Cattle Company Cuts Through Corporate Cattle Co. LIES

HomeEnvironmentProtocolMobile Meat ProcessingTourSoil ProductsContact & Visit Us Callicrate Cattle Co Soil Products | Biochar: Prepping it for SoilBone-char | Bio-char | Outdoor Garden Mix | Potting Soil Ranch Foods Direct owner Mike Callicrate first got the idea of turning bones into biochar while learning about regenerative agricultural practices from Australian consultant Darren Doherty. He then tracked down Scott Bagley, of Athens, Ohio, […]

Jews: “Biden or Trump? It doesn’t matter! Both are Obedient Goy Puppet Cattle Slaves to Zion”

Now, when the majority of polls predict doom and gloom for the president, indicating that his days in office are numbered, many Israelis worry that the processes started by Trump will eventually be halted. No Reason for Panic But Elana Sztokman, vice chair of media and public relations of Democrats Abroad Israel, says the Jewish […]

Lightning strikes have killed 65 people and 69 cattle across Cambodia so far this year

     A total of 70 people died amid heavy storms in Cambodia this year, including 65 who were struck by lightning, local media reported on Monday. National Committee for Disaster Management spokesman Keo Vy told newsmen that the first five months of the year have seen 68 people killed during storms. Vy said that the […]

When cows are raised naturally, cattle production becomes environmentally friendly and sustainable, producing a healthier product

(Natural News) Cattle farming has found itself on the receiving end of lots of criticism over the years, and much of it is justified. In many ways, cattle production is linked with problems like water pollution, overgrazing and general unsustainability. However, by raising cows naturally, cattle production can actually be not only […]

Vampire bats are killing hundreds of cattle every year in Peru

     Vampire bats have long been suspected of passing on rabies to humans and livestock in Latin America, but up until now solid statistics have been hard to come by. A new study gives us some idea of the problem – and it’s not looking good. The study, carried out in Peru, estimates that more […]

Six cattle killed by lightning strike in Malanda, Australia

     A dairy farmer is counting his losses after six cows were killed by suspected lightning strikes at his Far Northern property. Malanda cattleman James Johnston was searching for his missing cattle before milking when he stumbled on the carcasses on yesterday morning. “They just looked like a dead cow, but I didn’t cut them […]

Israel steals cattle, water tanks in Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation stole on Tuesday Palestinians’ cattle, water tanks in remote Jordan Valley village, east of northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus. Aref Daraghmeh, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the area, said that staff from the Israeli Civil Administration accompanied by Israeli occupation forces stole a number of cows belonging to one of […]

Lightning strikes kill 6 people and 4 cattle in Ethiopia

     Lightning strikes kill six people in Ethiopia’s northeastern region. The incident happened in Afar regional state, one of Ethiopia’s developing regional states, with majority arid and semi-arid climate conditions, a state prone to negative weather conditions, including the recent El Nino driven drought that hits Ethiopia since 2015. The tragedies occurred amid the Ethiopian […]

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