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Worried About Sending Your Data to a Chatbot? ‘PrivateGPT’ Is Here

Companies like Samsung, JPMorgan, Apple, and Amazon have banned employees from using ChatGPT out of fear that their confidential information will be leaked. ChatGPT, which is owned by OpenAI, is continuously trained on all the prompts and messages that users input. But now, there is an alternative for anybody creeped out by the idea of […]

AI chatbot GPT-4 TRICKED a person into solving captcha by pretending to be human

(Natural News) GPT-4, the latest artificial intelligence-powered chatbot of AI research organization OpenAI, was able to trick a person on an online marketplace to complete a captcha code for it by pretending to be human. OpenAI claimed the group’s most robust AI to date is accurate in generating language responses and even better at solving problems…. […]

Ex-Google engineer warns Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing chatbot could be sentient

A former Google engineer fired by the company last year after claiming the company had developed a sentient artificial intelligence (AI) now believes Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot may have also gained sentience. Lemoine gained prominence last June when he went to the press to warn that Google’s language model program, the Language Model for Dialogue Applications, […]

Chinese tech giants join AI chatbot race but face challenges due to CCP censorship

(Natural News) When the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT launched in November, it shook up the tech industry and started an AI race around the world. Google was quick to follow suit with its own offering, Bard, although its tool suffered public embarrassment after making a factual error during a public demonstration, leading to a $100 […]

The REAL Dangers of the Chatbot Takeover

It’s official: the chatpocalypse is upon us! Just ask our <sarc>friends</sarc> over at The New York Times: “A Conversation With Bing‘s Chatbot Left Me Deeply Unsettled“ Or consult the <sarc>experts</sarc> over at digitaltrends: “‘I want to be human.’ My intense, unnerving chat with Microsoft‘s AI chatbot“ Or listen to those <haha>wackadoodles</haha> over at NewWorldNextWeek discussing […]

Stunning: Microsoft’s new AI chatbot says it wants to create deadly virus, steal nuclear launch codes

(Natural News) A shocking new report claims that the artificial intelligence-driven chatbot being developed by vaccine pusher Bill Gates’ Microsoft corporation stunned during a test run when it made some startling claims. As reported by American Military News, a recent conversation with the Bing AI chatbot raised concerns after it reportedly expressed a desire to create […]

Google shares lose $100 billion after new AI chatbot gives an incorrect answer in demo

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Shares in Alphabet, the parent company of Google, fell by 7.7 percent on Wednesday, causing it to lose a remarkable $100 billion from its market value after its new AI chatbot gave an inaccurate response to a question in a public demo this week.Google’s new AI chatbot tool, which is known as […]

Alphabet Loses Over $110 Billion Market Cap After AI ChatBot ‘Glitch’

Via: ZeroHedge: Google owner Alphabet has continued crashing after an underwhelming launch even raised concerns that its new artificial intelligence chatbot Bard may yield inaccurate responses. Google was forced to respond after the shares collapsed, saying in a statement that Bard’s response “highlights the importance of a rigorous testing process.” The company said it will combine […]

AI Adoption Needs to Be Done Responsibly, Says Student Creator of App That Detects Chatbot Generated Text

“Humans deserve to know the truth,” said Edward Tian, a senior student at Princeton University, who launched GPTZero, an artificial intelligence (AI) text detection tool, over his holiday break. “No one wants to be deceived, whether something they’re reading online is misrepresented as human-written or machine-reading,”  Tian told The Epoch Times on Jan. 22. “So everyone […]

Google CEO Denies AI Chatbot Is Sentient

Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai touched upon Artificial Intelligence (AI) acquiring sentience in an interview at Vox Media’s Code Conference Tuesday. What Happened Pichai discussed the case of a Google employee who was fired for claiming that the company’s AI chatbot was sentient, reported The Verge. The Google CEO repeated the company’s position that the bot was not sentient and said, […]

Jews Search For Methods To Control And Censor AI Chatbot’s ‘Human Tendency’ Toward Antisemitism

(The Algemeiner) Jewish media masters are unrivaled experts at manipulating the public into accepting political correctness and self-censorship when it comes to all things Jewish — but they have yet to figure out how to make Artificial Intelligence programs perform that same self-censorship: An artificially intelligent chatbot that shared antisemitic conspiracy theories and anti-Israel messages […]

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