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DOMESTIC TERROR: Internal Chats Show Activist Group ‘Organize Against Transphobia’ Plotting Murder of Police


The Higherside Chats

Whitney joined The Higherside Chats to discuss Agenda 21, Big Data, Big Picture Conspiracy, Bill Gates, Capstone Cabal, Child Abuse, CIA, Corruption, Covert Ops, Media. Listen here. The Higherside Chats. Source

3 million+ innocent private chats could be handed over to investigators under new EU plans

A leaked document from the European Commission (EC), the executive branch of the European Union (EU), has revealed that the artificial intelligence (AI) it plans to use to mass surveil private chats for “grooming” content is expected to falsely flag content and forward it to EU investigators 10% of the time. This proposed mass surveillance […]

Racialist Man Chats With Liberal Woman

[embedded content] SUPPORT MP Source

Rabbi Yaakov Glasman chats with Henry Greener

December 13, 2020 by Henry Greener-The Shtick Read on for article Rabbi Yaakov Glasman of the St Kilda Shule zooms in to tell us about the virtual events that he and so many other congregations and organisations created to keep the community connected over the time of COVID. Rabbi Yaakov Glasman         […]

Israeli police joining group chats used to organize anti-Netanyahu protests

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Oath Keepers’ Private Chats Show Desire For Post-Election Violence

Oath Keepers’ Private Chats Show Desire For Post-Election Violence “It’s Time to Start Killing the News Media Live on Air.” As Donald Trump nears the end of his elected presidential term, far-right and fascist groups maneuver to exploit rage among his supporters. The Oath Keepers, a militia made up of mostly retired military and law enforcement […]

Playstation Says it Will Enable Voice Chats to be Recorded So Players Can be Snitched on for Mean Words

A company called ViraShield has developed what it calls a “portable pod solution” that caters for people who have “fear of going out” in the age of coronavirus. “In a matter of seconds, the ViraShield unfolds to give users a protective, six-sided barrier between them and their seatmates,” states a promo for the contraption on […]

The Higher Side Chats

Robbie Martin speaks to investigative journalist and writer Whitney Webb about her incredible in-depth new series about a group of sketchy individuals who weave a thread of anthrax, bio-terror fear mongering and ‘pandemic preparedness’ through the Bush Sr, Clinton, George W Bush administration and now the Trump administration. Source

1,200 pages of ‘gay’ priests’ explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

A dossier, which purports to expose the double life of 34 Italian priests, has been submitted to the Vatican by the by the Archdiocese of Naples. The lawyer-turned-gay escort who compiled the list claims the clerics were all gay. In the latest scandal to rock the Catholic church, 34 priests and six […]

The Higherside Chats: Michael Joseph – The Many Esoteric Elements Of The JFK Assassination Ritual

Renegade Editor’s Notes: I know most of you are probably sick of JFK conspiracy by now, but this is one of the angles that is often overlooked by most of the exoteric researchers. Greg Carlwood, talks about the many esoteric elements of the JFK assassination ritual. with returning guest, Michael Joseph. There are only a […]

DATA RELEASE: “Unite The Right” Planning Chats Demonstrate Violent Intent

Above Photo: Charlottesville, VA – As white supremacist groups continue to hold “free speech” events in the wake of the deadly hit-and-run attack in Charlottesville, many elements of the self-named “alt-right” have come under increased scrutiny. Organizations have been refused service by web providers and payment processors. Many individuals are facing personal consequences at home […]

The Higherside Chats: Tracy Twyman – Ancient Esoteric Cults, Elite Beliefs & Conquering The Sun

Renegade Editor’s Note: this is a pretty wild interview, but it really puts some occult themes into a better perspective. It seems clear to many of us that the deeper we dig into the closed door activities of the elite, the more deranged and disturbed they seem. With rumors of ritualistic blood sacrifice and sex-capades […]

Alte Kämpfer Chats: 30.06

Daily Stormer May 20, 2017 On this episode of Alte Kämpfer Chats, the hosts interview 30.06, a dedicated American National Socialist who has been active in the movement for 50 years. Source Article from

Alte Kämpfer Chats: Nazis in Rhodesia

Alte Kämpfer ChatsMay 3, 2017 In episode 2 of Alte Kämpfer Chats, Andy and Ahab interview Tom, an old fighter from the American Nazi Party who went to Rhodesia.   Source Article from

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