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In gift to rich tax cheats, Republicans strip IRS funds from bipartisan infrastructure bill

Under pressure from well-heeled conservative advocacy organizations and donors, Republican senators have removed funding for IRS enforcement from an emerging bipartisan infrastructure plan, threatening to tank a proposed crackdown on rich tax cheats. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), part of the 22-member bipartisan group that’s rushing to hash out the details of the infrastructure bill ahead of […]

Australia’s biggest tax cheats

Australia’s biggest tax cheats and the ATO   While the Australian Tax Office does very little to make Australia’s biggest company tax dodgers pay their fair share the ATO is in the process of spending $millions trying to jail ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle. When looked at closely it’s not hard to work out why the […]

Young snowboarder cheats death after tree falls on her at Russian ski resort (VIDEOS)

The woman was going down the southern slope of the ski resort with her friends, when the 65ft tree collapsed all of a sudden, breaking the road fence and falling on top of her. The moment was caught on a go-pro camera by one of the skiers.  Skiers and snowboarders around the woman rushed to help get […]

Thank you! Your votes help RT news team win best social media Webby at ‘internet Oscars’

After three weeks of online voting, RT scored a confident popular victory over BBC News, the New York Times, NBC News & Nightly News, and ABC News in the Social Media News & Information category. “To be nominated in the first place means we’re doing things right. To win the People’s Voice award – and […]

Can the next global financial crisis be blamed on hackers?

     Add one more way to lose all your life savings. Many of us have heard about the covert “bail-in laws” that already went into effect this year in Europe making theft of private bank account assets “legal” in this topsy-turvy world where chaos and high crimes rule the day. The precedent was set a […]

Dubai Security Chief Warns Of “Clash Of Civilisations” After Trump Victory

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Bin Tamim A security chief for the Emirate of Dubai has issued a warning over the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency in the United States. The deputy chairman of police and general security in Dubai, Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, took to Twitter warning  of a “clash of civilisations” if […]

Study Reveals That ‘Killer Germs’ Annihilated By Medical Smoke (Smudging)

Burning medicinal herbs and plant resins, such as white sage, has substantial air purifying effects, a recent study reveals.  It’s known to indigenous American cultures as smudging, a sacred, long-held practice that entails the burning of herbs and plant resins, the most common being white sage, in a ceremonial type setting. The smoke from the burning […]

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