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James Clapper Says Biden Is ‘Absolutely Right’ That Trump Can’t Be Trusted With Intel Briefings

James Clapper, spymaster under former president Barack Obama, is throwing his weight behind Joe Biden’s argument claiming that now Donald Trump is out of office, he can’t be trusted with classified information. The former Director of National Intelligence told CNN’s New Day that Trump has “demonstrated a disdain for both the substance of intelligence as […]

PAY FOR PLAY: Do Paid Analysts Brennan (MSNBC) and Clapper (CNN) Still Have Access to Top Intel?

Here’s one way to be recognized as ‘award-winning’ journalists – collude with intelligence officials to get their best leaks and then hire them later. Now, the question is…are Brennan and Clapper leaking top intel to MSNBC and CNN as paid analysts? By Sara A. Carter CNN walked away with a prestigious journalism award at Saturday night’s […]

Furious Clapper Admits To CNN That Trump Was Wiretapped

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was forced to admit that Obama illegally wiretapped Donald Trump, during a CNN interview Wednesday. Speaking with CNN host Don Lemon, Clapper admitted that it was conceivable that then-candidate Donald Trump was picked up in a wiretap of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Is […]

James Clapper Predicts Trump Is About To Quit

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has predicted that President Trump is on the verge of quitting – and claims that clues in recent speeches suggest he is sowing the seeds for an ‘imminent departure.’ Clapper told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday night that Trump’s performance at a campaign rally in Arizona was “downright […]

Clapper makes racist comment in interview: Russians are "genetically driven" to deceive

     The man who committed perjury is now showing his racism towards Russian people In an interview with Chuck Todd from Meet the Press, James Clapper opened up about his ability to spot a Russian spy in Jared Kushner, and his belief that Russians are “genetically driven” to cause mischief and deception. All of this […]

James Clapper: Stories Of Trump And Russia Collusion Are ‘Fantasy’

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has admitted that there is absolutely no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Speaking on “This Week” on Sunday morning, Clapper was forced to admit that the DNI failed to find any evidence of a Russian-Trump relationship. James Clapper: At the time I left office I had […]

‘No evidence Russia influencing voter tallies in…50 states’: Clapper, Yates testifies before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

     Sally Yates, the former acting Attorney General of the Trump administration, and Deputy Attorney General under former President Barack Obama, testified on Wednesday at a hearing on alleged Russian meddling in the US presidential election — accusations for which no US official has come up with concrete proof. Also appearing before the Senate Judiciary […]

Deep water oarfish caught alive off Japan

     Japanese fishermen made a rare catch on Monday when they found a huge oarfish in their nets. The fish will now be housed at an aquarium. Source Article from 00

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