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Nancy Pelosi Praises Pope Francis for his ‘Immense Moral Clarity’

ROME — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi described this weekend’s private audience with Pope Francis as a “spiritual, personal and official honor.” The pope’s leadership “is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and for all people, challenging each of us to be good stewards of God’s creation, to act on climate, to […]

The NIF is hiding behind ambiguity. We need clarity

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Gaining Moral and Ethical Clarity Through the Challenges of Drinking on Purim

Throughout many cultures and religions, we find certain days on the calendar commemorated by a certain degree of “escapism.” On these days, actions that typically would be deemed as abnormal are embraced as the norm, often leading to behavior that can approach chaos or even lawlessness. In the greater world, “carnival culture” gives people the […]

Why Revolution Is Now Needed More Than Ever Before But  Needs Much Conceptual Clarity

Revolution is inherently a very noble concept as it is based on three very important  understandings for promoting improvement of human society. Firstly, there is a recognition that there is something basically wrong with the way human society is organized and functions at present, leading to avoidable large-scale distress and potential of this increasing even […]

‘Erratic’ or ‘Strategic Clarity’: What to make of Trump’s Middle East legacy?

Donald Trump broke with bipartisan convention in his Middle East policy. Some say he overturned stagnant conventional wisdom that rewarded foes while punishing allies. Others argue that the former president damaged American interests and abandoned its long-standing commitments in the region. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top […]

Iran calls for clarity over nuclear deal after talks with China

Bloomberg– Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif sought further talks after failing to win any concrete assurance to help tackle the U.S. threat of economic sanctions over its nuclear program. The meeting with Wang Yi in Beijing, at China’s invitation, is Zarif’s first stop on a diplomatic tour after President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 […]

Quantum Consciousness — Body Scan Meditations for Clarity and Clearing

April 27th, 2018 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World There are many meditation practices and many reasons to meditate. Meditation comes in many variations because there many originations, many starting points, and many different phases of our spiritual journey — all of which can help us to reach peace and clarity. If we […]

A Native Smoke Ritual For Renewal And Clarity

February 17th, 2018 By Nick Polizzi Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you ever noticed that when you walk into any place of worship or sacred ceremony, there is always one repeating theme? Yes, the symbols and prayers spoken may be different, but one thing is universally present – the use of smoke. Beyond its pleasing […]

Spanish PM seeks clarity on Catalan independence declaration, threatens to suspend region’s autonomy

“The cabinet has agreed to require formally to the Catalan government to confirm whether it has declared or not independence,” Rajoy said in a televised address on Wednesday as cited by Reuters. Catalans ‘disappointed’ by another delay after ‘300 years’ of waiting for independence (VIDEO) Catalan regional President Carles Puigdemont’s answer “would determine future events […]

Turkey’s troubled history of unrest and military coups

     Since becoming a republic in 1923, Turkey has undergone several coups due to a constitution that states the military are not beholden to the country’s political leaders. The most recent attempt continues a history of unrest between politicians and the military. The Republic’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, implemented an ideology known as “Kemalism” […]

14 foreign security guards killed, 8 wounded in Kabul suicide bomb attack

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi wrote on his Twitter account that 14 people had been killed and eight wounded, while the police were identifying the victims. Initial report of today’s terrorist attack in Kabul 14 killed and 8 wounded, Police are working to ID victims. — Sediq Sediqqi (@moispokesman) June 20, 2016 The casualties included […]

Waiting List in Louisiana Leaves Poor Without Legal Representation

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals   The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in New Orleans, Louisiana, accusing the public defender’s office (PDO) of creating a “waiting list” for poor residents who have been arrested. Just recently the PDO announced […]

City of Oakland Joins the Fight Against Monsanto, Sues for PCB Contamination

26th November 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “Agrochemical giant Monsanto knowingly contaminated Oakland’s storm water and the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic chemical for decades, a new lawsuit filed by the California city claims. Oakland wants the company to pay for the environmental cleanup.” [source] Municipalities in the U.S. […]

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