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Snag This Vibrating Beard Cleaner (for 50% Off) to Tame Your Face Bush

We’re deep in the throes of Movember, baby, which means men everywhere are celebrating facial hair in honor of men’s health (whether they can grow a full on lumbersexual beard or struggle to produce anything more than stubble) and unleashing the power of the stache. That said, ask any dude who has any level of […]

Global Oil CEOs Stress Need for Fossil Fuels Despite Push for Cleaner Energy

HOUSTON—A global energy conference devoted to future technologies and low-carbon strategies kicked off in Houston on Monday with top executives from energy companies affirming the need for more oil for decades to come. The World Petroleum Conference’s four days of discussion started with chief executives from global giants Exxon Mobil Corp., Saudi Aramco, Chevron Corp., […]

As economy seeks post-COVID rebound, a plan promises a greener, cleaner way

As the developed world plans massive spending programs intended to help jumpstart economies across the globe once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, much of the money is expected to go toward schemes intended to lay the foundations for a greener, healthier planet. US President Joe Biden pledged during his election campaign to plow $2 trillion (NIS […]

Towards Greener and Cleaner Cities, With Special Care For The Poor

Sanitation has been perhaps the weakest link in the urban development effort of India. The path towards better cities involves above all a big breakthrough in decentralized sanitation solutions and linking these with increasing greenery. First and perhaps foremost, there should be waste segregation at source level, whether home or workplace, so that we have […]

Watching The Hawks – Monkey Beds Cleaner than Haspels Record

Watching The Hawks – Monkey Beds Cleaner than Haspels Record Watching The The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to advance Trumps controversial CIA nominee Gina Haspel — former intelligence agent Ray McGovern joins Sean Stone and guest host Ashlee Banks to discuss. Journalist Max Blumenthal discusses the attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinian protesters in […]

Not your average household cleaner: Russian town plans new ‘Novichok’ brand of products, thanked UK journalists for promoting it

     The mayor of the Russian town of Shikhany says his administration plans to copyright a ‘Novichok’ brand of household cleaning products, and thanked UK journalists for promoting it. “I have commanded that the town administration works through the issue of copyrighting the word ‘Novichok’ as a brand name for a line of household cleaning […]

Make your laundry cleaner for the environment: Researchers designing ways to treat wastewater from washing machines

(Natural News) You can’t see silver nanoparticles in your clothes – not even with a microscope – but rest assured these tiny particles are present in many of your underwear, towels, socks, and other garments. Ranging in diameter from 1 to 100 nanometers, they are added to give clothes anti-odor and anti-bacterial […]

‘Felt like a slave’: Cleaner sues over alleged abuses at Netanyahu home

Netanyahu to Putin: Iran must withdraw from Syria or Israel will ‘defend itself’ The prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, is the subject of a civil suit by a 24-year-old former cleaner employed at the Beit Aghion residence between August and September, Yedioth Ahronoth reports. During the month of employment, the woman alleges that she was […]

Self-Producing Cells Have Been Used To Make Lab Grown Chicken – Cleaner, Cheaper & Healthier Meat?

Next Story Lab grown meat… have you heard of it? Maybe in a sci-fi book about the future, or on a TV show, but you may be surprised to find out that it is in fact a real thing, and its implications are huge. Imagine a world where vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike could […]

DIESEL engines now cleaner for the environment than gas engines

(Natural News) An international study that was published on Monday, July 17 in the journal Scientific Reports showed that modern diesel cars release fewer carbonaceous particulate matter (PM) into the air than vehicles which use gasoline engines. The study, which was conducted by researchers in Norway and Switzerland with the  help from colleagues in France, Italy, […]

5 Of The Best Homemade Vegan Cheeses That Will Make You Forget About The Real Thing

Whether you are recently vegan, plant-based, lactose intolerant, cutting back on animal products, or one of those vegetarians that says, “I just don’t think I could ever give up cheese,” then, this is for you! This may surprise you, but there are alternative ways to make cheese. Nuts, for example, make a great homemade cheese because […]

Former British Rail platform cleaner sweeps to victory in Zambian election

  Daily Mail September 23, 2011 A former British Rail cleaner was today declared the new president of Zambia. Michael Sata, 74, is due to be sworn in later this morning as head of the southern African state. The populist former opposition leader entered politics after an early career spent working as a platform cleaner […]

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