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Time To Name The Clients: JPMorgan Flagged Over $1 Billion In Suspicious Epstein Transfers

JPMorgan flagged over $1 billion in suspicious transactions linked to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which the bank reported to the US government, the US Virgin Islands has claimed in its lawsuit against the bank. “JPMorgan was a full-service bank for Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking,” said Mimi Liu, an attorney for the USVI, which says the enormous sum bolsters […]

Trump to GOP firms: Stop using my image or your clients will suffer

The Trump campaign has sent a warning shot to the Republican Party’s House campaign arm and some of its most prominent digital consultants: Stop using the former president’s image and likeness in your fundraising pitches or you will pay. In a letter sent on Thursday afternoon to the National Republican Campaign Committee and ten GOP […]

List of Epstein Island’s Lolita Express primary clients


Clients with ‘Russian sounding’ names sue French banks

(Natural News) A total of 76 French residents with Russian or “Slavic-sounding” names have filed a complaint against a number of banks in France, alleging discrimination on account of national origin after getting caught up in the enforcement of anti-Russia sanctions. (Article republished from Individuals with no ties to the Russian government found their bank accounts […]

R. Kelly Released After Revealing He Was Just One Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Clients

NEW YORK, NY — Just days after being sentenced to 30 years in prison, R. Kelly walked free this morning after it came to light that he was actually one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s clients, and therefore protected from any consequences of his actions. Source

Feds Recommend 30 Years for Ghislaine Maxwell as All of Her Politician Billionaire Clients Walk Free

Hundreds of public figures, ranging from Hollywood actors and musicians to high-profile politicians, are known to have associated with Epstein. Source

Showing How Attorneys Gouge Their Clients


Muslim Instagrammer harasses Jewish clients in Michigan kosher shop

Abdullah aka Dulla Mulla, a Yemeni content creator on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok known for skits and pranks, went to a Jewish-owned kosher store in Detroit, Michigan and harassed Jewish patrons by showing them a picture on his phone of a Palestinian flag and the words “Free Palestine” written on it and recording their reactions for […]

EFAIL: Critical Flaw in PGP Implementations in Email Clients

EFAIL: Critical Flaw in PGP Implementations in Email Clients May 16th, 2018 Via: EFAIL: The EFAIL attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards to reveal the plaintext of encrypted emails. In a nutshell, EFAIL abuses active content of HTML emails, for example […]

Israel Not Prosecuting Clients of Child Prostitutes

Israel Not Prosecuting Clients of Child Prostitutes Because Israel runs all child prostitution across the globe. Sharon Pulwer Feb 25, 2016 3:50 AM   A prostitute near the old Tel Aviv central bus station.Nir Kafri Only 1/3 of 970 underage Israeli prostitutes receive welfare assistance How to answer the silent call for help of Israeli […]

Australia’s largest lender charged fees to dead clients

     Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which is the nation’s largest lender, has collected fees from customers who it knew had died, a major inquiry has heard. The inquiry was ordered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year following a series of scandals involving financial misconduct. CBA told the Banking Royal Commission, which is the […]


Citigroup has warned clients that Theresa May’s position as prime minister is “unsustainable,” warning them to prepare for the government to collapse within a matter of months. The multinational banking corporation believes the parliamentary majority which the prime minister secured through her deal with Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party is “not comfortable enough for […]

Pro-Sanctuary City Judge Rules for Ex-Clients

Judge William Orrick, who on Tuesday blocked a Trump executive order cutting funding to sanctuary cities, has previously abused his position to rule on a favorable settlement for an unscrupulous former bank client. As part of his previous service to the Democratic agenda, not only has Orrick unconstitutionally, in 2015, blocked the release of the infamous Planned Parenthood videos; […]

Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes interviews Marc J Victor on 1-!0 Shooter

Donna Hancock Source Article from

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