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Did Fauci Admit That School Closures Were a Mistake?

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Anthony Fauci actually concedes that he may have been mistaken? Stop the presses! It’s hard to believe considering the list of his policy failures, spectacular misinformation, and revisionist history is almost quite literally endless. Yet in a recent media interview, Fauci stated that a nationwide policy that he supported actually didn’t […]

Starbucks faces NLRB action over union-linked store closures

Making workers whole for work missed,” NLRB demands Starbucks reopen closed stores. Source

Longer COVID School Closures Linked To Youth Suicide Rates

Longer COVID school closures were associated with more emergency department youth suicidality visits, a research letter found. The report, published on JAMA Network Open on Nov. 10, was led by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. “This cohort study found an association between longer school closures in the public health response to […]

Green Bubble Burst: US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three Years

Green Bubble Burst: US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three Years For years, green and socially responsible investments, aka ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), have dominated the investing world. However, according to Bloomberg, a seismic shift is underway as BlackRock and other money managers unwound an increasing number of ‘green’ products amid […]

Randi Weingarten Deflects Blame for Crippling School Closures

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, is attempting to deflect blame for promoting school closures that crippled American students’ educations.

Teachers Union Head Blames COVID School Closures on Trump, Says Biden ‘Gets Reopening Done’

Amid reports of severe learning loss suffered by American children during school closures, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten is trying to deflect the blame for the widespread school closures onto the Trump administration. “While former President Donald Trump and his education secretary, Ms. [Betsy] DeVos, ranted and raved, their successors put the […]

GOP Sen. Kennedy: ‘Revisionist History’ for WH to Claim School Closures Were Fault of GOP — It Was Left-Wing Areas That Closed Longest

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) reacted to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s claim that school closures were the fault of Republicans and reopening schools was done by the work

Pandemic Protocols, School Closures Caused Largest Learning Loss in 30 Years

The U.S. Department of Education and establishment media outlets have admitted to severe learning loss among students due to draconian and unnecessary coronavirus pandemic protocols that saw school closures, masking, and “virtual learning.”

Starbucks Union Files Complaint: Store Closures Are Retaliation

After Starbucks announced Monday that it plans to shutter 16 U.S. stores as part of a strategy for addressing store safety, the chain’s rapidly expanding union filed a complaint alleging that the move is a form of union-busting. The coffee chain said that by the end of the month it would close six stores each in the Seattle and Los Angeles […]

Another Major Food Processing Plant Closes amid Long List of Closures across U.S.

Another major U.S. food processing plant will be closing down in Campbell County, Tennessee, as closures over the few months hit a record high. George’s Prepared Foods announced its chicken processing plant would cease operations […] The post Another Major Food Processing Plant Closes amid Long List of Closures across U.S. appeared first on News […]

Eritrean Christians mark 20 years of church closures

(Release International) — Christians in Eritrea mark 20 years of state persecution this month. The East African dictatorship shut down most of its churches in May 2002, outlawing every religion except Sunni Islam, Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholicism and the Lutheran Church. And today, 20 years later, the persecution continues. Release International is…

Murthy: Some Schools Might Need ‘Temporary Emergency’ Closures Due to Staffing, But We Should Make Them Short

On Monday’s broadcast of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said that while the goal is to ensure that schools stay open, “some schools may have to make temporary emergency decisions based on their staffing in particular. But our goal should be to make sure that these disruptions are short-lived and we can […]

Education Sec’y Cardona: We’ve Had ‘School Closures Due to Poor Policies’ Like Not Mandating Masks

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stated that school districts that don’t require masks in schools should re-think those policies and “parents have had enough of school closures due to poor policies.” Cardona said, “Unfortunately, we have seen where districts are not requiring that, cases go up. We’re seeing hospitalizations go […]

Drawdown: Improving U.S. and global security through military base closures abroad

U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Shutterstock) Despite the withdrawal of U.S. military bases and troops from Afghanistan, the United States continues to maintain approximately 750 military bases abroad in 80 foreign countries and colonies (territories). These bases are costly in a number of ways: financially, politically, socially, and environmentally. U.S. bases in foreign lands […]

Closures on Iberian peninsula making life tough for cross-border workers

Since January 31, Portugal’s borders with Spain have been closed due to the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cross-border workers are allowed to pass, but only eight border points are permanently open and seven more are only open for a few hours on weekdays. The international bridge that connects Vila Nova de Cerveira and […]

Brexit: British supermarket chain in EU sees bare shelves and early closures

A specialist supermarket selling British produce in the EU is struggling to keep food on its shelves because of post-Brexit supply problems. Stonemanor, a small chain of UK food stores in Belgium, has experienced significant shortages of scones, shortbread and other favourites bought by expats and Anglophiles. Shelves normally filled with goodies like custard creams […]

‘This is civil disobedience’: Restaurants in Rome defy coronavirus closures

Some restaurant owners in Rome have defied coronavirus restrictions, keeping their doors open for customers at dinnertime. One frustrated restaurateur said the move was as “a polite protest” and another“civil disobedience”, as they invited customers to dine on Friday night despite measures put in place to fight the spread of COVID-19. In the Rome region, […]

Gantz opposes school closures as health officials push full lockdown

Amid calls from senior health officials to tighten the current lockdown and close all schools immediately, Defense Minister and Blue and White chair Benny Gantz said Monday that he will oppose the shutdown of the education system, despite soaring coronavirus infection rates around the country. “This is the most important thing in my eyes, and […]

UK Hits New Daily Virus Record As Teachers Urge School Closures

LONDON (AP) — With daily coronavirus infections surging as a result of a new virus variant, the British government faced mounting pressure Saturday from teachers’ unions to keep schools in England closed for at least another two weeks. The government, which oversees schools in England, has already decided to keep all schools in London closed […]

Coronavirus: Demands for school closures in England as UK cases hit new record

The UK government was facing growing calls on Saturday to keep all schools in England closed for at least two weeks as a result of surging coronavirus cases following another sudden reversal of policy. The government, which oversees schools in England, has already decided to keep all schools in London closed next week to try […]

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