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Justin Trudeau Issues License to Company To Produce and Sell Cocaine

Justin Trudeau’s government has issued a license to biosciences company Sunshine Earth Labs to produce and sell cocaine to the Canadian public. The licensing deal comes after a far-left policy was announced to address the opioid overdose crisis, by decriminalizing cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to […]

Hunter Biden Heads Into Georgia Forest In Search Of Cocaine Bear

GEORGIA — After hearing that a black bear did epic amounts of cocaine somewhere in the forests of Georgia, Hunter Biden quickly gathered his camping gear and started driving south. Source

PHOTO: K-9 Sniffs Out 154 Pounds of Cocaine During Traffic Stop: ‘Give Him a Treat, Please!’

An Indiana State Trooper needed some help during a traffic stop on Friday, and K-9 Cole was eager to meet the challenge. Source

3.5 Tons Of Cocaine Found Floating In The Pacific Ocean

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand police said Wednesday they found more than 3 tons of cocaine floating in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean after it was dropped there by an international drug-smuggling syndicate. While they had yet to make any arrests, police said they had dealt a financial blow to everyone […]

The Gorgeous (True) Saga Of The Wild Bear Who Ate Several Kilos Of Cocaine

What do watermelons, sex toys, wigs, potatoes, and one very large bear have in common? For one, they’d all make truly memorable Valentine’s Day gifts — but more importantly, each has served as a crucial cog in a major drug smuggling ring. Ever since the War On Drugs began in 1914, cartels have been seeking […]

Colombian Cocaine Seizures Shatter Records in 2022

The Colombian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that cocaine seizures in 2022 added up to 671 metric tons, which was 1.7 tonnes more than the already record-setting total from 2021.  Source

Two women arrested at Athens IA over 13 kilos of cocaine

Police arrested two 24-year-old women from Brazil at Athens International Airport on Thursday night after they were found to be in possession of more than 13 kilos of cocaine. The women were arrested following targeted searches to control the movement of narcotics to Greece from countries in South America. The two had flown to Athens… […]

Greek cargo ship held after three tonnes of cocaine found off Tenerife

Spanish authorities have found three tonnes of cocaine on a Greek-managed cargo vessel off the Canary Islands.The 4,300-dwt Blume (built 2005) was intercepted on Tuesday, 193 nautical miles (360 km) from the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Eldia es Tenerife website reported. Spanish authorities have found three tonnes of cocaine on a Greek-managed… […]

How a Drug Smuggler Moved Cocaine Around the US and Sent $56 Million to Mexican Cartels

MEXICO CITY — A drug trafficker is going to prison after sending an estimated $56 million back to Mexican cartels, the profits from cocaine that he helped smuggle through a “sophisticated network of warehouses and front companies” around the United States. Luis Eduardo González García, 61, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in […]

Belgian Authorities Seize So Much Cocaine It’s Overloading Incinerators-CIA Says Christmas Bonus’s For CIA Cartel Agents Will Be CANCELLED Due To Lost Drug Profits

The OSS became the CIA. Above the father of the CIA, a British controlled double agent who paid $10,000 1945 dollars to have American General George S Patton murdered. Rothschild controlled CIA and British M16 in a war crime overthrew Iran’s secular democratic government in 1953 because it stopped the Rothschild’s from stealing Iran’s oil. […]

Matt Gaetz Knows Americans Love Cocaine

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) waves to supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump during a rally at the Banks County Dragway on March 26, 2022 in Commerce, Georgia. This event is a part of Trump’s Save America Tour around the United States. (Photo by Megan Varner / Getty Images) In a somewhat surprising admission, Republican […]

Hunter Biden Must Be Sharing His Crack Cocaine With yankees in The Communist Country of Ohio

Girl living in Ohio, (first mistake) breaks up with a guy a year and a half back.One day out of the blue he leaves her a voice mail message. No one has disclosed what the message said, perhaps something like I am going to break your door in rape and kill your ass? The next […]

Mykonos: Restaurant employees caught red-handed dealing cocaine to customers

Mykonos police are investigating a case of cocaine dealing in a well-known chain restaurant on the island. Local media reported that employees of the restaurant were selling cocaine and other narcotics to customers. Foreign workers of the catering chain were arrested while driving to the restaurant to supply customers with narcotics.. It is worth mentioning […]

Cocaine-producing giant Colombia seeking to DECRIMINALIZE the drug

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Major cocaine producer Colombia is considering the decriminalization of the drug, with a view to Bogota regulating the cocaine trade.Colombian President Gustavo Petro put forward the proposal to end the “prohibition” of cocaine during his inaugural address in August. According to the leftist leader, the country will work … [Read More…] Source

Madison Cawthorn Out of Congress After Exposing DC Cocaine Orgies

Madison Cawthorn Out of Congress After Exposing DC Cocaine Orgies

Police arrest one suspect in connection to fentanyl-laced cocaine overdose that hospitalized six West Point cadets

The above Anti-American criminal graduated first in his class from West Point. Seems like Duty-Honor-Country of the West Point “motto” became obsolete when the USA murdered General George Patton for adhering to duty, having honor and standing up for his country against Rothschild’s red Russia Khazarian Communism/Zionism and made the red Russian Khazarian treasonous no […]

Dutch police seize 1.6 tonnes of cocaine in Rotterdam port

Dutch customs seized more than 1.6 tonnes of cocaine hidden in shipments of bananas, cocoa beans and cement in the port of Rotterdam, prosecutors said Wednesday. The drugs, with an estimated street value of €127 million, were hidden in three containers that arrived in Europe’s largest port. “The first container came from Ecuador and was […]


Sarah Ransome details alleged abuse by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in book “Silenced No More” Art by Carl Beech Laotians continue to be crippled and maimed by unexploded ordnance left over from the Indochina War. Because of the world’s indifference, only one percent of 80 million undetonated antipersonnel bombs have been cleared. Carrie Fisher […]

Netherlands, Belgium supplant Spain as main gateways into Europe for cocaine

Belgium and the Netherlands have become the main hubs for cocaine trafficking to Europe, supplanting Spain as the main route of entry into European countries, Europol said on Tuesday. The report from the European police agency noted that criminal organisations, from Colombia especially, are using the ports of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany) and especially Antwerp […]

Police find record haul of cocaine in bananas shipment

A record amount of cocaine has been found in Montenegro hidden in a shipment of bananas from South America, say police. Around 900 kilograms of the drug was found divided into 1,205 packages, law enforcement said in a statement on Friday. The haul was discovered on Thursday night in Mojanovici, a village near the capital […]

Tokyo Olympics: Australian showjumper tests positive for cocaine on eve of Games

Australian equestrian athlete and showjumper Jamie Kermond has been provisionally suspended from the Tokyo Olympics after a sample tested positive for cocaine, the country’s governing body for equestrian sports said in a statement on Wednesday. Kermond was quoted by The Australian newspaper as saying that he expressed remorse and was “extremely upset” about his actions. […]

Three cocaine ‘mega-factories’ destroyed in Bolivia as authorities carry out fresh raids against major drug gangs

Bolivian police have announced they have uncovered and destroyed three huge cocaine production sites that were hidden in forestry reserves and national parks, during a successful anti-drug squad operation. The three makeshift so-called ‘mega-factories’, allegedly capable of making 910 kilograms of crack cocaine each day, were covered by tarpaulins in woodland areas of eastern Beni […]

Dutch police announce 23 tons of cocaine seized by authorities in record haul

A record-setting 23 tons (16,174 kilos) of cocaine destined for the Netherlands has been seized at ports in Germany and Belgium, Dutch authorities announced after a joint operation involving law enforcement in the three countries. The shipments were seized earlier this month, but the investigation was revealed on Wednesday after police announced they’d arrested a […]

Blow for smugglers as Hamburg makes Europe’s biggest cocaine seizure

Customs officers in Germany say they have made Europe’s largest-ever seizure of cocaine. They found more than 16 metric tonnes in containers that had arrived from Paraguay, authorities in Hamburg announced on Wednesday. The drugs were discovered on February 12 during a search of five shipments that had been flagged as suspicious. The cocaine was […]

‘Crack Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy’ Review: Netflix Doc Is All Complaints and Contradictions

Stanley Nelson’s Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy, which was released this week on Netflix, is a documentary version of click-whoring. This thing is only 89-minutes long. You’re in. You’re out. This from the same Netflix that has already spent some 1,200 minutes trying to free a murderer in Wisconsin. Priorities, I guess. This dishonest mess pretends […]

Oregon Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Heroin and Cocaine; Four States Legalize Marijuana

Photo Credit: Martjin Baduin/Unsplash (New York Times) — The march to decriminalize drugs moved further across the nation on Tuesday despite continued federal prohibition. Oregon became the first state to decriminalize small amounts of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs. And in New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Arizona, voters decisively passed laws legalizing recreational […]

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Cocaine Trafficking, Would Be 65 But He ‘Shot Himself’ Twice

283 Shares For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury […]

‘Cocaine cowboy’ gets 11 years in prison after 26 years as fugitive

A fugitive dubbed the last of Miami’s “cocaine cowboys” was sentenced Wednesday to 11 years in prison after being a fugitive for 26 years. Gustavo Falcon, 56, aka “Taby,” played a key role in one of the biggest drug trafficking operations of the violent 1980s smuggling era, authorities said. He was […]

Cocaine and other illegal drugs are so common that 13% of us have traces of it on our fingers (even if we don’t use it)

(Natural News) A new study indicates that cocaine is now so prevalent in society that ten percent of those who have never even used the drug actually have traces of it on their hands. The study, which was carried out by researchers at the University Surrey, involved testing the fingerprints of 50 […]

Cocaine Is Now Being Cut With Fentanyl Which Can Kill Users Almost Instantly

It’s fairly obvious that doing cocaine probably isn’t going to be good for you, but it turns out that it’s become even worse for you as dealers are now apparently cutting it with a drug called Fentanyl that can kill users almost instantly. Fentanyl is an ultra strong opioid painkiller that is often given to […]

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