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How to Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Cocktail Paradise

I don’t really like many things that can be described as kitsch, but for some reason I love home tiki bars. This goes beyond rum being my favorite spirit. Maybe my affinity has to do with the fact that I’m a born-and-raised Floridian who no longer lives in a warm place, and sipping an ornate […]

AI-generated ads and addicting psychiatric medications make for a “deadly cocktail”

(NaturalNews) The mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) recently warned about the potential dangers of targeted marketing and… Source

Cocktail Dress: Choose Depending on Your Morphology

When choosing the right dress for cocktails, it’s essential to consider your body shape. While it may be tempting to pick a dress based on personal preference, not every style will flatter your figure. To help you make the best choice, we have prepared some tips based on different body morphologies. Different Dresses for Diverse […]

Five cocktail bars you MUST visit in Athens

Athens is a world-class and sophisticated destination for dining and drinking, and some of its cocktail bars have been awarded among the finest in the world, even if most people don’t know it! Although we love an Alpha beer, tsipouro or homemade wine, certainly give cocktails a go on your next trip to the Greek… […]

Pro-Life Organization Fire-Bombed With Molotov Cocktail

There were incidents of pro-abortion activists gathering outside the homes of at least two conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices on Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning, pro-life organization Wisconsin Family Action’s headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, was firebombed, according to local news Police have called the fire an “arson.” The building is located near the […]

FDA Announces “Mix & Match” Boosters: DEATH COCKTAIL For Masses!

The FDA has now announced a “mix and match” formula for the booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary just months after the original serum was released. Dr. Jane Ruby says this is a DANGEROUS precedent that will create confusion, chaos, and death. An alarming number of babies are dying just days after […]

UK Watchdog Approves New Antibody Cocktail To ‘Prevent & Treat Covid’

The UK’s drug regulatory body has approved a “first of its kind” Covid antibody cocktail that, they say, can prevent and treat covid. The Government is aiming for the treatment to be offered to Brits as soon as possible. In a press release issued by the UK government on Friday, the Medicines and Healthcare products […]

Regeneron to Seek FDA Approval for Its COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail to Be Used for Prevention

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is pursuing FDA approval for its antibody cocktail to be used as a preventative treatment for COVID-19 after its latest study showed positive results. The company announced in a release that its phase three prevention trial for REGEN-COV—a combination of casirivimab and imdevimab—showed that the drug reduced the risk of symptomatic infections by […]

Afterpay’s Nick Molnar in conversation at the Moriah Foundation Circle Cocktail party

Browse > Home / Have You Heard? / Afterpay’s Nick Molnar in conversation at the Moriah Foundation Circle Cocktail party April 9, 2021 by Andy Berelowitz Read on for article The Moriah Foundation Circle has hosted Afterpay’s Nick Molnar in conversation with Danny Sekers at The Moriah Foundation Circle Cocktail Party. Danny Sekers and Nick […]

UK scientists test cocktail of antibody drugs for people with less severe COVID symptoms

Scientists in the UK are starting trials of a cocktail of antibody drugs that they hope will help treat people with symptoms of COVID-19. The mix, developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, is to be given to people who have the infection and are at high risk. Experts say demand is expected to outstrip supply. Dr. Rafael […]

GreenMedInfo blows the lid on SOYLENT, a cocktail of GMOs, chemical "vitamins" and questionable ingredients

(Natural News) As a general rule, anything promoted by the status quo is probably toxic to your mental or physical health. At the same time, natural health solutions that really work — herbal medicine, Chinese Medicine, superfoods, etc. — are systematically attacked and smeared. That helps explain why the status quo is […]

British singer ditches pharma cocktail and “cures” her fibromyalgia with a natural cream made primarily of fatty acids

(Natural News) A British woman who dreams one day of singing in the opera has ditched a cocktail of various drugs for treatment of her fibromyalgia and has essentially ‘cured’ her disease with an all-natural cream made primarily of fatty acids. The U.K.’s Daily Mail is reporting that Liz Farrell, 40, of Ireland, suffered from […]

12 injured after Molotov cocktail attack in Paris restaurant

     Two people sustained serious burns and 10 others were slightly injured after a suspected Molotov cocktail attack on a restaurant in a Paris suburb. Ambulance crews rushed to the scene in Aubervilliers, a commune in the Seine-Saint-Denis district, after a bottle bomb was thrown inside a restaurant located at 72 rue Schaeffer. Rescue crews […]

Russia says no to Syrian federalization as former NATO commander talks partition

Reuters reported on Thursday that Russia was engaged in talks with other global powers on the possibility of turning Syria into a federal state. “While insisting on retaining the territorial integrity of Syria, so continuing to keep it as a single country, of course there are all sorts of different models of a federal structure […]

Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000

The Academy Awards are coming on February 28 and although most stories in the lead up to the show have focused on the incredible whiteness of this (and last) year’s acting nominees, there is another issue that has made its way into the press — the swag bag. What’s a swag bag you ask? It […]

NATO’s increased military presence in E. Europe doesn’t mean return to Cold War – Stoltenberg

“We have already increased our presence in the East (of Europe), with the assurance measures; with more planes in the air; with more boots on the ground; with more ships in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea… we’ve been also establishing this small headquarters and we have more exercises taking place in the East,” […]

Ex-judge consumed ‘drink and drug cocktail’ before car crash

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