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Soda politics: CDC executive resigns – caught colluding with Coca-Cola

     I’ve often written about the collusion between industry and our regulatory agencies, and how industry-funded research tends to simply support and promote the industry agenda rather than shed truthful light on the benefits or risks of any given product. Recent media reports have now revealed devastating evidence showing a Centers for Disease Control and […]

The JCPOA and one-year experiences

One year has passed since Iran and the P5+1 group reached an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA); an agreement, which put an end to more than one decade of tension between the two sides over Iran’s nuclear program and turned into an important model for peaceful […]

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq July 11th, 2016 Via: Reuters: The United States is stepping up its military campaign against Islamic State (IS) by sending hundreds more troops to assist Iraqi forces in an expected push on Mosul, the militants’ largest stronghold, […]

Whistleblower: The Clinton Foundation Is Rotten To The Core

The Clinton Foundation is part of an international charity fraud network worth over $100 billion since 1997, according to a Foundation whistleblower, as claims the Foundation is rotten to the core begin to emerge from various state departments, insiders and Bernie Sanders himself. The mainstream media has been attempting to paint the Clinton email scandal […]

NATO says ‘ready to stay’ in Afghanistan

NATO says it is “ready to stay” in Afghanistan, reiterating a pledge on funding for local security forces. “What we have seen is we are committed and we are ready to stay,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Saturday, highlighting the funding pledge through 2020. Stoltenberg could not say, however, when […]

‘Partnership of equals’: Putin sends Independence Day telegram to Obama

“The history of US-Russian relations proves that when we act as equal partners and respect each other’s legitimate interests, we can solve the most complicated international problems for the benefit of the both nations and humanity as a whole,” wrote Putin in his holiday missive. “The President said he was sure that the positive experience […]

The Cossack Inferno

Off media radar is one of the most horrific holocausts to stigmatise the half-human race. The proud Cossack had long suffered stigmatisation, hate and horror by the Bolsheviks. On November 14, 1920 one of the largest flotillas in European history was moored off the bay at Sevastopol in Crimea. The rescue by armada included 150 […]

Precocious puberty in girls is epidemic and getting worse

     Girls with early onset puberty face a number of mental and physical health risks. Padded bras for kindergarteners with growing breasts to make them more comfortable? Sixteen percent of U.S. girls experiencing breast development by the age of 7? Thirty percent by the age of 8? Clearly something is affecting the hormones of U.S. […]

New Zealand Sitting On Half-Trillion-Dollar Debt Bomb

New Zealand Sitting On Half-Trillion-Dollar Debt Bomb June 6th, 2016 Via: NZ Herald: New Zealand is sitting on a half-a-trillion-dollar debt bomb and Kiwis are increasingly treating their houses like cash machines, piling on the debt as they watch the value of their properties […]

North Korea reactivates nuclear weapons plant, UN says citing satellite imagery

“There are indications the reprocessing plant at Yongbyon has been reactivated,” a spokesman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Monday, as quoted by Reuters. The information obtained by the IAEA refers to “activities related to the five-megawatt reactor, expansion of enrichment facilities and activities related to (plutonium) reprocessing,” the IAEA head Yukiya […]

Orange-Flavored, Dissolvable Amphetamine for Children Approved by FDA

Image: Neos Therapeutics Adzenys XR-ODT™ is the newest ADHD medication to be approved by the FDA. Chemically similar to Adderall, the drug is now available by prescription for children over the age of six throughout the United States. But Adzenys differs from previous generations of ADHD drugs in one major way—it […]

New property of light discovered

     Physicists have just discovered a new form of light that doesn’t follow our existing rules of angular momentum, and it could shake up our understanding of the electromagnetic radiation and lead to faster, more secure optical communication. Because of how well-studied and, well, everywhere, light is, you might assume that we’ve pretty much learnt […]

A brief history of the ‘Nakba’ in Israel

This text describes the discourse on the Nakba — mostly the concept but also the historical event — in Israel. When did it appear? When did it decline and was repressed? What caused these changes? The attempt here is to describe historical moments, a periodization, from the founding of the state until today, in order […]

Backers of al-Riyadh opposition derail intra-Syrian dialogue

Syria Times It has been crystal clear that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and UK have no desire to see the political settlement in Syria move forward. These countries are aiding in the escalation of terrorist activities, arming terrorists and attempting to blow up the agreements reached between the Russia and the United States, especially […]

Holistic doctor found dead in his car, missing for weeks

     It brings me no joy to break the news of yet another doctor, found dead. It’s getting more and more difficult to even write these updates for you all; I can’t wrap my head around how this is still happening and why the mainstream media is continuing to ignore it. Dr Clogston went missing […]

Free surgery offered to acid attack victims

A group of 300 Iranian plastic surgeons have come forward to perform high quality free plastic surgeries on acid attack victims in state-run and private hospitals, said Dr Abolhassan Emami, head of the Society of Iranian Plastic Surgeons, on the sidelines of the 40th congress of the society in Tehran, on Saturday. “In incidents such […]


  John Chuckman   In truth, there is no such thing as a right. The last three centuries or so of European history developed the concept and fixed it in our minds as something real and many modern states have enumerated lists of rights, but, in the limit, the concept of rights has no […]

Turkish PM’s forced resignation is latest example of Erdogan’s lust for power

     With the announcement that Ahmet Davutoglu will step down from his role as Turkish Prime Minister, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear speaks with journalist William Whiteman to discuss this latest example of President Erdogan’s increasing authoritarianism. “[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan is obviously trying to centralize as much power as possible to himself and his […]

Increasing incidents in US of people shot by toddlers this year, 23 and counting

     The number of shooting incidents in the US in which toddlers have shot either themselves or others has, so far, increased by almost 30 percent in 2016 when compared with the same period last year, a Washington Post tally has revealed. Gun-related injuries or deaths, according to the publication, have been happening at an […]

UK Labour Party Descends Into Madness–Searching for Anti-Semites Under the Bed!

Israel continues to kill and murder Palestinians while seizing more and more of their land, but instead of addressing this all-important issue, the Labour Party in the UK has become obsessed with anti-Semitism. With some members openly calling for the suspension of others, the party is on a frenzied quest to flush and ferret out […]

LAWSUIT: Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg bribed her way into the FDA by handing over money to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

(NaturalNews) The more Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton try to portray themselves as aloof from the nasty business of politics, the more we learn that they are hip-deep in precisely the kind of shenanigans and chicanery that have driven tens of millions of voters to outsider presidential contenders this election cycle. According to […]

Tsipras: Greece will not tolerate Erdogan’s violation of the country’s sovereignty

     Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that Athens would continue its joint efforts with other NATO states to improve alliance’s capabilities over the whole operational area in the Aegean Sea. Athens will not tolerate the actions of Ankara violating country’s sovereignty in the Aegean Sea, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Friday. NATO ships […]

Blacklisted Radio Podcast – 4.17.2016

In this podcast Doug gives his thoughts and observations on the current political theater, Masood Azhar and the MI6 terror factory, geopolitics, current events, calls and more… Source Article from

Mainstream Media Asks If WWIII Has Already Begun?

Has WWIII already begun in Iraq and Syria? That is the question many mainstream media outlets have begun asking. According to Reuters journalist Van Buren: “There can be no more wordplay: America now has boots on the ground in Iraq.” Reuters reports: The regional picture is dismal. In Syria, militias backed by the Central Intelligence Agency are fighting those […]

Ukraine-EU Association: From Self-Determination to Foreign Domination

  April 2, 2016 (Ulson Gunnar – NEO) – Though none actually leading the 2013-2014 Euromaidan putsch would seriously claim that the unrest was aimed at preserving Ukrainian self-determination and independence, many who took to the streets believed this to be so. They believed that Russia possessed unwarranted influence over their nation and sought to […]

Collision of dying stars identified as ‘trigger’ of Milky Way’s latest supernova

     The most recent disturbance in our galaxy appears to have been caused by two dying white dwarf stars crashing into each other, say US scientists. Data gathered from NASA’s Chandra X-ray space telescope and giant radio dishes at the Karl G Jansky VLA in New Mexico point to a collision of collapsing sun-like masses […]

Our pungent history: Sweat, stink and perfume

     Consider the sweet, intoxicating smell of a rose: While it might seem superficial, the bloom’s lovely odor is actually an evolutionary tactic meant to ensure the plant’s survival by attracting pollinators from miles away. Since ancient times, the rose’s aroma has also drawn people under its spell, becoming one of the most popular extracts […]

New Wave Of Climate Insurgents Defines Itself As Law-Enforcers

Print Friendly Above Photo: On August 15, 2015, 1,500 people engaged in a daring act of civil disobedience to shut down Europe’s biggest source of C02 emissions. (Flickr / / Paul Wagner) One in six Americans say they would personally engage in nonviolent civil disobedience against corporate or government activities that make global warming worse. That’s […]

Gulf war syndrome: United States veterans suffering from multiple debilitating symptoms

     After their service in the Gulf War conflict from 1990-1991, hundreds of thousands of our country’s veterans began suffering from multiple and diverse debilitating symptoms including neurological and respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological problems, skin conditions and gastrointestinal issues. This cluster of symptoms came to be known as Gulf War syndrome. Independent investigations, […]

Secretly filmed footage shows teacher verbally abusing 1st grade student for answering question incorrectly

     Disturbing footage of a teacher at a Success Academy charter school in New York chastising a young child for answering a math question incorrectly has raised further questions concerning such educational institutes. In the video, Charlotte Dial, a teacher at the organization’s charter school in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, can be heard venting her frustration […]

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