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US Introduces New Immigration Pathway For People From Central America, Colombia

By Mimi Nguyen Lyvia The Epoch Times (emphasis ZH) The Biden administration has introduced a new immigration program to allow some nationals of Central America and Colombia to enter the United States. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on July 7 that it’s implementing “new family reunification parole (FRP) processes” for Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and […]

Bullfighting Ban Faces Critical Legislative Vote In Colombia

Colombia is one of just eight countries where bullfights are still legal. Source

Oil Tank in Colombia’s Barranquilla Explodes Into Flames, One Dead

BOGOTA—A fuel tank exploded into flames in Colombia’s Caribbean city of Barranquilla early on Wednesday, killing a firefighter who fell during the explosion, local authorities said. The firefighter was identified as Javier Solano, 53, by Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro in a message on Twitter, in which he pledged to support the city’s mayor, Jaime Pumarejo. […]

African Slaves Used Braids to Communicate Escape Routes in Colombia

The hair of black boys and girls was, and continues to be, an object of ridicule and discrimination. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Colombia: Ex-Guerrilla Marxist President Restores Ties to Socialist Venezuela Regime

The government of Marxist ex-guerrilla member President Gustavo Petro in Colombia sent an ambassador to Venezuela on Sunday and accepted his counterpart representing the socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro, restoring ties broken under the previous conservative president over the illegality of Maduro’s leadership of the country.

Cocaine-producing giant Colombia seeking to DECRIMINALIZE the drug

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Major cocaine producer Colombia is considering the decriminalization of the drug, with a view to Bogota regulating the cocaine trade.Colombian President Gustavo Petro put forward the proposal to end the “prohibition” of cocaine during his inaugural address in August. According to the leftist leader, the country will work … [Read More…] Source

Colombia, once a pro-U.S. conservative bastion, turns left

Voters in Colombia have picked a powerful new duo, Gustavo Petro as president and Francia Márquez as vice president, to take the nation in a new direction, tackling economic and environmental injustice. Source

Ukraine volunteer fighter and US citizen Craig Lang armed by Colombia to overthrow Venezuela’s gov’t, FBI source says

Craig Lang, a US Army veteran accused by US authorities of carrying out murders on American soil as well as torture and other war crimes in Ukraine, allegedly joined a band of insurgents armed by the Colombian police to overthrow the Venezuelan government. An FBI affidavit against Lang states that he was in Colombia with […]

Colombia: Outsider May Edge Out Center-Right Pick for a Chance to Beat Leftist in Presidential Election

The last-minute surge of outsider candidate Rodolfo Hernández in the Colombian presidential race suggest he could leap into second place in Sunday’s election, guaranteeing a place in a runoff, likely against far-left candidate Gustavo Petro.

Forced Displacements In Colombia Increase By Over 169% During 2021

Above Photo: The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó is one of the many communities that has seen an increase in paramilitary violence and threats. They carried out a march for the right to life on December 23, 2021. Contagio Radio. The Office for Human Rights and Displacement (CODHES) condemned that 2021 had been […]

Biden Colombia plan stirs up Florida hornets nest

Calling the news “outrageous,” Taddeo criticized the Biden administration on Twitter and recounted how she fled her home country at the age of 17 “because of the Marxist terrorist organization, FARC, a group of militias who kidnapped my father who was a WWII American fighter pilot.” Stories like Taddeo’s aren’t rare in Miami-Dade, the state’s […]

Court in Colombia set to rule on decriminalising abortion

Protesters clashed in front of the Constitutional Court in Bogota, which is set to rule on a case that could decriminalise abortion in Colombia. It is currently a crime punishable by between one and four years in prison. In 2006, the Colombian judiciary approved the termination of pregnancy if there is a danger to the […]

Colombia Weighs Abortion Decriminalization As Feminist ‘Green Wave’ Sweeps Latin America

Colombia’s top constitutional court is set to rule in the coming days in a landmark case that could fully decriminalize abortion, a result that would provide the latest jolt to the feminist “Green Wave” movement that has pushed for and won expanded reproductive rights across Latin America. In December, Argentina became the largest of the […]

Tierradentro Hypogea, Colombia’s Mysterious Underground Necropolis

Tierradentro is a national archaeological park in Colombia. Within the Tierradentro Park are structures known as hypogea as well as stone statues. This unique South American site gives visitors a glance into Colombia’s mysterious ancient past. Hypogea are defined as any structure built underground, but more commonly they are known as ancient tombs or temples, […]

Colombia Arrests 10 Over Attacks on Duque’s Helicopter, Military Base

BOGOTA—Colombia has arrested 10 people accused of involvement in attacks on a helicopter carrying President Ivan Duque and a military base last month that officials said on Thursday were planned by former FARC terrorist leaders based in Venezuela. The car bombing at the base in the northeastern city of Cucuta, home to the army’s 30th […]

Why Many In Colombia Embark On New Strike

Social organizations called new strikes for Tuesday, Colombia’s Independence Day, to demand that Congress passes legislation on economic policy, peace and human rights. The latest strike was called by the National Strike Committee more than 80 days after it’s initial April 28 strike sparked protests throughout Colombia that have continued in the cities. The initial […]

2 U.S. Men, Ex-Colombia Soldiers Held In Haiti Assassination

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Seventeen suspects have been detained so far in the stunning assassination of Haiti’s president, and Haitian authorities say two are believed to hold dual U.S.-Haitian citizenship and Colombia’s government says at least six are former members of its army. Léon Charles, chief of Haiti’s National Police, said Thursday night that 15 […]

The National Strike In Colombia: A Trade Union Perspective

For the past month and a half, Colombia has been gripped by social and political upheaval on a level unparalleled in the past half century. On 28 April, a national strike began that surged across the roads and avenues of more than 600 cities around the country, an unexpected but welcome surprise for the leaders […]

Protesters In Colombia Are Finding Ways To Break The Stigma Of Dissent

Above Photo: Luis Robayo/AFP via Getty Images. Colombia’s media and politicians have cast activists as the enemy for decades. One group is trying to change that. A recent satirical video has been gaining steam among Colombian youth, titled “Todo es Culpa de Petro,” **or “Everything is Petro’s fault.” The video highlights the story of a young man who […]

Helicopter Carrying Colombia’s President Duque Struck by Bullets in Attack

BOGOTA—A helicopter carrying Colombia’s President Ivan Duque and others was struck by multiple bullets in an attack on Friday, he said in a video message. The incident took place while the president’s helicopter was flying through Colombia’s Catatumbo region toward the city of Cucuta, capital of the country’s Norte de Santander province, Duque said. “What’s […]

Everyone ‘safe’ after Colombia president’s helicopter attacked

Colombian President Iván Duque said that everyone was safe after a helicopter carrying him and several senior officials came under fire in a region bordering Venezuela. Defence Minister Diego Molano, Interior Minister Daniel Palacios and the governor of Norte de Santander state, Silvano Serrano were also on board the helicopter that was attacked in the […]

Social Movements And Protestors Intensify Struggle In Colombia

[embedded content] Today we look at the latest on the national strike in Colombia, a strike for better pay and staffing by health workers in New Zealand, and more In today’s episode of the Daily Round-up we look at the ongoing national strike in Colombia and the establishment of the National People’s Assembly by various […]

Peace In Colombia Should Mean Land Reform And An End To Hunger

Colombia’s ongoing national strike is part of a decades-long struggle against the political and economic elites to demand peace and dignity for all. Since the end of April, Colombia’s streets have smelled of tear gas. The government of Colombian President Iván Duque imposed policies that put the costs of the pandemic on the working class and the peasantry and tried to suffocate any […]

Police and protesters clash as Colombia’s Duque deploys military

Violent scenes play out in the Colombian cities of Popayan and Medellin as anti-government demonstrations show no sign of abating. Colombian President Ivan Duque announced he was deploying military troops to Cali, the city at the epicentre of protests across the country that have left dozens dead over the past month. Source

The Struggle Continues in Colombia

Above Photo: AP Photo/Fernando Vergara Colombia’s wave of protests continues unabated. This is a first hand account from a comrade living in Colombia. Colombia’s wave of protests continues unabated. On May 12th, there were massive demonstrations throughout the country, indicating that the movement shows no immediate signs of waning. Between the last national mobilisation and […]

The Roots Of Colombia’s Crisis 2021

There has been a social explosion of the Colombian people against poverty and repression. President Duque’s ‘tax reform’ package was the last straw that broke their patience. The biggest upsurge of sustained popular protest since the 1970s has brought the country to an absolutely pivotal moment: Colombia’s future hangs in the balance. In this article […]

Repression Of National Protests In Colombia Is Backed By The United States

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. May 17, 2021 Colombians have been on a national strike since April 28 with protests in 500 cities and blockades that have shut down the major highway. The protests were sparked by a proposed bill that would place the burden of financing the country’s debt on the people while […]

Colombia Has Lost Its Fear

Above photo: “Resistance Port: Against the Reform.” Media Libre Cali. NOTE: This article written in early May provides important context about the uprising in Colombia. A Nationwide Uprising Continues in the Face of State Violence. After decades of armed conflict and paramilitary violence, Colombia has seen protest movements return in strength over the past year […]

Colombia: Anti-Government Protests

Colombia: Anti-Government Protests Peaceful anarchy. This is Part 4 in a series. Colombia’s security forces apparently entered panic mode and the government of President Ivan Duque all but collapsed after the US Congress reiterated threats to cut military funds. The panic was most evident on the National Army’s twitter page, which suddenly began publishing in Spanglish about […]

From Palestine To Colombia: The End Of The White World Colonial/Capitalist Project?

Despite the quickening decline of the “West,” the US and its junior partners in imperialism are determined to hold humanity hostage to terminal capitalist greed and violence. “Biden labels himself an ‘Atlanticist’ — shorthand for a white supremacist.” The world is shocked by the image of an eleven-story residential building in Gaza collapsing from a […]

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