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Feminists Are Resisting Colonization By Fighting Sexual Violence

Above Photo: Mustafa Hassona / Anadolu Agency Via Getty Images. Earlier this summer, several news outlets reported that the Palestinian American Community Center (PACC) in New Jersey, where Palestinian Americans gather for community organizing, civic engagement and humanitarian relief efforts was “bombarded with threats for 7 hours.” Yet perhaps due to the patriarchal culture underlying […]

Teachers Now Want to Cancel Shakespeare: “This Is About White Supremacy and Colonization”

Left-wing teachers are now demanding that Shakespeare is banned from classes due to his “white supremacy and colonization.” Lorena German, National Council of Teachers of English Anti-Racism Committee chair and a co-founder of the #DisruptTexts, claims “everything about the fact that he was a man of his time is problematic about his plays. We cannot teach Shakespeare responsibly […]

Colonization at work: Palestinian citizens and the 2021 Israeli elections

With the fourth Knesset election in four years scheduled for March 23, 2021, we are witnessing more and more provocative acts designed to attract Palestinian voters from Zionist parties on the so-called “left” and the right alike. These acts underscore the othering of Arab citizens by Israeli politicians, who reduce Arabs to a single box […]

England: Cambridge Gets a ‘Golden Dome Mosque’ as 3rd World Colonization Escalates

The famous and historical university city of Cambridge, England, has unveiled a huge $22 million golden domed mosque as the Third World colonization of that country proceeds apace, with the government’s Office for National Statistics predicting that a further 5.2 million “immigrants” will settle in the UK in the next ten years. According to a […]

From DC to Jerusalem: fighting displacement and colonization

Earlier this month, the Washington DC Palestine solidarity community welcomed Jerusalem activist Fayrouz Sharqawi, Advocacy Coordinator at the organization Grassroots Jerusalem. Sharqawi was on a two-week speaking tour including stops in Boston, New York, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In DC, she held events with the Palestine Center, the Middle East Institute, and […]

Zionist colonization is not ‘exceptional’: A Marxist viewpoint

This article aims to challenge the rather widely accepted claim that the nature of Zionist settler colonization is exceptional[1] and even “defies appeal to any precedent that can usefully be invoked as to its evolution and eventual revolution.”[2] My challenge will focus on Moshé Machover’s 2016 article, “The decolonization of Palestine”[3] which is the third […]

Franc’s Marine Le Pen Says French ‘Colonization Gave A Lot’ To Algeria

Marine Le Pen Thinks Colonisation Was A Good Thing ‘Colonisation gave a lot.’Far-right leader Marine Le Pen thinks French colonisation of Algeria was a “good” thing… Posted by Middle East Eye on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 In an interview with French television channel BFM last week, presidential candidate Marine Le Pen stirred controversy […]

9/11 Truth: “Never Forget the Lies” About Alleged “Air Defense Failures” on the Morning of 9/11


Police in LA arrest 238 individuals on charges related to child sex abuse during two-month sting operation

     Nearly 240 alleged child molesters have been arrested in Southern California in just two months. It came as part of a nationwide crackdown on child sex abusers that netted nearly 1,400 predators, including a religious official and white-collar businessmen. “Operation Broken Heart III” was launched over the last two months by all 61 Internet […]

Why I use the triple parentheses on my byline

Here’s why I use the triple parentheses on my byline. The anti-Semitic “alt-right” started by putting triple parentheses around the names of Jewish newsmakers or reporters, which is they intended as a sinister and ominous signal. There is still genuine anti-Semitism out there that has nothing to do with the Israeli occupation, and I oppose it. […]

Police Arrest Man on Felony Charges For Fake Facebook Page

1st Amendment Under Attack over Parody Police Facebook Page American Intelligence Report A Cleveland police department has arrested an Ohio man for creating a fake Facebook page, and charged him with a felony count of disrupting public services. The Facebook page was set up on March 2, 2016 and looked similar to a local police department page, and even had […]

Scientist claims to have found the source of gravity

     Source of Gravity Defined in Quantized Ether? Throughout the history of modern physics, scientists have theorized about the existence of “dark energy” or “ether,” a substance that, if it exists, envelops and fills everything – all space and all reality. Ether has often been theorized to be the substance which is the conduit for […]

Russia and China: The Dawning of a New Monetary System?

Note: This article was originally published in January 2015. The statement by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on 22 December 2014:  “If the Russian side needs it, we will provide necessary assistance within our capacity” – is a clear testimony that Russia and China have entered into an economic alliance which will be stronger than the incessant […]

‘Second colonization of Africa begun, Libya to see sectarian war’

RT Aug 23, 2011 For more view on the situation in Libya, RT talks to international consultant and former deputy speaker of the Belgian Parliament, Lode Vanoost. 00

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