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African Food, UN Common Agenda, Comedy Segregation – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee This week on the New World Next Week: Africans denounce Gates and his Big Ag cronies for trying to speak for Africa; the UN calls for multilateralism with teeth as they problem-reaction-solution toward the New World Order; and comedian Jim Breuer joins a growing […]

‘There has just been non-stop idiocracy happening. We’re living in a comedy goldmine right now’ – YouTube comic Joey B Toonz

September 7, 2021 Sep 5, 2021, -by Eva K Bartlett They walk among us, and apparently proliferate on social media: narcissists who will do seemingly anything for a like or a click. Luckily YouTuber and comedian Joey B Toonz is here to help us all look and laugh. Recently I had a rude awakening to […]

Dante’s Divine Comedy to be released into space for 700th anniversary

Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ tells the story of a journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. Now the poem itself is being sent on an awe-inspiring trip of its own. As Italy marks 700 years since the poet’s death, his masterpiece will face the final frontier. A publishing company in Bologna, specialising in art books, has managed […]

ACH (1508) Mischa Popoff – How Mel Brooks Is To Comedy What Albert Einstein Was To Physics

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1508) Mischa Popoff – How Mel Brooks Is To Comedy What Albert Einstein Was To Physics Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on May 5 2021, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, […]

Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish dance the hora in buddy comedy

Comedian Billy Crystal and actress Tiffany Haddish are so close that Crystal read a Torah portion at Haddish’s 2019 bat mitzvah ceremony in Los Angeles. Now the two Jewish celebrities are taking their friendship to the big screen in a buddy comedy called “Here Today.” The first trailer for the movie, out May 7, was released Thursday, […]

Comedy about Afghan interpreter moving to the US sparks backlash

A new CBS comedy about an Afghan military interpreter moving to the US has sparked a backlash online. The sitcom, United States of Al, by The Big Bang Theory producer Chuck Lorre, was criticised for its handling and depiction of its main character, and for casting a non-Afghan actor in the role. The show is […]

Curious Times Episode 14: Can Comedy Withstand Cancel Culture?

David Suissa is President of Tribe Media/Jewish Journal, where he has been writing a weekly column on the Jewish world since 2006. In 2015, he was awarded first prize for “Editorial Excellence” by the American Jewish Press Association. Prior to Tribe Media, David was founder and CEO of Suissa Miller Advertising, a marketing firm named […]

Residents of TV comedy ‘South Park’ get vaccinated for COVID, courtesy of Israel

Browse > Home / News / Residents of TV comedy ‘South Park’ get vaccinated for COVID, courtesy of Israel March 12, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Just weeks after “Saturday Night Live” aired a “news” segment that said Israel was only vaccinating the “Jewish half” of the country, another comedic television program, “South […]

Truth By Comedy | Awaken With JP

Dylan Eleven | Truth can be understood by people in different ways. One way that has been very effective in getting the truth out to the masses is Truth by comedy. Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and many others have broken through the main stream propaganda narrative and have helped people see the truth. Another […]

Mayim Bialik Finds Her Purr-fect Role in the Comedy Series ‘Call Me Kat’

From childhood roles in “Beaches” and “Blossom” to her eight-year, Emmy-nominated portrayal of biologist Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory,” Mayim Bialik has endeared audiences with her quirky, relatable charm. Her latest endeavor is the Fox sitcom “Call Me Kat,” in which she portrays Kat Silver, a 39-year-old endearingly klutzy single woman who […]

Dave Chapelle Tells Fans to Boycott His Old Comedy Central Show: ‘Do Not Watch It, Unless They Pay Me’

Comedian Dave Chappelle is urging people to boycott old episodes of his Comedy Central show, alleging that Hollywood executives have yet to pay him what he is owed on the popular but short-lived 2003 sketch series. “I’m begging you, if you ever liked me, if you ever think there was anything worthwhile about me, I’m […]

“Kill Whitey” Comedy Is Kosher at the BBC

Apparently Sophie Duker is a stand-up comedian and blacktivist author. She appeared on Frankie Boyle’s aptly named BBC 2 show, “New World Order,” where she “joked” about killing Whitey. White power is Trump Tower. When we say we want to kill whitey, we don’t really want to kill whitey… we do.” The audience gave a […]

A Pilgrimage of Thought: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

The most widely read work of Florentine politician and writer Dante Alighieri, the Divine Comedy dictates a tale of the three realms of the afterlife as believed by the Italians of the Middle Ages. Broken into three parts, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso are individual cantos—defined as a version of an epic poem that is usually sung—that […]

Watching The Hawks – No Profits in Peace & Comedy Kills Nerd Prom

Watching The Hawks – No Profits in Peace & Comedy Kills Nerd Prom Watching The [708] The world may be rejoicing at the prospect of peace in Korea, but defense contractors are watching their stocks tumble. Comedian Michelle Wolf provokes a backlash of condemnation for her White House Correspondents Dinner roast. Author Charlie Robinson […]

Comedy Central Attacks PJW!

Comedy Central Attacks PJW! PJW demolishes Comedy Central Paul Joseph Watson April 25, 2018 Comedy Central claims to have the final say on what’s “counter-culture”. They’re owned by a giant transnational corporation (Viacom), which is owned by a 94-year-old billionaire. Yeah….that doesn’t sound very counter-culture to me. Please share this video: SUBSCRIBE on […]

New York Times Bullshit Crosses Into Comedy Gold: A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty

New York Times Bullshit Crosses Into Comedy Gold: A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty January 2nd, 2018 Here’s one for your Not-The-Onion file folder. At the link, there’s a picture of a robot shaking hands with a human. Here’s […]

Don’t Say Nazi – The Jews are Coming (comedy)

December 23, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon Israeli Comedy with English subtitles… Advertisements Filed under: Jews, Nazi Israel, Zionism | Source Article from 00

Sarah Silverman’s New Comedy Song On ‘White Privilege’ Crashes And Burns

Renegade Editor’s Note: When will White Americans say “enough is enough” and purge our country of these culture destroyers? I have no religion, but I can’t escape being extremely Jewish ethnically – that is, culturally.” ~ Sarah Silverman By Chris Menahan Comedian Sarah Silverman’s new song titled, “I Love You, America,” features Silverman ranting about […]

Dutch comedy show makes fun of American Gun Culture

Dutch comedy show makes fun of American Gun Culture   div{float:left;margin-right:10px;} div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;} ]]> Advertisements Filed under: Deep State, hollywood, Netherlands, US Congress, US Foreign Policy, USA, Wars for Israel | Source Article from 00

Leftist Hollywood to Roll out Unoriginal Illegal Immigration Comedy

Leftist Hollywood to Roll out Unoriginal Illegal Immigration Comedy Louder With Crowder September 22, 2017 Make illegal immigration great again? If Hollywood has its way, then yes! Because apparently television isnt political enough for their tastes (see Viewer Ratings for Trump-Bashing Emmys Among the Lowest Ever and James Corden Jokes Around with Sean Spicer. Leftists […]

Comedy Of Errors: Israel Ready For Rematch War With Hezbollah

Israel has amassed thousands of personnel and missile defence systems along its northern border in a massive military drill, simulating a major rematch war with Iranian affiliated Hezbollah in Lebanon. “The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has deployed thousands of air, sea and land personnel to the Lebanese border for its biggest military drill in almost […]

The King Of Comedy Jerry Lewis Dies Aged 91

The king of comedy Jerry Lewis died of old age at his family home on Sunday, leaving behind an empty world filled with serious people with long faces. Jerry Lewis was 91. The comic genius made the world laugh for 70 years. Lewis’s role in his finest film performance ‘The King of Comedy’ demonstrated his […]

Satire and comedy can get over political ideas that other means can’t

Satire and comedy can get over political ideas that other means can’t By Dark Politricks First I must apologise for the site being down today, it was under a DDOS attack, probably from the Hasbra brigade due to the article I wrote on the BDS movement and AIPAC’s bill that would put any American citizen […]

New (((Comedy Central))) Show Plans to “Satirize” Alt-Right and Alt-Media

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer July 27, 2017 The point of satire is to laugh at the naked emperor. We see this with iconic works of literature like George Orwell’s Animal Farm – which was a way to blow off steam about the Bolshevik hypocrite gatekeepers of (((New York intelligentsia))). Many great figures of the […]

Going Underground – Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Political Comedy with the makers of Dying Laughing

Going Underground – Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Political Comedy with the makers of Dying Laughing Going Underground with Afshin We speak with Lloyd Stanton and Paul Toogood, the makers of Dying Laughing, about the ways in which stand-up comedy can bring change against the elites. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin […]

The Day Before 9-11 George Carlin Recorded a Comedy Special, It Never Aired — Until Now

By Matt Agorist (The Free Thought When he was alive, George Carlin was never afraid to speak his mind. In fact, Carlin even went to jail for standing up for his right to speak what was on his mind. On July 21, 1972, Carlin was arrested after performing his routine at Milwaukee’s Summerfest and […]

Triumph of “Digital Toxicology”: Why the US won’t Regulate Deadly Chemicals

A six-month investigation finds that the revolving door between government and the chemical industry has led the EPA to rely on easily manipulated toxicology research carried out entirely on computers – and this ‘in silico’ science often trumps both biology and epidemiology when it comes to regulatory action, or lack of it. The result? Toxic […]

New U.S. Law Allows Passport Seizure For Unpaid Taxes

Under an Orwellian new law expected to take effect in January 2016, the State Department will be able to block American citizens from leaving the country by seizing all passports belonging to people who owe taxes.  The list of delinquents will be compiled by the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and will consist of anybody who […]

Barack Obama’s AttackWatch Comedy Show

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, George W. Bush, the Obama administration is becoming more and more clownish with each passing day. Of course, with the circus that is known as American elections, clownishness often goes unnoticed as it blends in with the rest of the show. However, there has recently emerged another expression […]

Spy Comedy: CIA/Israeli Funded Group Creates Phony Terror Website – Germans Bust Them As Al Qaeda

CHERTOFF, FORMER HOMELAND SECURITY DIRECTOR AND RITA KATZ OF S.I.T.E. INTELLIGENCE TIED TO AL QAEDA FRONT   Group hired by FBI to create phony intelligence to sell to the US government arrested by German counter-terrorists as “Al Qaeda” cell.  “Mossad busted in Al Qaeda sting, same group responsible for creating bin Laden videos and tapes […]

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